• dnxn 17 Sep 2006, 04:35
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I am 53 years old & my second wife is 28. We have been married 6 years & have 2 kids together & despite the age difference we have a good life together. Since we have been together, the thing that gets my cock harder than anything else is the thought of other guys unloading in her soft young body, & I told her so, but until 18 months ago she wasn't prepared to indulge my fantasies. She doesn't drink much, but when she does a total change comes over her & she gets gets very flirty & horny, swears & laughs, & although she is size 16, she is very pretty with huge tits & men always hang around her, sensing an easy fuck. The first time it happened we were at a local pub & she was drinking heavily & dancing with a young bloke around 25 or so & I could see they were getting close, then she came over to me & whispered she would be back soon & disappeared out the back to the carpark with him. Half an hour later they came back in, she with that freshly fucked look that I know well, & I was so horny by then that I took her out in the shadows myself for a feel of her slimy shaven cunt & I was in heaven. She was very drunk by then & would have let other guys use her cunt that night but I wanted to get her home to enjoy the spoils & hear the full story, & the turn on was all I hoped for.
This has now become a regular thing for us...every 2 or 3 weeks we go out to a bar or club & she has 4 or 5 glasses of wine before we leave home so shes ready to play soon after we arrive. Her preference is for slim young guys around 20 to 25, but she isn't too fussy when she needs it, & the sex usually takes place in a car or occasionally a motel room if the guy has one nearby. Several times she has been fucked by more than one in a night, & recently on a trip to the city I arranged a gang bang for her with 7 men in a hotel room & watched in delerious pleasure as she happily took spunk in her cunt & mouth in a drunken stupour. I'm now in heaven & shes getting the variety & volume of cock she needs.