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Just over a year ago I decided to hire a cleaner to come in a couple of times a week and give my house a clean. I placed an advert in the local paper and had several women respond, many were in their 40's and 50's, one of them stank severely. There was one who was in her mid to late 30's, she was pretty and had a nice figure. I asked her, as I did them all, why she wanted the job - her response was very honest and I felt a bit of pity for her. She said her husband had been hospitalised several times after an accident at work and the company was fighting the case, saying that he was to blame and were refusing to pay out compensation that would save them from loosing their house if they couldn't pay the rent. I did feel sorry for her and she sounded completely honest, the others just didn't seem that bothered about the job. So I gave it to her.
She started on the Monday and came in 3 times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She did a really good job and cleaned the house really well. A few weeks before she started I had brought some of those hidden cameras and put one in each room. Each camera had a very good view of the room and I left them running each time I went out, while I was at work I could view what the cameras could see over the internet.
On the first Monday I logged on about 10:00 (she starts at 9:00) and could see her in the kitchen cleaning up, I then logged back on about 30 minutes later to see her hoovering the lounge and then the bedrooms. She is normally there for 4 -5 hours each day, so I thought I would log back in about 1pm to see how she was doing, I looked in all the rooms but couldn't see her so I thought she had obviously finished. I left the connection open on my iPad while I was on the phone at work and occasionally glanced back at it, as I put the phone down I looked at the iPad to see her coming out of the bathroom (the only room with no camera) with a towel wrapped around her with her clothes in hand. I thought, that she had obviously taken a shower after cleaning the house, so I didn't have a problem with that.
I must admit, I couldn't resist watching her dropping the towel on the floor to reveal her naked body, she did have a lovely body and a good sized pair of tits. She then got dressed and put the towels in the machine in the utility room and left, leaving me a note about the washing.
I watched her do the same routine for several weeks, dusting, polishing, hoovering then clean the bathroom (naked) and then she'd shower dress and go home. It was the highlight of my day, and I will admit I did sit in my office with a hard on.
Then one day I logged in earlier than normal, flicked through the rooms and found her naked on my bed legs spread wide apart using a dildo to make herself orgasm. She lay there for nearly an hour using the dildo but it didn't seem like she orgasmed, then she got up, picked up her clothes and went and showered.
As usual on the Saturday morning, she came around for her wages. She came in for a coffee and we sat there chatting, she seemed a bit down so I asked her if there was anything the matter, she said that their rent had been put up and she may have to find another job, I offered her more hours and she said yes. Another few weeks went by and I watched her doing the same routine each day (now 4 days) ending with her on my bed naked.
Then one day, I decided to go home early as the weather was excellent and I thought I'd surprise her by walking in on her.
I parked in the next road and walked to my house. I left myself in through the garden and into the kitchen. I put my bag down, took my shoes and jacket off and crept upstairs. It was 1:20 and I knew she started her 'relaxing' about 1:00, the door to the bedroom was slightly open and I looked through the gap at the hinges, there she was laying naked on my bed, legs parted with the dildo sliding in and out. I instantly got a hard on.
I pushed the door open a little, not enough for me to enter, so pushed it some more and the door creaked, she jumped up and tried to cover herself up 'I'm really sorry' she said as she began to cry 'I didn't mean to do it, I didn't know you'd be home' she sobbed.
I said that there was no harm done, she sat there sobbing with my duvet around her. I said 'can I ask a personal question'. She nodded. 'Why do you do it every day?' She looked at me with a puzzled expression.
All I said was 'there's been hidden cameras in the house for ages, I've seen you during the day'. She looked horrified.
I reassured her that no one else knew or watched.
Then I said 'why do you do it?' She said 'Micheal hasn't been able to do anything since the accident and I can't get satisfaction from him or that (indicating the dildo), so I try each day'
I said 'I'm going to make coffee, come down when you're ready'
10 minutes later she walked into the kitchen still crying. I tried to comfort her and she put her arms around me.
'It's the worry of not having enough money each week, and the fact that he won't come near me, it's getting too much for me' she sobbed.
She looked up at me and I couldn't resist it, I lent forward and kissed her on the lips, she immediately responded by kissing back. We stood there kissing for a few minutes, when she said 'can we go upstairs again'. A minute later we were both undressing each other between kisses, with another minute we were both naked and on the bed.
I slowly slide my hand down her body to her pussy and began to finger her, she was moaning deeply, I then slowly began to kiss her body starting with her lips, her neck, onto her tits and sucking her nipples that got her really aroused, then I moved down her stomach and within a few minutes I was licking at her very wet pussy. She was squirming about on the bed and moaning loudly as a massive orgasm rocked her body.
After a few minutes she said 'I want you in me', so I gently slid between her thighs and slide my very hard cock into her sodden pussy. Within a few minutes she was orgasming again as I was pumping my cum into her pussy. Once we had both stopped cummin, we lay there cuddling, then I said 'fuck, I didn't ask if it was okay to cum in you'. She just said 'it's fine'.
After about an hour, she said 'that was lovely, I could easily do that again, but I need to find a different job'
I asked if it was because of what had just happened, but she said it was because she needed more money.
We sat in the kitchen drinking coffee and I said 'I'm going to make a suggestion, and I don't want you to think badly.'
'Okay' she said
'If I increase your wages, would you stay on and continue doing what you have been doing?' I asked
She looked at me and said 'does that include having a long hard fuck at least twice a week?'
'If you want it too' I said. She agreed.

We have been 'fuck buddies' for several months now, she stays at my house until I get home whenever she wants to be fucked - she even make my dinner for me - she lets me know during the day when she wants fucking by texting me or indicating it on the camera. She has told her husband that she now has a second cleaning job and that's why her money has increased. She's happy (very happy) and so am I.