• Written by Am 8 Jan 2017, 02:12
  • Fiction

Im mid 40s my partner of 3 years is 10 years younger and enjoys sex , very horny woman who will give almost anything a try ,she is a curvy size 14 shoulder length very white blonde hair ,beautiful blue eyes ,nice round bum and shapely gorgeous legs .
This saturday night we manageg to geta sitter and decided on a meal and few drinks in the town centre ,first time in months so h went out that day got hairand nails done and spray tan ,when i got out the shower my jaw hit the floor she looked gorgeous ,she d bought a new dress too a black glittery number that stopped half way down her thigh showing off her shapley smooth tanned legs and it had a zip all the way up the front that shed pulled down to reveal plenty af cleavage and to top it off some very high heels
We ate a very nice meal and h got very tipsy and flirty with me at one point she even leant over the table and whispered she came out with no knickers on.
After the meal we decided to finish the night in a couple of bars and h got even more tipsy and flirty to the point in a small really dark bar up a back street that plays old 70s /80s music loud ,i said to her your legs look gorgeous and she said well i best show off more then and pulled the bottom of the dress up showing even more bare thigh too short really but by now id had a couple and was feeling very horny so loved it
I whispered ur dress that short and no knickers you best not bend over or someone might even cop a feel ,she smiled and asked would i mind i just laughed and shrugged my shoulders
The bar got rammed with people could hardly move h went and danced quite sexily really wiggling her bum etc.kept coming over to me kissing me stroking my bulge and telling me how horny she feels ,
At this point i noticed a younger man standing near me ,bout mid twenties he was staringing at h and she was staring back at him i got jealous at first but then ignored it ,h came over said she needed a drink i needed the loo which was downstairs ,so i gave h some money to get us drinks then stroked her bum and whispered dont get chatted up while im gone ,she smiled and said dont think u ll mind if i did ,with that i left.
Anyway i met an old work collegue on way and we chatted and i must have left h for quite a while,on way ba ck pushing past people i noticed the younger standing very close to h talking in her ear and she was laughing then i noticed his hand stroking her bum and tops of her bare thighs i stopped and watched then something happened he said something to her she looked around for me obviously then he led her by the hand they walked towards a side door and out the bar i followed at i distance,they walked up the alley and tound the corner to a shop loading i watched from the shadowsthey started kissing passionatly his hands all over her body then i hand went under her dress she let out an ooooohhh he said something and she laughed he d discovered no knickers she bit into his shoulder panting and moaning like mad she undid his belt he s trousers dropped to the floor and she knelt down put his cock between her lips and sucked and licked it he threw his head back moaning she sucked for ages and i was hard as rock in my jeans i took out my phone and filmed them he then said stop she stood up he unzipped her dress perched her on the edge of some sort of little storage cupboard pushed her legs apart and thrust his cock into her wet pussy and fucked her like a man who hadnt had sex for years banging away sucking each others faces off then h threw her head and let out a little squeal she was comming bigtime the he grunted and i knew he was filling her with his cum whilst i filmed all this .
They stood up and tidied themselves up i rushed back into the bar h came in shortly after looking rather flustered and said shall we go home ,she was quiet in the taxi home once inside i paid the sitter and she left ,i then pulled h to her feet kissing her unzipped her dress started stroking her pussy i said your really wet she just went mmmmmthen whilst i was playing with her i took out my phone and said watch this and played the video of her fucking the other man she stepped back and went oh im so sorry i smiled said its ok it was so horny for both of us she watched as i played with her till she came then she led me to the bedroom and we fucked like rabbits all night
In the morning we cuddled and spoke about the night before and h was glad i enjoyed it too and with luck the other man gave h his number ,so more fun with him soon