I'd spent some time on websites trying to find someone who was genuine, and would be able to accommodate. Tricky I know, but I kept trying then one evening I got a reply from a young man who lived about 10 miles from me, so we arranged to meet later that night at his. He was waiting in his bedroom, the front door was unlocked as he'd told me, and i made my way upstairs. He was lying on the bed, naked and sporting a nice large erection, a good 7 inches long and fairly thick. I joined him on the bed and ran my hands up and down his slim frame, paying particular attention to his legs and groin.
He asked me to undress, which I did in no time. We lay side by side, each holding the others cock, both now rock hard and ready for action.
"Can I ask if you've ever done 69 with a guy before?" he said, squeezing my cock as he spoke.
"Yes a few times, why?"
"Because I haven't and I'd love to try to swallow your cock as you do the same to me".
Not a problem I thought, so I turned around and lay on my back, as he moved ontop of me and took my cock into his mouth. He may not have much experience in this position but it didn't show, he deepthroated me all the way down to my balls.
Fuck me, I thought, this lads good. So I returned the compliment, directing his lovely stiff tool into my mouth, working up a good rhythm and taking him balls deep. Its at times like this when you wish you'd been videoing it. We went at it hammer and tongue, only gasping for air occassionally as we both pushed onwards, noses to ball sack back and forth, until I knew I was about to come. I stopped sucking, came up for air and told him, stupid me, he already knew, and told me so, a grin on his face as he looked back at me.
"Stick your thumb up my arse" he instructed, "I'm nearly ready too, your thumb will bring me off"
"Both swallow?" I asked, and he just nodded.
Two minutes later he flooded my mouth with his hot sperm, I couldn't swallow it all and some spilled out of my mouth down my nose, oh what a sight I must have been, but at that moment I didn't care, as my trusty friend was pumping my load into his hot young mouth, but he didn't spill any, licking his lips as we parted the 69 and lay next to each other.
"Good?" I asked
"Much better than I imaged, thanks"
We lay together for a little while longer and then I started to get up and get dressed(not cool I know), but he asked me to stay and hold him for a little while, which I did.
To be continued....