This is a follow-up from a previous story named Seduced by my Boss. I enjoyed living with Kate and loved the lifestyle of freedom and diversity. Kate suggested we go out one night and find a man to give me experience of a cock, she told me she knew a few men, and one or two of them were really good in the sack. I asked her, when? Kate said maybe this Friday or Saturday, as we were both off for the weekend. I said why not, I need some fun!!! Kate asked me if I was on the pill just in case, I told her I was as I had been prescribed them due to irregular periods. Kate told me more or less what to wear, I borrowed from her clothing as she had a very wide, sexy choice.
Friday night arrived, and we both decided to go out, firstly a wine bar, then onto her regular venue nightclub. We had a few glasses of wine, and I felt a little tipsy. We danced with a few guys, then Kate came over and introduced me to a couple of men she knew Tom, and Ken, they are both good looking, and work out at the gym regularly. Tom is 28, and Ken just a bit younger at 27. We all got on like a house on fire so to speak, we all danced together, and sat together enjoying each others company, and having a few to drink. The guys had gone for the drinks, Kate asked me what I thought about the lads, and which one I liked most? “Wow” they’re both fit, which do you like most Kate? She replied she had been with them both, and smiling cheekily at me she said both are good!!! Kate said you have Tom, and I’ll have Ken this time!
The night continued, we all had a good laugh together, when the club was near closing time, Kate said time for home looking at me with a glint in her eye. All was quiet in the taxi, all of us were kissing our partners. Back at the apartment we all had some more drinks. After a while Kate announced they were ready for bed, and both her and Ken disappeared into her room, Tom looked at me in the eyes and asked me could he have me tonight? We both got up, entering my bedroom we could already hear Kate and Ken’s sounds of passion. Tom was all over me, we undressed each other down to my panties, and Tom in his boxers. My eyes were instantly drawn to his cock, he was standing very proud, and looked big, climbing into bed, Tom was kissing me all over and slid his way down my body, and slid my panties off. Tom came up to my face and we both kissed, and fondled each other, I pulled off his boxers and had a twiddle of his erect cock, and wondered if he would hurt me with it. Tom moved over me between my legs. Lining up at my very wet entrance he pushed his knob into me, sliding in all the way, then started to pound me. I hadn’t felt so fulfilled in all my life, I must have cum off about three times before Tom quickened his pace and groaned emptying his seed into my womb. We rested and Tom spooned me from behind. A while later I felt Tom get up, I lay there on my side, then a couple of minutes later I felt the bed moving as I thought Tom was getting back in! I felt a hand come around my body caressing my tummy and boob, tweaking my nipple, kissing and hot breath on my neck I was again feeling randy as I was moved onto my knees and felt Tom kneel behind me, or so I thought was Tom, then I felt his knob open me up
As he fed his cock into me, but he felt different, thicker, and when he slid up all the way I looked back and realised it wasn’t Tom? It was Ken, he felt different, bigger, he got to places in my fanny that Tom didn’t,. I felt so fulfilled as he pounded away, I crouched down to allow fuller penetration. I lost count how many times I climaxed, then Ken grunted as he unloaded his load along with Tom’s. I lay there knackered awash with semen.
After a long lie in, and Kate and I were on our own, we talked, Kate told me she had arranged for me with Tom and Ken whilst we were all in the nightclub, she had told them I was very inexperienced, and was up for a good fuck. They both jumped at the chance. I talked with Kate telling her I was knackered and sore, but loved every minute….Katy and I have been very close since, and spend lots of time together!!!