A few days ago I was asked by a girl friend Jenny if I would take her Horse out for a ride and feed / muck him out as she had to go up to London on the Saturday, as I like Horse's and a chance to ride one I said I would , she told me where his Stable was and gave me a key to her store room in the Stable. I asked her where did she normally take him out on a ride and she sketched out a rough map and she told me just over half way round if I had not passed a couple of cottages I might be best to re -trace my steps a couple of hundred yards, so I do not get lost, but she said her horse will probably know the way and to be guided by him.
I got up bright and early on the Saturday morning to find it was really cold and had to de- frost my car before I could go to the Stables, I had on a couple of long sleeved shirts , my bra , jodphurs , a thick padded waistcoat to stay warm in along with my riding boots, I do not wear any pants under my jodphurs as they tend to make me sore when riding. I mucked out the stables , fed the Horse as he roamed the court yard, then after a groom I got him saddled up and with my map in my pocket I set off I seemed to be doing ok and was enjoying the wild life coming out to see what Sun was shining thru the Tree's as we passed by at a steady pace as the ground was icy in places.
I took a look at the map as I came to a fork in the path, it looked as if I had to go right as the pen line had vanished in a crease line in the paper map, I carried on and came across a Lake which I never knew existed there , the path around the Lake was about 10-12' above the level of the water, with a steep bank all around going in to the water , with a odd pontoon dotted around I assumed for the Anglers to fish from.
I could see a gap in the trees at the end of the path I was on so I kept going, when just as I took a hand off the rein to adjust my helmets chin strap a rabbit bolted out of its hole in the bank , the horse reared up and I was falling off desperately trying to hold the rein and with a bit of a thud I landed on the muddy , icy ,slippery slope of the lake and vanished under the water but just managed to grab a old root to hold on too.
I just managed to get the top half of my body on to the bank , looking up to see my horse galloping away, I took several gasps of air as the water was so cold and pulled myself out of the weeds and water to make my way up the steep bank. I got back on to the path to follow the Horses route, my teeth chattering I was so cold I got in to the trees and could see my Horse up ahead with somebody hanging on to the reins as I got closer I could see it was a Man in his 40s- 50s.
He asked me was I alright , I said I was nothing broken , he told me , he was Eddie and to follow him as he said you are soaked my dear, can you grab the lead of my Labrador dog just down here, I said Yes of course and told him my name was Scarlet as after a few minutes we came in to a clearing and there were 2 cottages. He opened the door telling me to go indoors in front of the fire, I stood shaking in front of a lovely log fire as I could see him taking the horse into a paddock next to the house , he came in saying what happened to you.
I told him as he told me to take some of my wet clothing off he went into a bedroom and came back with a t shirt and some socks, then he said do you want a shower as the water is piping hot, I said yes I would love one as he pointed the way. He said he would make me a drink and did I like brandy , I said Yes !. I went into the bathroom found that there was no lock on the door , so I pulled off the rest of my clothing and grabbed some shampoo and stood under the shower slowly feeling myself get a bit warmer I shut my eyes as I washed my hair and when opening them there stood Eddie holding a steaming mug and a large white towel.
He said get this drink inside you, it will warm you up, I put my hand out to take it, I took a few sips and could feel the heat travel thru me ,I could see Eddie looking at my naked body as I stood there drinking that drink ,I think it had a high alcohol content and went straight to my head, he asked me what happened as I finished washing myself . Then he said did you take a right turn at the fork in the road I told him I had , he said it was a good job the Horse didn't go in the Lake as I would not have been able to get you both out, he told me the left fork would have bought me down past his cottage and it was lucky he was in as his neighbour was away for a couple more weeks.
I got out the shower and Eddie came over to me wrapping the towel around me leading me in to the lounge in front of that fire as I cracked and popped, I stood there with the towel around me as he stood in front of me grabbing the towel to rub my body dry and ease the warmth back into my body . Then with the towel around me he pulled me to him and told me I was a pretty young thing , as he said you will have to excuse the place I don't get much female company out here, I said it's fine and kissed him on the lips , he held me tighter as I told him thanks for rescuing me. Then he told me he had put my clothes in his washing machine as they were so dirty and had stuffed my boots with newspaper to dry them ,I thanked him again!
Eddie just smiled said my pleasure, digging his fingers into my bum pulling me against him, he sat down in a old leather armchair next to the fire and said you might want to put that t shirt and those socks on to keep you warm, I dropped the towel as I pulled that shirt over my head and sat down facing him my legs crossed as I put the thick socks on my feet I said they are a bit big but nice an warm. I looked up at him and could see he wasn't listening and was busy staring at my shaven pussy .
He asked if I would like a cuppa as he wanted one , I told him I would make it for him and went over to the small kitchen and came back with 2 drinks, as I handed him his cup he took my hand to pull me on to his lap, as we chatted about all an everything I had noticed his cock had grown hard under my bum and his right arm had started just resting on the arm of the chair was now around my waist his fingers touching my leg just below the hem of the t shirt I wore.
As we chatted he told me he was Divorced now and he had lived here since , I kissed his face and he asked what that was for , I said for being kind and helping me out , I said to Eddie I don't have any money on me so I cant pay you anything , as he said I would be offended if you did . I stood up in front of him and said I was feeling nice an toasty warm now and pulled that t shirt off over my head , asking him to stand up his eyes looking at my boobs as I reached to undo his jeans pulling the zip down to put my hand in to release his cock I wriggled his jeans an boxer shorts down his legs as he lifted his feet free.
I asked him did he want to go to bed , his face lit up as he took my hand to go in to his bedroom I was pleased to see he had a nice king sized bed as I told Eddie to strip off an lay down on it , I knelt on the edge of the bed as his cock stood up from his groin with a tangle of grey hairs around the base. I then put a hand out to hold his cock as I began to lick up and down it stopping to suck on it in between my licking, I could feel my own pussy getting wet as I went to town on Eddie's cock now .
Eddie was not slow in expressing his appreciation as I sucked him ,when he told me to turn around so we were in the 69 position as he told me he had never licked a shaven pussy before and was going to enjoy himself with mine, he licked an sucked on my bum , pussy and between my legs , he kept saying this is good I like this as his fingers probed my holes as well now. I stopped to ask him if he wanted me to suck him till he came or would he prefer my wet pussy on his cock. He looked at me to say well you better suck it as I don't have any condoms here anymore , I said that's ok Eddie I would love to feel you inside me as I am clean and tested and have contraception sorted , I want to feel your cum inside me as a thank you to you.
Eddie looked at me to say you are a very sexy girl , you will make some guy very happy if you don't already , I wish I was 25 years younger , I put my knee over him to straddle his body I rubbed my wet pussy and bum up an down an over his cock as it leaked its load of pre cum . He smiled at me saying oh do it now , you have me so hard for you , I placed my pussy against the head of his cock as his hands rubbed my boobs an tweaked my nipples . I then sank down to feel his hard cock penetrate me we began to make that bed rock between us his fingers teasing my body as his mouth tormented my boobs .
I could only tell him how big and good did he feel inside me, as I had one cum after another on his hard cock , we ended up with him leaving me dripping with his cum and he even asked me to sit on his face so he could lick me out after awhile I licked his cock clean in return. We managed to escape the comfort an warmth of his bed as I had to get the Horse back to the Stables he bagged my clothes up and gave me some clothes that almost fitted along with my boots which were almost dry so I could ride him back .
I made a promise to Eddie I would return the clothes and would thank him once more for his help , he smiled and said he looked forward to seeing me again .