• Written by Sophy&viks 31 May 2006, 14:28
  • Erotic

Going down the dark lane,i was quite nervous,my friend vicky eased my nerves tho.we had a few lesbain experiences before,but non in front of people.as she stroked my leg to try and ease my nerves,i felt myself become turned on.she heard me moan with pleasure as her hand slowley went higher.i couldnt wait any longer.we pulled over in a well known dogging area! as i didnt want to get out the car,but we wanted people to watch,we wound down are window.There was a couple parked oppsite us in the car park, and I was a little nervous about people being able to hear things going on, and even possibly see us. But Vicky told me it would be OK, so I felt more relaxed about the situation.I looked over at her,her long brown hair covering her white low cut top,showing her perfect cleveage,i couldnt hold back any longer! i grabbed her breasts,cupping them in my hands,breathing hard and fast.I could feel myself getting wetter and wider! i ached all over!
i slowy took her top off,revealing her breasts.touching all over,are hands explode each others bodys. i wound back her chair.the people in the other cars parked closer to see what was going on! i felt so naughty,this turned me on more.It wasn't long before the windows were steaming up and we were both sweating with pure excitement,I slid my hand in between her legs and felt her pussy throbbing.The next thing I know, the couple in the car next to us are out, and looking through the windows of the car,It was so erotic,The feeling of being watched by strangers made me feel really naughty,So I thought "I'll give them a show" She was soon begging me to spank her. I was curious abut the whole spanking idea, and refused. But she was persistant," please sophie,please" she moaned! i started to spank her lightly,but she insisted to be spanked harder! "harder,harder" she cryed.i could feel myself getting close.she didnt even have to touch me that much,but the whole experience of it all,was soo sexy.we held each other close as we both reached a climax! i could tell the people in the other cars where impressed!Now we go every tuesday and show people how its really done,we sometimes take are Rampant Rabbits out with us.that really gets the fellow doggers turned on!
Me and vicky have been dogging for over 3 years now! every week the experiences are different! we love it,and are sex lifes are never dull!!