I was sitting at home just reading the stories on SH when Babe came into see what I was up to she had just had a shower and felt all soft and scented with just a silky robe covering her body tied at the waste, her ample tits pressing hard against the robe making her nipples stand as they rubbed against her robe mmm something my cock noticed as she was walking over to me before she threw her leg over my chair and stood facing me with that sexy look on her face her legs apart her pussy slightly pushed forward in a sexy pose she spoke in a sexy husky voice asking was there any good reading tonight, I groaned read my mind Babe that's good reading.

She moved forward her hands gripping my head pulling me onto her pussy mound I tugged her robe open as I gazed on her love box my mouth began to open in anticipation of the nectar I was about to taste from her pussy lips, she let me get real close before she pulled my head up looking down on me she whispered with a sexy smile on her face what stories do you like the best, I just growled women who love to be fucked like you Babe, I moved fast my hands gripped her arse cheeks pulling her cunt mound hard onto my mouth my teeth nipping her clit as my tongue pushed between her pussy lips tasting her sweet sexy scent, I was gone I growled and grunted my mouth devoured her pussy making her squeal as she pushed back onto me her breathing now erratic she face fucked my mouth hard gripping my head she ground her cunt mound onto my mouth as her orgasm hit her, I looked up at her she was groping her tits and pinching her nipples hard her mouth open wide as she grunted between clenched teeth, her pussy now twitching over my face as her orgasm subsided her breathing still panting but calming down.

She slowly slid her body down till she sat on my cock she began to rub into me her mouth found mine her tongue licking her love juice from my face before she opened her lips her tongue probing my mouth tasting herself, she groaned as her mouth opened wider pushing her tongue deeper into me our tongues fought each other till she broke free and growled she needed cock, I stood up gripping her arse cheek's her legs wrapped around me her arms around my neck I growled back who's cock do you want she looked at me and said yours first then take me out Babe I'm fucking horny.

I lowered her onto the wide arm of the settee looked down at this rampant woman I loved I just dropped my shorts my cock already like a rock I pulled her legs over my shoulders leaning over her I looking at her as my cock found her pussy lips, she pushed her cunt mound up to meet me her breathing now held as she waited for me to push inside her I groaned so you want more cock then on one condition you go out tonight with just a coat on, before she could answer I plunged my body down onto hers my cock balls deep in one push she squealed as I began to ram into her hard slapping my balls against her arse, I had her pinned her legs clamped my head her hands pulled me into her the only thing she could move was her arse as she pushed her cunt back onto my cock with every thrust I slammed into her, she was panting hard telling me she would do anything to fuck tonight as long as it turned you on Babe, man I just pounded my cock as hard as I could give her slapping my loins into her, she groaned she was coming her juices now squirting from her with every thrust my cock gave her till she went stiff I gave her one last push before I came inside her pussy now oozing her love juice with my jizz mmm what a fuck I said as my body twitched my last drops of cumm into her.

I felt her move her pussy against me and I knew she want more so I slowly eased my body of her onto the settee my cock still standing hard as she slid on top of me her body was perspiring she glistened and glowed as she squirmed her body against me her mouth nipping my nips as she moved up to kiss me deeply her tongue pushing deep into my mouth until she broke free asking if my offer was still open, I smiled and said what do you fancy cock or pussy she just groaned and said both Babe both I said get your coat Babe its a nice night.

Where are you taking me she asked so I said you fancy a bit of rough Babe she just licked her lips and moaned so I said forget about the coat just put a summer dress on that buttons down the front and those platform shoes you like to wear to as you'll be getting fucked standing up a lot Babe mmm I said I love it when you're oozing your juice's down your sexy legs I like to feel you sliding against me when I fuck you later , she grinned calling me a sex maniac then disappeared to dress, she didn't take long as she came back into the room in a black almost see through summer dress that showed her sexy body off, her hard nipples pushing against the thin material her breast's rising and falling as her breathing became short in her anticipation of some sexy fun, she looked great to me as she had put on her summer sandals with the platform soles giving her and extra inch or two in height mmm she knows I like to fuck her standing up but to see her getting fucked standing up was a big turn on for both of us.

We left home about eight walking to the car a nearby neighbour walked past and his eyes where glued on Babe she looked so horny, I bet he went home to give his missus a nice surprise haha so I opened the car door for Babe to get in but my hands couldn't keep from having a sexy grope of her arse and also to help her with the seat belt letting my hand run over her nipple before she slapped my hand away, we drove off with her asking where I was taking her so I said I fancy a nice stroll at the beacon country park about five miles away and who knows who we may meet up with, she looked a bit apprehensive at it was close to home but I said we can take a look and if you don't fancy it I take you some place else ok, I glanced at her as she gave her tell tale sign she was horny by biting her lower lip then running her tongue over her lips.

We arrived and parked up but just before we got out I leaned over to her kissing her gently flicking my tongue between her lips as my hand touched her leg running it up between her thighs till I found her pussy lips and I groaned and said to her your so horny Babe your dripping already mmm, no she said I left your cumm there from before Babe for who ever wants to eat me can have a taste mmm she was rampant tonight I thought, just before we got out I looked at her she was glowing she looked so sexy I felt like taking her again myself but she wanted to get fucked so here we where and I was fucking horny just thinking about it to, I said just a minute Babe as my finger unfastened two buttons on the bottom and a button on the top for her to show some sexy skin.

She linked her arm through mine as we walked into the park she certainly caught the eye of quit a few guys and I noticed she had undone another button top and bottom showing her sexy thighs to just below her pussy and her cleavage was hot as her tits bounced with every step she took so her nipples must have been screaming for attention as they rubbed against her dress, she looked up at me and smiled a sexy smile before she bit her lower lip telling me she was horny, I let my hand fall to caress her arse running my finger between her cheeks as she lowered her head onto my chest I just said shall we go over to the pic nick tables far side of the park Babe she looked up at me and said I'll go any where with you Babe..... finish this next time