So……….Alistair and I had travelled to Gran Canaria for several years and enjoyed walking along the beach from Playa Del Ingles. It was on our second holiday there that we wandered along the beach and came upon the nudist beach. Wow that was a real eye opener! Although we had been on holiday to many places over the years the sights on this beach were unbelievable, all nationalities, all shapes and sizes with one thing in common, everyone was so relaxed and laid back enjoying the Maspalomas sunshine.

Each day we wandered a bit further into the nudist beach. Although I had always been comfortable going topless on holiday – in my early 40s, I am slim with 36c breasts and take good care of myself, I always have a good suntan that sets off my shoulder length blonde hair. However, I had never gone completely nude in public! I had no idea what the rest of the holiday had in store…….

On the second day, when we had found a good spot on the nudist beach, between the kiosk and the lifeguard station, we hadn’t long sat down on our beach sheet when Ali encouraged me to take off my black bikini bottoms…. To be honest I didn’t really need much encouragement and slipped them off determined to find out what it felt like to be nude in public like this.
By the third day, after lying sunbathing nude, Ali suggested going for a walk over to one of the sand dunes. We had seen people going back and forth to them or wandering into the dunes on and off over the past few days. To be honest, I thought it was a good idea, the sun and the fact that I was naked lying on the beach was making us both feel very horny.

I slipped my bikini bottoms back on (not that brave to walk about completely nude yet!), as Ali had his shorts on too. We wandered off into the dunes, as it was early afternoon in June, the sun was beating down hot we decided not to wander too far. We had already spotted several other people wandering about, most of them naked. We managed to find an empty dune and laid out our beach sheet. I knew what was on Ali’s mind and looking down at his shorts it was clear to see his bulging hard on. We lay down for a while casually stroking and caressing each other before Ali suggested I slip off my bikini bottoms. I said I would if he took his shorts off – we were giggling like a pair of teenagers. I have to admit we both felt incredibly turned on – Ali is over 6 feet tall, toned and muscular and had a really nice tan – the thought of us both lying there naked with the occasional person wandering by, well lets face it who wouldn’t feel turned on!

Ali suggested that I moved down and get between his legs to give him a blow job, looking down his cock was solid with a hint of pre cum glistening in the Maspalomas sun! I didn’t need to be asked twice although this was the first time ever we had done this out here on the sand dunes (we had done a bit of outdoor fucking in quiet places back home in Scotland but that’s a story for another day!).

So here we were with me lying on my front in between Ali’s legs licking up the length of his long cock before taking the whole thing in my mouth and sucking. I looked up and Ali had propped himself up on his elbows with a big grin on his face. I began licking his balls and the inside of his thighs before working my way back up his cock and taking it in my mouth and gently biting down on the head of his cock.

I looked up again at Ali who was still smiling, however he then nodded his head to the left before saying “look”, I glanced over to the left to see a guy sitting over on the next sand dune smiling. I suddenly stopped what I was doing however, Ali said “why don’t you give him a show”, I glanced over again, looked up at Ali and thought “why not”. I have to admit I was feeling very turned on at the thought of someone, a stranger, watching us.

So…. I carried on licking and sucking Ali’s cock, licking up the length of it before taking it deep in my mouth. I glanced up once more at Ali who I could see was getting close to cuming, before looking over the other sand dune, the stranger was still there, he had moved a bit closer and I could see he had his cock out and wanking while watching us. As he saw me looking over, he got up and began moving closer still. I put my hand out to say that was close enough and he sat back down in the sand and continued wanking watching us.

I carried on giving Ali the best blowjob ever, Ali let out a low groan and I quickly felt him begin to cum and pulled my mouth back a bit so that when he came it went over my face and mouth, dripping down my chin, I then slowly took his cock in my mouth and licked it clean. I kneeled up and we both looked over at the other sand dune, the stranger had stood up and smiled over, giving us a wave before wandering off into the dunes….

Wow….that was a first for us, but by how we were both feeling, we knew it wouldn’t be the last.