• Written by Roddy 24 Jul 2006, 11:17
  • Erotic

Some three months ago, I got married to Jane, a hot blonde with a great intrest in all kinds of sex. I must say that Jane is almost thirty while I am fourty six. LIke most men, I have been there, done it and just waiting for the tee shirt to be printed.
Thanks to the fact that I sold my firm for more money than I will ever need, I can spend a lot of time on the golf course. Jane hoever, thought that doing nothing all day was boring and so got a job in a call centere.
After a while, she started telling me of one caller who after a few calls, got friendly over the phone and after some good advice he recieved, and her if he could show his thanks by taking her out for a drink.
Jane said that it was against the rules, but after further phone calls agreed, but only if she could bring me with her. Colin agreed at once and said that all he wanted to do was say thank you for the advice she had given him.
I wasn't all that keen on the idea, but she said that if I didn't go the next night, she wouldn't and that would be rude.
It was very hot the next day and that evening saw Jane wearing a flimsy short skirt and blouse with black self supporting stockings and high heels which I thought more suited for the bedroom than a wine bar, but I kept my thoughts to myself.
We drove the three miles to the wine bar Colin had suggested and after ordering some drinks, sat down to wait for him. Afew minutes later a young man came from behind the counter with a huge bunch of flowers. He said that he was Colin and that he owned the bar. He shook hands with me and giving Jane a peck on the cheek thanked us for coming. He told me that Jane had been very helpful and would we mind having a meal and a few drinks with him as a personal thank you.
I was impressed with his manner and as it turned out, his charm. We had a wonderful meal and Colin paid a lot of attention to Jane, telling her how beautiful she looked and what a lucky man I was to have somebody so attractive.
After the meal and quite a lot of Champagne and Scotch, Colin suggested that he drove us home as the police were very hot on drink driving. I said that it would be easier to call a cab, but Colin insisted that it was the least he could do.
On the way home, Jane squeezed my thigh and stroked my cock through my trousers. I felt myself getting a healthy erection , but whispered that Colin could see what she was doing in the rear view mirror and that it wasn't fair on him.
I heard her giggle and ask what I wanted her to do about it? I must have has a brainstorm, because I suggested that Colin must know somewhere quiet where we could have some fun. Before I realised what I had said, Jane put the question to Colin. I saw him grin in the mirror and turn off the main road about a mile further up the road.
I slipped a hand under Janes skirt and was surprised to find that she had no panties on. As I stroked her, she opened her thighs and I felt a very wet pussy. She was obviously excited and I found myself getting the same way.
As Colin took another turn and drove into a car park, Jane asked how far she should go. I replied that the whole thing was so horny, she could do anything she wanted.
Colin parked the car and after switching off the engine, looked into the back seat to watch what Jane and me were doing. There was a big smile on his face and I heard him say that he was enjoying himself.
Jane unzipped my trousers and took out my hard cock as I lifted Jane's dress up to her waist. Colin whistled as her cunt was exposed to him and said that he should have brought one of the waitresses with him. I told him that I was sure that Jane would be willing to help him out and watched her nod her pretty head.
Jane lowered her head and began sucking on my prick while Colin reached between the seats and started stroking my wife's thighs. Hearing her gasp, I knew that he was playing with her cunt and it was clear that she was enjoying having two men at the same time.
Her mouth worked overtime and I quickly came off into Jane's mouth. She swallowed as she usually does before telling Colin that it was his turn. She got out of the car and opening the front passenger door, got in beside him.
Looking between the seats, I watched as she took out his cock and began giving him a blow job
Colin was groaning as he fed his thick length into her mouth. I reached over the seat and began fingering her cunt while she sucked and then heard her tell Colin that she wanted to feel his cock up her. Colin looked at me and I found myself nodding my head in agreement.
Both Jane and Colin got out of the car and after a couple of kisses, Jane assumed the positon and bent over the car with her legs open. As I got out to watch them, I noticed another man get out of his car and walk towards us.
I told Colin and Jane what was happening but with Colin's cock fully imbedded her, she didn't seem to care what was happening. Both of them were moaning with pleasure and din't seem to hear the man ask me if he could have a fuck when my friend had finished with her. I was about to say no, until Jane told him that he would have to wait.
The man took out his cock which I reckoned to be at least nine inches long and very thick with it. He slowly wanked the beast as Jane came off over Colins prick. It seemed that as soon as Colin slid from her, the man took his place and gave her a fucking that looked as though it had come from a porn film.
The guy certainly looked as though he had done this sort of thing before, because he fucked Jane for almost twenty minutes which had her howling like a banshee. Colin and me could see the spunk running down her thighs and soaking her stockings. It didn't look as though her legs would be able to support her much longer, and I was relieved when the man groaned and came off inside her.
She looked a very spunky lady when we got back into the car with the strangers phone number in her hand. Colin dropped us off and I insisted on giving him twenty pounds to get his car veleted.
Jane and me have met up with Bill, the guy in the car park quite a few times and she has even allowed two of his friends to fuck her on the same evening. Every time we go out now, she wears the tiniest of mini skirts and tops without a bra. We are always on the lookout for nice looking guys with big cocks and we have never been happier.