• Written by Norman 26 Dec 2002, 22:07
  • Erotic

Joan knows that when John comes up to ours, me & him always hope that she'll give us a cocktease later that night
If she happens to be in the right mood she will, but if she's not in the right mood then its just hard lines for us and we just have to hope for better luck next time.

I can't push her,she's very religious and has her own mind, but she knows what turns me on so when she's in that certain mood she will cocktease us.

I even try to brainwash her on this subject. Everytime we fuck, my fantasy crops up AND she totally goes along with it because it excites her aswell. She fantasises along with me & fancies John licking her clitoris as I'm fucking her, then change over for me to lick as John fucks it.

But you know what women are like? so we just keep our fingers crossed, after all it's her fanny & tits & if she says 'No' she means 'No'.

Anyway, if she's dressed that certain sexy way we know she'll be considering it.Her favourite clothes if she's teasing are button fronted blouses and she'll leave half the buttons undone as if they'd popped open accidentally. Then her skirt will be knee length, and button fronted so we can easily unbuton the last remaining ones to get at her.

She'll wear sexy little panties that barely hide 'it', but has been known to wear open crotch type & she's even put a slit in the material so it looked like he seam had came away.Her bras are always uplift ones with plenty cleavage to show off a nice pair ot tits (36B), but she's worn see through ones, and better still ones that are just a platform & her tits sit ontop bare (wow). So we can easily see what kind of mood she'll be in once we come into the room from conservatory.

Me and John always start off first having a few cans in the conservatory watching horny films,or we go round to the Pub and sit talking and planning what we'll do when we get back if she's 'asleep'.

Joan knows exactly what we are like and she always wants to know what we 'get upto & talk about' so doesn't mind one bit having a horny husband with a horny pal.

One night just over a year ago, me & John went into the conservatory as usual. I'd left Joan with a bottle of whisky & a bottle of lemonade and told her to have nice drink (She knows I mean 'lose some inhibitions) and a naughty note I'd typed out telling her to take a peep later on and she'll see us sitting with our cocks out wanking to a horny video. I knew if she sees us wanking it will turn her on.

So me and John sat wanking as usual & soon thought we heard a slight noise, ignored it and hoped it was Joan taking a sly peep. Knowing we might be getting watched made both cocks even harder and obviously more appealing to Joan if she really was peeping.

I found out later she had peeped for a couple of minutes as I'd suggested, then she'd went back onto the settee in the Sitting Room in a horny mood, watching a late night film and keeping 'it hot' by masturbating.

She'd already decided she was going to give us a cocktease later that night because she'd been really turned on watching a couple of cocks getting wanked.

About midnight when I thought she'd have had enough drink, we closed the sliding conservatory doors & headed into the sitting room with our cocks hard and fingers crossed.

She'd turned the lights down a touch and was actually lying on the settee with her eyes closed,her blouse wide open & her tits were out with the nipples standing like corks on her 36B tits.

She had one leg stretched out along the settee and the other on the floor and her skirt was right up showing stockings and suspenders. What a sight for two horny blokes?

Both our cocks wwere out in a flash because we knew there was no chance she'd open her eyes after getting caught wanking herself.

We got closer and noticed her panties pulled to one side showing her freshly shaved fanny. She had two or three fingers up it excitedly masturbating .

We couldn't believe how horny she was wanking in front of us.

Later she told me she was lying masturbating just to keep it 'hot'& in the mood when she heard the sliding doors rumbling noise as we opened it then closed it, so knew we were coming to sit with her any second.

She thought 'Should I stop now before they come in? then she thought 'They can sit out there wanking every weekend so why can't I'So she just carried on keeping it hot.

I nipped for my video camera and when I got back with it John was removing her fingers from her fanny and she seemed to want to continue fingering it.

I then took her hands & placed them on his head & she pulled his head into her as he tongued her fanny.We were amazed she was as horny as this, BUT the trouble is she always needs this excuse of 'being asleep'.

We don't mind really, as long as she cockteases us now & again.

While John was licking her fanny I was filming him, then he tried to get into a '69' position so he could lick her fanny & get his cock sucked at the same time. Joan did take it in her mouth but the position was just too awkward to maintain for long, so John then got between her legs and played with her fanny before sticking his 7inches up Joans fanny.She is still nice & tight & within a few minutes John was spurting his spunk up her fanny because she wants bareback cock & he's a friend who we know well.

Whenever we talk about our experiences with her, thats the one he finds the horniest. He'd always fantasised about catching a woman/girl masturbating, but never dreamt Joan would do it for us.

When we went on Holiday later that month , silly me deleted the tape incase we never got home again because we think of everything and are ultra careful.

We Imagined if we didn't get back due to an aircrash or something and the family finding a tape of Joan getting her fanny licked, cocksucking John then being fucked.MInd you, I wish I'd kept it somehow because we might never get that kind of night again as she was just in the right mood at the right time.