• Written by BT 11 Jan 2017, 18:16
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Hi all. I can't tell you my name for reasons that will become clear in a second and I guess I'm going to piss off a lot of people with what I'm going to tell you but its worth sharing anyway. I'm 56 and married, my wife and I have been involved in the swinging scene on and of for our whole 22 year marriage. We have two boys one of which is married and one who had just got engaged.
The issue is that I have got a little too involved with his nor fiance. She is cute as hell. 21, about 5'5" tall, ginger hair and a very pale complexion and pretty as hell. She has nice big tits with bright red button nipples.
It started about 2 years ago when she hadn't long been going out with my son. She came on holiday with us to a place we had then in Spain. My son got sunburned which pissed him off so he drunk too much, my wife and I went through several bottles of wine with his girlfriend. When my wife drinks too much she just has to sleep so she went to bed which left the girlfriend and me. Neither of is was too pissed to not know what we were doing so that's not an excuse. I sat on a chair on the balcony and she came to sit on the floor by my feet.
And she ask's me is I like her. I told her she was very nice, and then she asked if I liked her chest. It was a bit awkward so I asked her to repeat herself. She said that she had caught me looking at her breasts and asked me again if I liked them or did I think they were too big. I apologised and said they were nice. She then put her head on my lap and said I was nice too.
Then we had a few more glasses and she moves her hand to my lap and looks at me and asks if my wife gives me titty fucks.
I was flabbergasted but thought ' what the hell, lets see where she's going with this'.
I said that she did now and again, to which she replied that ***** (my son) loved fucking her titties. I told her that wasn't something I wanted to hear. Then she asked if I would fuck her titties.
I explained that it wouldn't be right and started to get up but she leaned on my lap to stop me and said that she thought I liked her. I said I did and she replied ' that's ok then'. She pulled up her T shirt and takes it off with her bra and unzips my fly. I started to say something but she just shushed me and pulled out my cock.
I just sat there looking to make sure no one came out of the bedroom as she took it and pressed her breasts round it and gave me a nice tittie fucking.
This went on a while with her tossing me off until I was about to shoot my load. I warned her and she giggles and put her face by the end of my cock so that I shot cum onto her face, then she cleaned herself up and went to bed. I'm sure I could hear her fucking my son.
Anyway, two days later we are in a pool with loads of other people and she comes up to me and ask's if I enjoyed it, I said I did and was about to tell her it can't happen again when she puts her hand down my sorts and starts waking me off. I'm sure one or two people could work out what was going on so I pulled away. That evening, the wife and my son go to bed and I stay up becouse I cant' sleep and she comes out of her room, takes her top off and starts on me again with the same result.
So this goes on for months, whenever we can be alone she loves to pay on her back whilst she gives me a titty fuck and I cum on her chest or face, but least year (2016) we go to Florida to celebrate the engagement and I'm in the pool. The others which include my wife and my two son's and daughter in law are in the living room. She comes in wearing a very small swimsuit and starts messing around. I go top the hot tub and tell her to behave in case we are seen. The next thing she's in there with me tossing me off telling me that I'd better keep an aye out then. Well whats guy to do, I watched in case someone came in to the pool area. But then she takes her top off and is groaning touching herself, buy now I have a major hard on but I'm trying to get her to put it back in in case someone comes in.
Instead of putting her top back on she says that I had better be quick then. I'm thinking of how I get rid if cum in a hot tub and she's rubbing her tits on my shaft and liking the end. Well that was it for me and I told her I was cumming but instead of letting me cum on her breasts she tells me to cum in her mouth and slides her lips over my shaft and goes nuts giving me an amazing blow job.
I shot my load into her mouth and she gulps it down. Two days later we are all in the pool when I get out to pee and she follows me out. I've just finished peeing when she walks in to the bathroom and tells me not to put it away, get son her knees and sucks me off again.
On the last day the boys, who are avid golfers go to play a round and the wife and my daughter in law go for a walk to the local club house where I'm supposed to meet them. I get a call from the bedroom and she's paying there with a sheet covering her all except for her breasts. They are perfect, big but firm. I told her we had to go but she begged me to sit on the bed so I did. She takes my hand and puts them on her breasts. I couldn't bare to pull myself away so gave her tits a good sucking. She was calling for me to fuck her but that was going to far. What if I got her pregnant so I fisted her and then fucked her mouth until I shot my cum into down her throat.
Now we do that most weeks and I am desperate to stop it becouse they are getting married in feb and I cant' cope with us getting caught but thinking if her fantastic shape and shaved pussy just makes me hard.