Written by Anonymous

8 Jan 2017

Hi just a little info for every one i have always had this fantasy of being gangbang by a group of well hung guys. My hubby said to me your fifty soon and i have a surprise for you and you will love it. My birthday arrived mhubby told me to go and get ready and wear my kinky gear so i took my time put plenty of make up on real slutty a white pvc nures dress on real short and tight it made my huge tits look fab wore a pair of really long black pvc gloves pvc g string and a pair of white cfm crotch high platform boots and short pvc jacket what a kinky booted milf . Hubby thought i looked a real fucking slut ok in the car he said where are going i said to your party hubby replied what like this yeh your dressed perfect . I was told jump in the back we had only gone a couple of miles when we stopped and two young guys jumped in along side of me my said to the two lads what do think of your desert lads she is all yours off we went they soon had my tits out and chewing on my nipples one them had two fingers up my pussy i was real fucking horny by now my pussy was oozing by now. We are hear my hubby
said where i said your birthday pary said hubby we went into a little club walking through to a room at the back there was a pool table in the middle of the room its just like a porn film laughed yeh for sure we are going to film you being gangbanged hubby took off my pvc dress and g string left me in just my kinky boots and gloves. I thought shit these two lads are to going fuck the ares off me wrong at that point the door opened and six more young lads walked in at that point my hubby left i tought shit now im going to get a real good fucking. Well girls a gangbang in real life is not like the porn films you see yeh i loved every second but it is hard and brutal.i was fucked for hours cock after cock was rammed up my pussy and my arse at the same time while i was sucking on the others cocks jesus it was fucking magic. My face tits and boots had spunk all over them i bite marks on my arse and tits my pvc gloves had spunk all over them with all the wanking i did my face was just covered in spunk. When had they fucked me rigid they just left me so i rang my hubby to come and get me and bring my dress as i only had my boots gloves on he said have your pvc jacket its to bloody short does not cover my pussy tough said will pip horn when i am outside .ihad to walk out through the club with my face and boots full of spunk you should seen the looks i got when i got to the car i said you bastard hubby replied you wanted a gangbang and it will on line soonbut cant wait for the next one.