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Swingers stories and erotic fantasies

Taking hubbies big cock up the bum

Hi all i'm Anne i'm 33 dark haired and i'm told
attractive with a good sized bosom (34 e) and a
shapely bottom.My husband Jack is a bit older than
me at 57 but i have always liked the security i
feel when in the arms of a 'real man' it's so
nice to snuggle up to him and run my hands across
hhis big hairy chest.
Jack has taught me nearly everything i know about
sex since we married 3 years ago and my previous
husband certainly didn't measure up like Jack in
the trouser department,Jacks cock is very big
probally about 8 inches long and thick too.
Jack has a kindly but masterful manner in the
bedroom and when Jack tells me to suck his cock
i know my place as Jacks little lady.
Taking a big cock takes some getting used to, but
let me tell you when your hubby wants to put it up your
bum that really takes a bit of getting used to and
i love it!
I have taken that monster up my arse so many times,
it hurts like hell but the thrill is mindblowing
and knowing Jack finds it so pleasurable and tight
is a bonus.
I can't believe how deep it goes in,it's really
I remember the first time i nervously spread my
cheeks for Jack i pleaded for mercy as my anus felt
it was being split but soon i was cooing 'oh Jack
ooooohh aaahhh oh Jack.
Everybody thinks butter wouldn't melt in my mouth
but little do they know that in the privacy of the
bedroom i allow my darling hubby to stretch my arsehole
to the limit and shoot his hot sperm in my backpassage.
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