• Dave 13 Feb 2017, 20:51
  • Fact

Uni was like manna from heaven when it came to fucking. Looking back it wasn't that hard to pull. As long as you had decent chat and put in a bit of graft. Karen was one of the most memorable fucks I had there. She was best pals of a lass I was seeing on and off and we flirted nonstop. She was mixed race, big tits, curves, flat stomach and extremely good looking. Dark curly hair and brown eyes. I'd noticed her from the off but her pal was also stunning, the one I'd said previously with the best angled fanny I've ever seen.

We had a warm up snog many a times, but we'd never had a chance or really focussed upon getting down to fucking. After about a year of knowing each other, the on off girlfriend (her best pal by now) was most definitely off. I went out to enjoy the night and karen said that the ex girlfriend was away home for the weekend to get away from things. We joined our group for the drinks and laughs but we ended up sitting together. We didn't want to make it too obvious as we were all part of a wider circle of friends (all that I had fucked by this point) but nobody knew who had really fucked who.

As the night went on I got chatting to some visiting students (post grads/slightly older) and one was keen and was in for the kill. I thought it was game on when the new girl said we should go back to my flat. Our flat wasn't that far from the pubs so we started to head off. Karen called me over and said that I'd best get busy with the new girl as she wanted to spend the night together. We made a deal that she would knock our flat door claiming to be my angry ex and see what happened, so we could get rid of the new girl.

Back at mine and the new girl just wanted to cuddle, kiss a bit but no sexual contact which I couldn't be arsed with. She hardly took any clothes off and things were distinctly boring. Then knock knock.

I went to the door as quick as I could and karen and I played out a little role play. I shouted what the fuck are you wanting and karen returned with a "there better not be some tart in here". We both had to try hard from laughing and kept up the charade. Karen burst by me and confronted the shocked girl who quickly pulled on her boots, called me a bastard, apologised to karen and legged it.

With her out the way, karen and I had a laugh for a few minutes then the list took over. We tore at each others clothes and our tongues found each others mouths. She was a great kisser and her body felt even better as we stood there stark naked. Her big, F-cup tits and brown nipples felt fantastic. I ran my fingers down and around and squeezed on her arse as she had her hand around my thick, swollen 8" and was running her fingernails up and down my shaft.

We fell to the bed and she was on top of me as we still kissed like we'd been waiting forever for it. Her pussy was just at the tip of my cock and she then kissed down my chest and started to suck on my cock. I stopped her after a few minutes and we swapped round so that I now had her legs back and her pussy exposed. Her dark skin and her pink pussy made me even harder. I lapped at her pussy and worked on her clit, whilst dipping my tongue inside her. She climaxed and pushed me back and guided my rock hard cock inside her. She went on top and I lay back as she found her rythym and fucked me with a beautiful stroke. We moved through different positions and took turns sucking and licking each other again and again. I had held back for as long as I could and she was now back on top begging me to cumm. I told her I was ready and she slipped down and took every drop in her mouth. She came back up and we kissed and laughed again until my cock was hard within a few minutes.

We fucked two more times that night, each time with her swallowing every drop. I had her one more time when we had woken up in the morning, fucking her from behind as she was bent over, lying forwards onto my study desk. I shot my load up and over her back before she went down and sucked me clean...

We fucked a few more times over the years...always a great fuck.