As a frequent user of the roads of the country in my job, I have hated the motorway services for their cold, autonomous staff. Expressions normally reserved for Easter Island statues and about as much life in them too. So how fantastic it was to drop in due to a call of nature at one near Northampton. I relieved myself and then decided to take a rest as it was near my due break time. A visit to one of the coffee stalls, I was delighted to see a smile from a confident looking woman of around mid twenties. I was knocked sideways as she engaged in conversation with me as if i was well known to her. I passed the time of day and to top everything my coffee was both perfect for my palate and hot. Her east European looks and her accent as well made me follow her going about her work, efficiently clearing tables and leaving them spotless as I observed. i noted how lovely she looked, daydreaming to a great extent but studying her lovely figure, gorgeous small bum and not over endowed breasts, she was mesmerising, smiling each time she passed my table. I took my mug back to her and thanked her for the welcome light she had brought to my day. She grinned wildy at me as if I had done something very special, when all I had said was thankyou for good service and a mundane job well presented.

Needless to say her lovely face was etched in my mind and I was thanking my luck that I could revisit each day this particular week as I was doing the same run to Milton Keynes until the weekend.

Over the next few days I called in and learned her name was Olga and she was in Britain to work and hoped to remain despite our infamous vote. I wished her luck and said I would return the next day for a dose of her lovely smile.

Suffice it that I felt like a good friend by Friday and she seemed to be a bit interested, she knew my name, what I did and the vehicle I drove. Like a lovestruck idiot I asked if she was busy the next day, God knows why, but i thought I was in with a chance for some stupid reason. Olga said she was working from 8 until 2 but if I wanted to meet her then she would like to spend some time with an Englishman and learn a little more.

I almost fell over, the shock, I could really not contemplate being with this most interesting and lovely lady in reality, but found myself saying I would collect her from the services, but she said that she would meet me in Northampton and gave me her phone number and a location near Abington Park, which I knew well. All night I wondered what the next day would bring.

Next day I was up before the sun and taking a long hot shower, shaving and ensuring my fingernails were trimmed and clean. i had hours to wait and almost drove to the services just so i could look at her but I decided this was not really a good idea, i might spook her, looking more like a stalker than a friend, so i sat on my impatience and watched the clock drag itself round the dial a few times, going outside and checking the weather, chilly but dry. All the time i was thinking of Olga, she had a profound effect on me and I thought i would probably jump in the lake if she asked me to.

At last I was in the car, fifty minutes driving to Northampton and a short run round to the east side of town, I would hopefully see this lovely lady very soon, and me not in working rig, feeling clean, and stiff with anticipation ,

Joy of joys I phoned her after stopping to fill the car at non motorway prices and she said she was just getting changed and would be at our rendezvous at the time stated, obviously punctuality was another of her virtues. my mind's eye saw that lovely relaxed face, I was a kid in a sweet shop.

We met, I saw her first and as I pulled close to her, she waved and her wide smile told me she truly was happy to see me. As she got in she leaned across and kissed me on the cheek and asked where we might be going. I suggested somewhere to eat but she said would i mind doing that a bit later, she wanted to be shown a bit of culture. 'Ok young lady, how about Stowe, a place near Towcester and one of Capability Brown's masterpieces?' 'Sure, just take me' she said with a wicked grin.

We got there and walked round on one of those unusually warm days in winter, a cold looking sun, but bright and a great leg stretch for us both, I bought a catalogue and explained as much as I knew about the various landscapes as we walked round. We stopped in one of the viewpoints and she cuddled up to me and thanked me for bringing her to this old and wonderful place. She turned and kissed me on the lips for the first time and said 'Shall we eat now?' and i guided her back to the car as we walked like lovers, now very close to each other. She was looking beautiful, a faux fur hat framing her pretty face and begging for sex (in my mind anyway) .

Back at the car I suggested we found an old inn to eat. We found one towards Oxford and pulled into a residential inn. Fantastic, a real fire generously burning brightly in the large hearth and only four other people in the place. An old clock broke the silence. The barmaid emerged and asked what we would like. I ordered her drink and chose a non alcoholic one myself as I did not dare to presume this was going to be any more that a very nice few hours in lovely company. She sipped her wine and I my fruit juice, we ordered and ate in the restaurant when she really relaxed and told me about herself. She was a graduate who could find no work in Poland and she had the chance of a job in our country through an agency. her fluent English helped her but even then she could not get a job her qualifications deserved. Olga was not bitter, in fact she was grateful for the job which actually paid a lot better than a doctor in Poland was getting.

After the meal we went back into the bar and sat opposite each other either side of the roaring fire with just the two of us in the place with the exception of the barmaid. Olga leaned across to me and said 'Do you need to be anywhere tonight?' I shrugged, uncertain where this was leading. 'Would you like to stay here?' an inquisitive look on her face, with a hint of pleading. 'You like it here?' 'Lovely, so old,

I was up in a flash and across to the bar 'Are there any rooms spare for tonight?' expecting rebuttal. 'Yes sure I will get the keys' Three minutes later we were upstairs and saying yes to the room offered, I could not believe my luck. Olga looked me in the eye as the barmaid left us to settle in and was bringing the booking form along with a bottle of champagne which I ordered as we accepted. The knowing look of the barmaid and the smile on Olga's face was unreal. I waited to wake up and find it a dream and a mess on my duvet. But no this was happening.

The room was typically old and the floor creaked but the bed was king sized and very comfortable, my cock was rock hard as I at best hoped for a bit of rumpy in the car, but this was goldstrike and no need to get cold in a lay by, we had a bed and a sexy woman and a rampant cock itching to satisfy this gorgeous woman. We had some champagne and kissed, slowly undressing each other, each incredible item I took from her confirmed her beauty was not confined to her face. Stripped of her tight pullover, her lacy white bra held her smallish breasts gently, her nipples stuck out inviting my tongue and my released cock twitched on her thigh and made her laugh and stroke me with measured and gentle hands. I was naked first and she stood in a white thong matching the discarded bra. I told her how in future I would picture her dressed like that serving coffee to other customers, she grinned and said that most other customers are very rude or very suggestive and they get nowhere, she said I seemed to have kind eyes, and hands, which I never even thought i possessed, but who was I to worry when it gave me a lovely girl who was up for fucking.

I poured some more champagne and she took both glasses and put them on a table, then removed her thong, naked, shaved and glorious, a flat stomach, sensuous curves, light perfume, smooth skin, hard nipples, lips for kissing and sucking and me naked, hairy and bloody gagging for it. She pushed me back on the bed and went down on me, taking my cock in her mouth with a deep sigh and her hot breath and snake like tongue, what an expert.

I was on the verge of coming but knew if i did there would be a wait until things got going again, but with this vision before me that would not take long, She must have sensed I was very close and she stopped. I adjusted my mindset and returned the favour, getting on my knees on the floor, I spun her round and put her thighs over my shoulders, dipped my head and sank my tongue deep in her warm and willing Polish cunt, shaved and so smooth. her body writhed and I was in heaven, doing my best to get Olga to release her sweet cunt juices which were covering my face and running down my chin. Her gentle murmurs of joy drove me on and I licked her like I was doing the Christmas cards, just the taste was far more divine. At last she stiffened and I drove on flicking her clit as vigorously as i could, then she exploded, a couple of jets of juice splattered me like she was pissing but it was a squirt, drenching me and the bed sheet. Olga collapsed and cried with passion. One up to me, I think. When I emerged, her breasts and neck were bright red and blotchy, I had done it right I thought to myself and wore a smug grin like a cheshire cat. Olga looked up and opened her eyes, looking weak but very satisfied. She whispered 'Thankyou' and lay with her thighs spread and I saw the need to now shoot my load. I slipped onto the bed and between her gorgeous thighs, there was not one inch i did not praise of this wonderful girl, whose passion i had just discovered and Olga was open and ready for my cock. She held my cock against her cunt and as I slid in she whispered 'Fuck me now, please' I said I intended to give her the gentlest love she had ever had and she buried her head in my chest as I got my full length deep inside. She was so wet but incredibly manipulative, using her muscles to milk me and i could not hold on for long. I told her I was deep in her and was going to come because she was so gorgeous and she told me again to 'Do it'

So I did, I shot deeper than I recall ever doing and seemed to have shot a pint of come in her, i could not stop spurting, but when I did we held each other tight and cuddled until we fell asleep.

When we awoke, we smiled and looked longingly at each other. We talked and agreed that this was a night to remember

We kissed again and made love on and off through the night, her body was a complete mess when we eventually woke and showered before breakfast. i took her back to Northampton. I thought this would be the end but Olga asked if I would like to meet her again and I said yes. We have met another twice since and all seems to be going very well, we have booked a holiday for a week skiing in her home country next month and she wants me to meet her family. i think I see in her eyes a deep involvement and i am over the moon about it