• Written by Brian & Joyce 17 Aug 2006, 11:14
  • Erotic

I have a small business and during the summer months I like to take on young students for work experience and also for suducing into the swinging life style. This year I got a young lad called Colin to work for me, he is 19 and quite fit and works as a general assistant. The reason I picked Colin was because I wanted him to have a sexy session with my sexy swining wife Joyce.

We have been swinging for a while now and I really like watching Joyce get a godd seeing too from other younger men. especially doggy style on her hands and kness over the sofa or over the bonnet of our car. We also have sexy swinging friends who also enjoy the same as us and also join in with our sexy relationship.

I invited Colin back to our house after a his second week with the business, I told him it was a bbq with some friends of ours. So when he turned up on Satarday afternoon he was soon involved with Joyce and our friends Lorna & Harry. Both wives are in their forties and were in summer dresses. Underneath they were both in lingerie, with stockings and suspenders and bare shaved pussies, no knickers. They were also bra less and thier nipples and tits were slipping in and out of view as they leaned back and forward around the patio.

Colin was soon having a great time as our two wives got slowly tipsy from the wine which was peped up with some extra added vodka. Both Joyce and Lorna were now flashing thier stocking tops and long sexy legs at him, both Harry and I were encouraging Colin to have a look and a quick feel of both our wives. Soon the cream from some cakes was being applied to Joyce's nipples and Lorna was licking it off, we all joined in and as her dress was rolled down to her waist we all spread crean across her tits and licked it off. Colin was loving this and soon was sucking hard onto Joyce's nipples as Lorna urged him on to make Joyce randy with his licking and sucking. Lorna reached into Colin's trousers and got hold of his cock which was big and stiff with all the sexy goings on. Lorna dropped to her knees and got his cock out and began to suck the end of it and then take the length of it in her mouth. Colin moaned out loud as Lorna sucked his cock in front of us all.

I got behind Joyce and stripped off and then lifted her dress up and guided Colin's hand to her pussy. He was surprised to find out she was knickerless and smooth shaved. I guided his fingers straight to her pussy lips and onto her clit. Joyce almost had a orgasm on the spot with colin sucking her tits and now fingering her pussy, she was really on fire now and was ready for some real hard fucking. We all were. Harry was getting naked while trying to take some porno photos of Lorna, Colin and Joyce.

With Harry naked he joined in and positioned himself behind his wife Lorna and then mounted her doggy style while she sucked on Colin's cock. I took up the camera and took some photos of them together, Harry really fucked Lorna hard, riding her with deep steady strokes of his cock up her cunt. Her dress was pushed up around her waist and we all got a great view of her in her stockings and suspender as Harry fucked her doggy style, he grabbed her hips and told her to spread herself for him and when she did he spanked her with the same strokes as he fucked her with. This made her cry our and moan as Harry shagged her in front of us. Colin was watching al this and I said to him to get Joyce down on her knees and to give her same as Harry was giving Lorna.

Joyce dropped to her knees and I pulled her dress up to her waist to expose her to Colin. She was wearing stockings and suspender and her bare bum and wet pussy was on full view. Colin got down behind her and I helped him guide his huge stiff young cock straight into my wife's cunt hole. Joyce moaned out loud as he filled her up with each fuck stroke of his rampant cock. Just as he was getting a steady stroke going he spunked a load of cum into Joyce. He pulled out and spunked a jet of creamy cum onto Joyce's bum and suspenders. He was sorry he had cum to quick, but being young he was soon hard again in about 10 minutes and fucking Lorna next. Once more doggy style but slower this time with more control, still he was riding her hard and deep just as Harry had shown him.

Both wives were now hot for shagging and soon we were having two way and three way fucks with Joyce and Lorna. Inside the house we had them on the living room floor and over the sofa. Up against the kitchen door and on the dining room table. We three wee naked with our cocks swinging and the wives were stripped to their stockings and suspenders. We fiilled them up with our cocks and made them scream with joy as each time we made them cum again and again, teasing them to orgasm after orgasm.

Colin joined in completely and was soon riding both wives with great gusto and gave both women a really good shagging in front of us and also for the camera, making them look straight into the lens as he fucked them in their mouths, cunts and bums. He was a regular young stud that night.

Colin is happy with his new job and is going to stay all summer long and both Joyce and Lorna are very happy with thier new sex student. they hope to get him to pass his exams with flying cum.