• Written by Princeoftarts 9 Jan 2017, 10:11
  • Fiction

The music had got to the slow end of things, and the beer had taken its effect. My mates had disappeared in a taxi, and I drained my glass and contemplated the walk home. Thankfully short. Hopefully dry.
As I turned away from the bar, a bright eyed blonde was looking up at me.
"Hey - you'll do. I need a dance"
Not overly impressed by the "you'll do" line, but those eyes were rather nice, and as she turned towards the dance floor, pulling me by the hand, my own eyes travelled down to her beautifully round ass. Her short leather skirt showed off an athlete's thighs. She'd do too.
A moment later she spun round, and draped herself over my shoulder. She put her cheek against my chest, and her right hand travelled down to me left ass cheek, and she started gently squeezing. My cock started to harden, and she pushed her groin in to mine.
It was heady stuff, but when the song ended, a tall black guy pushed his way through the dancing couples and tapped her on the shoulder. I moved away, with a mumbled goodnight, not overly keen on a scrap.
As I neared the exit, my cock still throbbing from the surprise treatment it had received on the dance floor, I glanced over my shoulder to see her talking animatedly to her partner. She was nodding, and I was relieved to see him smile. Scrap averted, perhaps. I headed towards the exit.
A few yards down the road, and there was a call behind me. It was the boyfriend. Here we go, I thought.
"It's ok, mate" he said. "My girlfriend said you were a gent. Said she really enjoyed the dance."
I didn't know what to say. All I could do was smile and nod.
"Look mate. Basically, she wants you to fuck her brains out. Now."
Down the alley to the side of the club, I could see my dance partner grinning, holding her knickers up in her right hand. As she stared towards us, her left hand went to the hem of her leather skirt, and then went up to her cunt. As I stared back, she began to move her hand back and forth under the hem of the skirt. A few moments of this, then her glistening fingers were in her mouth.
"See what I mean?" Said the boyfriend. I could hardly not notice that his eyes were on the bulge in my pants. We both moved towards her, and he gave my ass a squeeze as I moved closer to his girl.
"Thing is" he continued, his voice catching in his throat, "is I love to see her getting fucked, but I can't stay out of the action. I like to do a bit of direction. Know what I mean?"
Again, I was too stunned by the way events had unfolded. Down this dank alleyway, events were moving pretty swiftly. She had pushed her fingers in under the hem of her dress again, and now she was putting those fingers on my lips. The smell of her sex was too much for me, and I just groaned. My cock was straining at the leash.
"Ok" said the director. "Here's how this is going to work. I'm going to get your cock out and guide it straight in. Sally, you're going to get fucked from behind. Lift that skirt."
Sally's fantastic ass shone white even in that dark alleyway. Her fingers continued to glisten as they worked in and around her crack. The Director, however, dropped to his knees in front of me, the palm of his big hand rubbing my cock through the material. Then he unzipped my fly, and reached in. Sally looked back, and saw him lick the end of my cock before plunging it into his mouth. Her fingers began to work that much faster as my cock hit the back of her boyfriend's throat. His hands moved to the tops of my thighs, and he started to gently pull me towards him. Soon, I was fucking his mouth, and his thumb was working itself up into my asshole.
With a great slurp, he pulled my engorged cock from his mouth, and he wiped the saliva away before issuing more directions.
"Here it comes, Sal. Take this cock, but he's going to come in my mouth, right?" He nodded up at me to gain my assent, but I was happy to come pretty much anywhere at this stage. I noticed that The Director's thick black cock was out of his trousers by now, and he was stroking it just under the glans. There was a smear of precum, which he rubbed along his veiny ebony shaft with his index finger. With his right hand, he stroked the end of my cock, again picking up some precum, which he popped into his mouth. Then, gripping me hard, he guided me into Sally's cunt. To say she was well prepared would be a complete overstatement. My cock slid in, and I felt my balls up against her skin. I was in all the way, and both of us groaned like animals. I felt The Director's thumb pushing against the opening to my ass again, and he started whispering in my ear.
"Fuck her hard, boy. She likes it fast and hard. And remember, you'll only come in my mouth. That's an order."
My hips moved back and forth, building up momentum as Sally pushed back on me to maximise the depth of the thrust. She was panting heavily, and I could feel her cunt juices running out each time I withdrew. The Director had now moved behind me, and his tongue was pushing into my ass.
"God, oh fuck, I'm commmmming" groaned Sally.
The Director reached round to pull my cock out and spun me round.
"In my mouth, in my mouth" he said, opening his lips to take my cock. He took a deep suck, and again I could feel it right up against the back of his throat. Then he pulled back, looking round at Sally, who had slumped against the wall.
"I can taste you here Sal."
Then a look up at me again, and my cock's shaft and balls were licked by his pink tongue before the whole length disappeared into his mouth again. It wasn't long before I was slumped against the wall alongside Sally, having filled The Director's eager mouth with cum. He spat some of it onto the end of his own throbbing cock to use as a lube and began to wank. Sally and I watched, exhausted, as he produced a thick string of hot white cum onto the brickwork between us.

And the moral of the story is - never turn down the last dance...