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It had been a good year since work had sent me up to the Midlands so I hadn't had a chance to call Dee and see what was going on in her agency. I must admit that the Chertsey Girls had been keeping me busy so I wasn't too worried. However, a project we were working on in Stoke on Trent needed a visit to see how things were going, so I packed a bag for a few days and jumped in the car.

As I would be driving by Milton Keynes, where Dee's agency was based I gave her a call to catch up. A few of the girls I knew had moved on and were not with her anymore. Jo and her Mum were now well established, and still working from their flat, and some new girls were on the books. Dee however knew me well and knew what a dirty bastard I was. She said she had a girl working from a place in Bedford who was quite new, only been with her a few weeks. She was quite young, an 18 year old, and was at college in Bedford so not always available. I would like her if I met her, so if I was agreeable she would give her a ring and see if I could drop in for a visit. I told Dee that I don't normally go for younger girls but Dee was sure I would like this one, so I said OK, lets go for it.

A little later Dee called me back to say the visit was on, and Anne would be expecting me wearing her favourite school girl outfit. Dee told me that she could look quite young, but not to worry as she was 18 going on 19 and had proof of her age if I was worried. A while later I parked up in a multi story car park in Bedford and walked the last half mile to Anne's flat. I rang the bell and a voice from inside asked who I was. I gave my name and said Dee said she would be expecting me. The door opened and there was Anne.

I walked in and she shut the door behind me. She was wearing not the typical Ann Summers school girl stuff that most tarts seem to have, but had on a real uniform from some school or other. A white button up blouse with a school tie, a grey pleated skirt, a blue cardi white knee length socks and flat black laced up shoes. She was about 5 foot 6 inches tall, not very busty and quite slim. with blue eyes and shoulder length blond hair. She certainly looked young, but quite sexy.

She asked if I wanted a drink and I asked for a mug of tea. I generally ask for a warm drink as it takes a few minutes to make and drink and gives me a chance to talk to the girl and get to know her a little. It seems she was at college in Bedford doing a B-tec in something or other. She needed to work to pay the rent on her flat and keep herself fed while she was studying, and she had decided that working for Dee would be an easy way of making money. She needed to do 3 jobs a week minimum, but was doing about 7 or 8 at the moment, so she was putting some cash in the bank at the moment. I wasn't in the least surprised. I was getting a nice hard on just by looking at her.

Dee always told her girls a little about the punter before he got there, so I knew Anne would have an idea of the sort of things I liked and didn't like. However, I didn't expect what she said next. Anne told me she was looking forward to fucking me, because I had already fucked her sister and her Mum!! Anne was none other than Jo's younger sister. She was the girl who was in the back of the car when I saw them drive into the hotel car park the first time I fucked Jo about 18 months earlier. Well, how about that! I had no idea that Dee was setting me up with Jo's younger sister, but I was glad she had. My cock was rock hard at the idea of fucking Anne and making the set.

I asked Anne if the other two knew she was whoring, but no they didn't. Anne's Mum was happy enough that Jo was selling herself, as she was herself, but the idea that her innocent little girl was spreading her legs for anybody who knocked on her door would have caused her to blow her top.

She didn't think she would get to college, but once Jo started working for Dee, and her Mum started a little while later, things changed in their house. Anne was able to sign up for her course and moved into a flat near the college in Bedford. Anne knew her Mum and sister were working 5 days a week at their flat in CMK, so as long as she was careful, she could work for Dee and still study for her course, and neither Mum or Jo would know what she was up to. She was far from the sweet innocent girl her Mum thought she was. Dee was careful to keep the punters in the dark so that nobody made the connection between Anne in Bedford, and Jo and her Mum in CMK. However, she had told Anne that I was Jo's first and had fucked her Mum as well, and Anne wanted me to know she was the younger sister. Dee said I was trustworthy (haha) and would keep it to myself. Up to now I have.

Tea finished Anne took me through to her bedroom. She kicked off her shoes and I lifted her school girl skirt to reveal a pair of white cotton panties. I took them off her to find a smooth shaved cunt. Anne unbuckled my belt and undid my trousers. We took them and my Y fronts off and I got her onto her knees to suck my cock while I took off the rest of my clothes. I was now naked, but apart from her panties, was still dressed. No problem. On with a condom and I sat in a chair and got her to straddle me and lower herself onto my prick. I love the feeling of my cock sliding into a fresh cunt while I look the girl in the eyes. Once she was settled and comfortable, I started to undo her school girl tie and unbutton her white blouse. We started a gentle rocking motion and my cock started moving inside her cunt. She was gripping my cock with her cunt muscles and was doing a good job on me as I finished unbuttoning her blouse revealing a white cotton bra covering her small B cup tits. The blouse removed, it took no time for her bra to follow it into the corner of the room.

Time to get her onto the bed. Keeping my cock in her I got her to hold tight round my neck while I held her tight. I stood up and carried her the few steps to the bed laying her down carefully on her back. Her skirt was now up round her waist, but could stay where it was for now. Anne still had the body of a girl, slim and almost gangly. She still needed to fill out and get the curves of a more mature woman, but she sure as hell knew how to fuck and suck. Her small but firm tits wobbled under me as I fucked her and I bent forward and sucked on her nipples. As was fairly normal for me in those days, I needed a quick cum and it soon started to build up. There I was balls deep in the cunt of this 18 year old, having already fucked both her mother and older sister. The very idea makes me hard all those years later. I soon built up to a good hard climax, pushing my cock hard into her as I came. As I relaxed a little and slipped out of her she expertly removed the condom and disposed of it before cleaning up my cock with a wet wipe. Already she was a more professional whore than the other two were.

After a while I started to play with her clit and run my fingers along her cunt lips. I finger fucked her for a while and she sucked me hard again so on with another condom and I turned her over on to her knees so I could fuck her doggy fashion. I had removed her school girl skirt and now she was naked except for her white socks she was just what I needed. She started to tell me to fuck her like I fucked her sister, and did I like her or her Mum best and stuff like that. The nice thing about fucking girls doggy is that you can lean round and grab their tits or finger their clit while you do them. I was taking turns to do both. I soon built up to my second come of the day and came hard into her pushing her forward on the bed. I told her she was a dirty bitch, and telling me to fuck her like I did her sister and her Mum had sent me over the edge.

Anne cleaned me up again before climbing onto me for a 69 until I was hard again. I didn't think I would have much left for a third cum, but as we still had 10 minutes left, Anne got condom number 3, rolled it on and climbed on top cowgirl style. This was fun. Her small firm tits waved in my face as Anne leant forward over me, and she wiggled her bum as she fucked me. I lifted my head to suck her tits and away we went. True to her word, she worked her magic and I started to feel myself build up to my third and last come. Boy this girl was good at her job. I came again. Not much, but a definite cum. .

As I cleaned up and dressed ready to leave, Anne asked me which of the 3 girls was the best fuck. I had to tell her that she was the best of the three by far. . What a great fuck she was. With that off I went. to phone Dee and give her my usual feedback on how her girl did. I told her all about the session and she laughed like a drain. She knew I would like Anne, especially as I had shagged her Mum and sister. However, I must keep it secret if ever I went back to them again, and until today, I have.