• Written by Ivan 16 Feb 2017, 22:07
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My partner Jayne, worked in beauty salon owned by this black guy with dreadlocks and his girlfriend, she said how it was clear how he fancied her from first day, she had the hots for him also so it was inevitable what was going to happen soon.
Only having worked there for a week, he called by one night at her home, and that was the start of her long affair with him fucking her
She told me how he had huge cock, that she found painful initially but after a couple of fucks with him it got so much easier to take, how he had huge balls, her words not mine "no wonder he filled me and I could feel him spunking so deep in me I could feel him all warm then the squelching as he carried on fucking me his spunk squeezing out by the side of his cock as he carried on pounding me, his balls were huge, no wonder he fucked so much inside me"
She would shave her self smooth every week sometimes more than once so she was always smooth and oil her self after.
She has been smooth since she was 14 yrs of age, I've yet to find out who she shaved it for at such a young age, but hopefully she will if she reads this.
As I said she has always been shaved smooth and even now at her age she has the most gorgeous of cunts lovely flesh swollen clit that I love playing with making it huge and swollen making her squirt
She has had loads of cock from around 80 so different men, 5 off those having fucked her since she has been with me, sevaral times she has been out to meet men fucking them bareback before coming home back to me dripping and gaping to give me sloppy seconds.
I know this black guy who fucked her was her biggest cock, and she told me many days she went to work knowing he was going to fuck her if he came into the salon, she would be dripping wanting his cock, before they would lock the shop and go upstairs where they had client beds for treatment and fuck like rabbits, leaving her to drive home with her cunt leaking on the car seat.
She knows I would have loved to have been there to meet her with her freshly fucked black mans cunt brim full of black spunk.
I'm hoping she reads this as I know she does read stories on this site, and tell me more.
If I have more to tell will share it here
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