• Written by Happy Wife 14 Jul 2016, 06:31
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During 30 years of marriage to my well endowed husband and countless extremely satisfying sex sessions with him I had gradually changed from a prim and proper housewife to an adventuresome woman wiling to try almost anything. A few months ago, I told hubby I had wanted for several years to try a big black cock. He was more than willing since he would watch it, and maybe join in at some point.

He found a very private swinger club where men could bring their wives to be with black guys. I dressed in a mid thigh length dress, bra for my medium size and still relatively firm breasts, but no panties as I was feeling particularly risqué that night. I had butterflies in my stomach knowing what was awaiting me. I guess nervousness was to be expected as its one thing to talk about another to actually do it.

We had made an appointment for a private session separate from the usual swinger club series of rooms where one had to meet people one didn't know and try to hook up. This way, we avoided all that to save time and to have an experience that focused solely on my pleasure with several men in succession.

We arrived at a very large old house and our host, a well built black man in his early 40s, lead us to a private bedroom furnished like a high end hotel. Our host had hubby sit on chair in the corner with an excellent view of the bed and cautioned him not to join in until near the end and only when invited by himself or one of the other 'hosts'. He could undress during the two hour session if he so desired and relieve his arousal at watching his wife being taken by other men as necessary,

Our host then turned his attention to me standing patiently next to the bed. He invited me to sit on the edge of the bed facing him. He moved to within a few feet of me and slowly undressed. I sat mesmerized as he pulled off his clothing a piece at a time to reveal a well muscled body that soon had me squirming my bum and squeezing my thighs together as I became aroused at the sight of him.

When he was down to his pants that were barely covering his huge partially erect cock, he said over his shoulder to my husband, "Look at your wife. She's so aroused she can't wait to see the cock I have for her, to caress it, to suck it, and finally to feel it slowly slide inside her to give her pleasure she's never experienced before." Hearing those velvety smooth words and visualizing what awaited me had me wet between my legs as never before. He then turned his head back to me and said, "Pull my pants down and get me fully hard.

I reached out as he closed the distance between them, hooked my fingers over the waistband, and pulled his pants down to reveal what we later found out was a thick 10 inch long black cock about three-quarters rampant. Like our host had predicted, I used both hands to caress it causing it to rapidly grow to its full thickness and length. At his gentle urging, I engulfed the head end with my mouth and sucked it until he stopped me.

He had me stand and took off my dress, unhooked and discarded my bra to reveal my breasts with their nipples already aroused with passion. I now stood in front of this stranger completely naked. I was so horny I desperately wanted him to throw me on the bed and take me violently. I felt my feminine juices flooding the groove between my legs and desperately wanted to touch myself down there and bring myself off, but he had other ideas.

He reached out and caressed my breasts and I began to shake with a mixture or nervousness and anticipation. He said to me loudly enough for my husband to hear, "You're so horny you can't wait for me to take you. Aren't you?" I nodded a 'yes', but that wasn't good enough for him. In a bit of a stern voice he told me to say it to my husband. In a low but passion filled voice I said, "Yes! I'm sorry, but I want him to take me. I need it now!"

My host sucked my nipples while his hands roamed all over my body, finally penetrating my sopping wet pussy and caressing inside. This went on for some minutes as I humped my hips against his hands. I held on you his shoulders with both hands as my passion built to a breaking point and I feared I would lose my balance. His fingers were now ramming into my and I suddenly came with several shouts and lots of body jerking.

When I started to come down, he laid me ob my back on the bed and spread my legs. He placed the bulbous head of his cock at my entrance and slowly worked just the head into my pussy. As it slowly penetrated me, I let out a sign and said out loud, "Oh my God, it's huge!" He slowly worked the shaft of his cock in and out at a slow pace, advancing it an inch at a time as my pussy lips stretched around it. It took him over a minute to get it all the way up me, where he rested it to give me a chance to get used to his size.

Sooner than I thought possible, the dull ache turned into a satisfied fullness and he could feel my muscles squeezing around his shaft. Realizing I was ready, he slowly slid almost all his 10 inched out, then slowly but forcefully slid it back in. I let out a deep moan and arched my back, my feet pushing against the mattress. He held it fully inside for a few seconds, then repeated his out and in movement until he felt me responding to each of his thrusts with a corresponding upward hip thrust of my own.

He then proceeded to energetically fuck me for several minutes to an intense come. I wailed and screamed it out while gripping his body with my arms and legs wrapped tightly about him. When I started to come down, he sped up and brought me to a second climax; then repeated it again to give me a third intense orgasm. He soon pulled out and I lay there moaning and panting, trying to recover my composure.

He sat in the other chair in the room to watch me taken by another 'host' who soon came into the room and got on the bed with me. He was smaller at around 7 inches, but quite thick. He rolled me onto my back from where I lay on my side, quickly entered me, and began fucking me. He worked up to a good steady pace and deeply thrust repeatedly into me. I began to moan and felt the waves of my first orgasm with him hit me. I immediately wrapped my legs around his back, pulled him to me, and came hard. He pounded my pussy hard until I felt his cum spray inside me. He lay in me as I recovered, then fucked me to another short, screaming climax.

He pulled out and left the room, to be replaced by the next one who wasted no time getting inside with a cock almost as big as my original 'host'. He fucked me hard, like I was his bitch, I soon came again, but I wanted more. It was like I had turned into this fucking machine, wanting more the more I got. H kept up with my need and gave me a series of short, sharp comes, never letting me fully recover from my climaxes before fucking me to the next. I had never experienced anything like it. When he finally pulled out, cum just poured out of my pussy and dripped down my crack onto the sheet below. I just lay there, finally fucked out.

My husband now joined me on the bed and fucked me hard to a quick come as he relieved his horniness from watching three well hung black guys fuck me senseless. I held him close after he finished, and he lay in me as we cuddled a bit until I felt his cock start to grow inside me. He told me he wanted me again and, as I moaned my ascent, he fucked me a second time and came some more in me.

He was replaced by my original 'host' who took me from behind and gave me a series of comes as I lay prone on the bed with his massive cock imbedded in my pussy from behind. He fucked me violently and I loved it, having several climaxes before he unloaded in me for the final time. My husband later told me watching me being taken from the rear was the most erotic to watch.

My husband and I cuddled for a little while as I slowly recovered from my intense experience, then left and went home. The memory of that night fueled our passion for many months. We never went back, but did manage to subsequently hook up with the occasional black partner for me in a threesome situation at some nearby pubs.