Helen and I are a 55year old ordinary couple who've been married for over 30 years.

We had a week's all inclusive in Tenerife. By the fourth day we were really relaxed and shared a dinner table with a couple about ten years older than us. He was tall and quite distinguished looking she was short and fat. Both were retired teachers and a lot of fun.

We got on really well, watched the evening entertainment together and had a few drinks. There was dancing, Richard asked Helen and I felt obliged to ask Sue although it's one of my least favourite activities.

There followed a series of slow dances, Richard seemed to be talking into Helen's ear and she was laughing and giggling the whole time. I noticed the progression from hands on her waist to running them up and down her back and settling on her bottom which he would squeeze. Sue and I hardly said a word to each other, she did, however, relax into me with her arms around my neck and her tits tight on my chest.

Before we sat down Sue kissed me and I saw Helen and Richard kiss, hardly passionate but more than, I thought, appropriate. It was then that these thoughts went through my head. "Fucking hell. Are these swingers? Is he going to be able to sweet talk Helen? Oh I hope so. This could be it"

Richard guided Helen back to the table with a hand on her bottom. I thought fuck it I'll do the same. I bent towards Sue and said. "Thank you." At the same time I put my hand on her bum cheek. slid it across to the other one then lingered in the middle and squeezed a little.

Richard and I went to the toilet. We were quiet in the toilet but as we came out he started to sound me out. "Helen's a lovely girl and such a sexy dancer."

"Yes I could see you enjoying yourselves. Sue's a sexy lady too." I said.

"She sure is." He said. "She's going commando tonight. You know. No undies"

"Fucking hell is she?. That's so horny. Sadly, Helen's wearing a bra, knickers and tights." I said. "I'm sure you could you feel them?"

"I could." He said. "Very sexy but I prefer a bare bum."

"I thought you were going to charm the pants off her with your wandering hands and whatever you were whispering in her ear." I said smiling. He laughed.

"I won't lie to you Wesley. I'd love to get into Helen's knickers. What about you? Do you fancy Sue? She's already told me she likes you." He said.

"I'll level with you Richard. I'd love to swing but I know Helen won't go for it. She's a very conservative and conventional lady." I said.

"Tell you what, we'll get her pissed and see what happens." He said.

"Richard." I said. "Helen has never even gone topless on the beach. There is no chance of us having that sort of fun. She is less inhibited with a few drinks in her but she will definitely not let you fuck her."

"Let's see." He said. "She seemed to enjoy me touching her bum and whispering sweet nothings. I think I've got a good chance of charming the pants off her, just like you said."

We re-joined the ladies at the table. Helen and Sue were sitting next to each other, Richard chose the seat next to Helen leaving me next to Sue.

The drink flowed and Helen became even more relaxed. We danced again, the four of us together and this time Richard was even more all over Helen. At one point Helen and Sue were facing each other Richard behind Helen and me behind Sue. Helen was leaning into him. He ran his hands up her body and briefly cupped her breasts without resistance. I did the same to Sue, After a few moments she turned and snogged me. Before we sat down I saw Helen and Richard snogging.

I couldn't believe what had just happened. I didn't know what had got into Helen but I was loving it.

We sat back down. It was hot and Helen was fanning herself Sue said. "I go commando on these hot nights. Keeps me a bit cooler. You want to try it Helen?"

"What no underwear?" She slurred.

Sue quickly flashed by lifting her skirt up high, dropping it again then lifting her top over her breasts. "No underwear." She confirmed and clean shaven I noticed. Helen thought it was ever so funny and after lots of persuasion from the three of us agreed to go commando herself.

Helen and Sue went to the toilet Richard grinned. "I enjoyed feeling Helen's tits. I'll try and finger her on the next dance."

I couldn't believe it Helen was behaving wonderfully. "Oh I hope you do Richard."

Helen was wearing a thin halter top and a pleated skirt above her knee. The tights and bra were obviously gone. Sue said. "Come on flash like you promised. Together one, two, three!" Both women lifted their skirts, Helen showing herself to be untrimmed then they showed their breasts and fell about laughing.

Richard said. "Oh Helen I'm so proud of you." He kissed her on the lips and squeezed one of her breasts. Sue turned to me, we kissed and I put my hand on her tit.

We danced one more time Richard was kissing Helen and touching her blatantly between her legs

Back at the table Richard sat between Helen and Sue, kissed them in turn and said. "Shall we go up to our room and put our PJs on."

Helen slurred. "But we haven't got PJs."

Richard said. "I know that Helen." We all laughed and headed to their room.

As we entered their room Sue and Richard got rid of their clothes in seconds. Helen didn't seem sure about what to do. I kissed her, undid the bow on her halter and slid it down to her waist. From behind, Richard undid catch and zip on the back of her skirt and helped lower it and the halter to the ground, Helen stepped out of them. Still kissing Helen I felt Sue behind me undo my trousers and pull them down together with my pants.

Richard had his hands on Helen's shoulders, turned her around and they started kissing. I turned to Sue and we started kissing, I stepped out of my trousers and took my shirt off. Richard led Helen through to the bedroom and Sue led me into the lounge area and onto the sofa.

I was soon having sex with Sue, didn't last very long and could hear the slap of skin on skin as Helen was obviously getting more than I'd given Sue. We stayed on the sofa kissing and cuddling as the sounds that I knew so well of Helen in the throws of orgasm came through from the bedroom. This guy had some staying power as it just went on and on and Helen had audible waves of ecstasy.

Sue told me Richard's secret. "He's quite big, you know, and he doesn't cum, he'll keep going until he runs out of steam or Helen can't stand any more. Eventually he'll get distracted, or lose interest and lose his erection." She was quiet for a minute then went on. "He soon get's another one though, He can fuck me when they're finished while you recover."

I'd never had such protracted sex with Helen and had never heard her like this. She became louder and louder. "OH... OH... OH... OH..." Squealed then screamed. "Ahhhhh fuuuuck Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god." On and on in waves.

Eventually she wound down to panting as Richard had obviously stopped pounding and there was quiet.

I'm not sure whether I'd nodded off or not when Sue said. "Let's go and see what they're doing." I could hear movement in the bedroom. We got up and I followed her through.

We stopped at the door. Richard was lying on his back, Helen had climbed astride him and was very slowly riding up and down on his penis.

She again had multiple orgasms. Richard wasn't finished. He and I made love to our own wives next to each other on the bed. I lasted a lot longer this time but nowhere near as long as Richard. I saw also that he did indeed have an impressively proportioned penis.

The evening concluded with the four of us having coffee, naked on the balcony. This alone would have been unthinkable for Helen only hours ago. Sue turned to Helen and said. "Wouldn't it be fun if Richard went to your room with you and Wesley stayed here with me tonight? We can meet for breakfast in the morning.

There was no debate. "Good idea." Said Richard.

"OK." Said Helen.

I said. "Fantastic." And watched Helen and Richard head down the corridor wearing bathrobes. "See you in the morning." I called after them.