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just to let you know of my second encounter with George , an old man who fucked me on the 5 12.
well on new years eve me my husband and another 2 couples went out ,and about 11 I got them to go to the club where George had me on the pool table , this time though the place was full , but I soon noticed him sat by himself . he also noticed me with my husband and looked a bit nervous , but when I got the chance managed to tell him no one knew , as midnight came everyone was kissing everyone and I even managed a kiss off George it was just out side and the cheeky sod even managed a feel ,
as the night was coming to an end I managed to tell him my hubby was going away for a few days next week and I would try and come back , he said if you do ,wear some thing sexy .
a week went by, my hubby went away so I made my plan , it was a Wednesday night ,I made my self up , I put on a red wrap dress , just above the knee no bra a tiny pair of panties and my heels , the dress didn't look too daring as the bottom was held fastened by a button so you could not tell . I got to the club about 9 and sure enough he was sat alone at the back , I got a drink and sat with him , it was quite empty ,no one took much notice.,i said its quiet here lets go to yours , he said I normally get the bus ,so I said ok . we left and went to the bus stop ,we got on and it was empty , I said come on lets sit at the back , he sat down and I sat on the seat facing him , as we talked I asked if he liked the dress ,he said yes ,then I undid the button ,the dress parted ,I opened my legs and said now is that better , he moved forward and put his hands on my thighs ,I pulled my panties to one side showing him my smooth pussy , I said touch me ,so he did ,I came.
we get to his bungalow , in the living room we sat on the settee ,we were kissing , his hand up my leg, I said do you want to see me , and with that opened my dress, he saw my body for the first time ,playing with my pussy and sucking my hard nipples , then we went to bed , he lay back naked and hard so I straddled him I sucked him then got on top ,as I lowered myself on him he pulled me forward kissing me on the mouth and nipples as we made love , we both came then he got up went to the bathroom and came back with 2 blue pills he took them and said give me half an hour . we lay down and they started working he was hard again and this time he fucked me for a good 30 mins , I had even forgot to take off my dress and heels , I stayed the night with him ,he was a good lover doing dirty things to me like fingering my bum as he fucked me doggy style , he tried putting his cock in there but I stopped him , maybe next time , he did lick me to orgasm though .
I went home next day but I know I am going back ,he even asked me too wear the elf outfit again,