• robert, jennifer, and Robbie 15 Jan 2004, 19:03
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i was in the service when i was 18 and married my first love jennifer who was 8. we lived on base. we were getting bored with sex since we had been with eachother since the 10th grade. i am 5'6 with a medium build but have a 4in. dick and only 5in. around in thickness.

i remember the first time we had sex, she looked at my dick and told me "how is that going to fit in me". after we fucked she told me that it felt like a tanpon that went into her and then she looked at me and said "did all of that go in me" and i told her yes. our sex got to the point where i would fuck her and she would just lay there until i came or we would do it doggy-style and i would slam my dick into her and she would just look back at me and ask if i was almost done.

i knew that she was getting bored with my size. we always looked at magazines and she always looked at the guys big dicks. i would ask her if she would like for me to have that kind of size but she would just say "no, that's too big for me". she was hot to look at. we are both hispanic. she was 5' with long black straight hair with a full b-cup and very nice hips and big ass. she had a hour glass shape to her and guys notice her figure.

i became friends with a guy in my unit. we were in the same class in bootcamp. his name was robbie, he was 5'10 very musculer and a lot bigger than me in body size. he was black and very long in the dick side. the first time i saw his dick was in the showers. his dick was limp and it was easly 8in. long and fatter than my dick hard. i was jealous of his size, but we eventually became friends because we were the only guys that we knew from bootcamp and we were now in a new unit. i knew that he found my wife attractive because i would catch him looking at her sometimes. my wife and i started renting pornos and we would look at them and start fucking. sometimes we would watch the pronos and i point at the guys dick and say "how about that size, would that be a good size for you" and she would just say things like "that would be way to big for me" or "that wouldn't even fit in me".

the more robbie came over the more she would start saying things that were a little different from what she normally would say. when we would watch pornos, i would still ask her if that size would be a good size and she would say "that is way too fat for me, i am too small for that, it would split me in two" or "all those black guys have huge ones". she would sometimes ask me if i thought that all black guys were big and i would tell her that i didn't know.

one day i went out for 24hr. duty. i came back to my house and saw that robbies car was there. the car was still hot from the motor running, so i entered the house quietly as i could. i heard them in my room. i was so mad but so turned on to what she was going to do that i didn't know what to do. i was beside the door opening and stood there. i heard my wife say "holy shit!". then i heard a lot of smacking going on. then i heard her say "wait! your stretching me apart". i heard robbie ask if she wanted more and she said yes. she began talking as he was fucking her. she was saying things like "Robbie your dick is too big for me" "o-my god!, it hurts Robbie" "o-shit! that fucking feels good" "your so far up!" "o-shit Robbie! o-shit Robbie!". Robbie was fucking the shit out of my wife. i could hear their bodys slapping. my wife was just yelling out "shit!" "it hurts!" "oooouch!" "your stretching me apart".

Robbie fucked her for about 25mins. Robbie told her that her pussy was very tight and that he was about to cum. she told him to cum inside of her. Robbie told her that he was going to give her all of it. at that moment my wife says "o-shit Robbie!" and i heard Robbie make a loud moan. i was so hard, but i had to leave quickly. i got back outside and stayed there for a little bit. i came in about 15min. later and robbie and my wife were in the kitchen talking. they just smiled and Robbie asked me about my 24hr. duty. we talked a bit and my wife was in the kitchen still.

Robbie left and i went to the kitchen to talk to my wife jennifer. i asked her what she had done all day and she said nothing just watched tv and talked to Robbie. she said that she was sleepy so she wanted to take a nap. i joined her and told her that i wanted some. she layed in bed with her legs open and closed ehr eyes. i stuck my dick in her and it felt loose. as i pounded away, she just layed there. i thought about what i had heard and came quickly in side of her. i asked her why her pussy felt looser than before and she said that she didn't know that "my dick stretched her out". we continued to have sex after that day. i would tell her to suck my big dick and she would just smile at times. when we fucked, i would shove my dick into her telling her to take all of my dick if she could. she would just say "ok" or "i think i can". she never did tell me about her and Robbie but i knew that they had been seeing eachother for a while after that. we divorced after i got out of the service. we didn't have any kids together so that was good.