Although married I have always been curious about sex with a man. As a teenager I discovered that I liked the feeling of something in my arse. This started as a toothbrush whilst in the bath and progressed to a broom handle. When I got together with the wife I would sometimes use her vibrator up me when she was at work and when I had her used pants on whilst fucking myself had some great orgasms sometimes spunking on my own face. Gradually our sex life has diminished partly due to the fact that although we both had a few fantasy's one of mine was for her to use a strap on and i know she wouldnt be averse to being fucked in front of me she also joked about watching me suck a cock. Unfortunately we were too inhibited to explore them and now I am certain she is having an affair with a female colleague from work.
Although I have never actually found men attractive embarrassing as it is I sometimes have found myself staring at men's groin's wondering what was inside their jeans. Anyway after some lame excuses from her for late nights and sometimes staying out I thought what the fuck. I placed an add on a gay dating site pretending not to be a beginner as I was paranoid about revealing my true situation in fear of being fucked over. I got a few replies but was too nervous to respond. Eventually one night after I had a few and was feeling horny I took the plunge and replied to a guy called Jeff who was willing to meet in a hotel. We met at the hotel bar and had a couple of drinks and he seemed pretty normal. He was smaller than me and I was certain if things went tits up I could handle the situation After a while he asked if I wanted to go back to my room. I was nervous but tingling at the thought of what could happen. We walked past the front desk acting as normal as possible and went into my room. As soon as we were inside he pushed me against the door and kissed me I was immediately hard but didn't really know what to do. He asked if I would like to have a shower with him and lead me into the bathroom he undressed as I stood there like a lemon staring at his cock. He turned and bent over the bath to turn on the shower and I quickly stripped off once in the shower he started to soap me up paying attention to my cock and arse. He then stood back and so I did the same to him soaping his balls and around his bum. I was sort of bent over towards him and he was arching his back so that his semi hard knob was in my face. We were passed the point of no return so I did what I had been aching to do for a long time and took a cock into my mouth. I just did what the missus did to me licking around the tip and up and down the shaft. The feeling of his growing cock in my mouth was a real turn on and I could taste the liquid leaking from him I carried on licking and sucking him and I thought he was going to cum and my mind was in turmoil but he stopped the proceedings and stepped out of the shower grabbing a towel and started drying himself I took this as a sign that we were moving to the bed. I was still really nervous and pretty self conscious but he patted the bed inviting me to join him. He was lying on his back with his cock standing up and glistening. He seemed to realise I didn't really know what to do and reached out to draw me to him he kissed me again properly and my cock was erect again. He bent over and took my cock in his hand and started to suck me. I had had blow jobs before but within seconds was coming in his mouth. I was embarrassed and apologised for my lack of staying power but he said don't worry and kissed me again passing across some of my come. He gently pushed me so that I was belly down and asked me to lift as he placed a pillow under my groin I then felt his hot breath as he started to kiss my cheeks then probe my anus with his tongue. Even though I had just come my cock was hard again he slid up behind me rubbing his hard cock up and down my bum crack . I had taken dildos bigger than his 6 inch cock so when he asked me if it was ok to carry on I just nodded he slid a finger into me then another then when he was happy I was ready positioned his helmet at my hole. He had put a condom on but to be honest I was so turned on I would have took it anyway. He slowly eased his cock into me and then started to pump in and out I had fucked myself with my wife's toys before but this was something else he started to speed up and I couldn't resist reaching underneath me to my cock knowing I was going to come again. He then really got going and after pumping me hard came into the condom. I didn't have to do much to come in my hand. I rolled over on the bed my cock sticky and my arse throbbing hoping there was more to come but Jeff jumped up and started to get dressed. He thanked me for the time and left leaving me horny as fuck and no option apart from hotel gay porn and a Heineken bottle to satisfy my hunger for more fun