• Written by Cumchops 17 Feb 2017, 01:45
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A quick recount of me enjoying licking out my wife's cum filled pussy.
We enjoy our Thursday nights out, the wife has lots to drink and flirts like mad in a club of our choice. I enjoy a few beers not too much enough that I am unable to appreciate watching her get fucked but not too much that I can't help fill her cum filled pussy with some more.
Tonight we drove to a town not too far away but far enough so we did not bump into anyone we knew or so we hoped. In the end the missus ended up meeting a guy she used to work with and had enjoyed a good fingering with at a 999 do. His name was Tim and I have just watched him fuck her in the back of our car whilst parked up at the car park of the club.
It started in the club we went to after enjoying a few drinks in the pub before hand. Michelle went off to the loo when we got in the club and came back with a younger guy in tow introducing him to me as Tim.
Chellesaid she was going on the dance floor with Tim and I should watch em as she said she had taken off her knickers. I guessed she was going to let this guy feel her up and I took our drinks to a stand up table near the dance floor as she started to dance with Tim. After a few songs they got closer together and Tim put his hand up Michelle's skirt and felt her pussy. I knew she would be wet and his fingers lingered inside her. At the end of the song they came off the dance floor and Michelle said she wanted to go outside for some fresh air and did I mind. No problem from me and I asked her did she want the car keys, which she took from me.
Come out in about five minutes she told me. I did as I was told well not really I followed em out in about a minute and wat he'd them get into our car in the back and I went up to our car and began to watch as Tim roughly pushed Michelle on her back and began to lick and suck at her pussy lips. Michelle has a large pussy and Tim had four fingers inside her as he licked her. Michelle comes quickly against this rough type of pussy licking and she quickly came against Tims fingers and mouth loudly shouting she was coming and for Tim go keep fuckng her pussy with her fingers as she came.
As Michelle's orgasm began to subside I opened the front door and told Tim to fuck my wife's pussy hard. Tim opened Michelle's legs and knelt between her fleshy shaven pussy lips and began to insert his cock into my wife.
Fuck your prick up me Tim fuck my cunt with your cock you dirty bastard. Fu k me hard with your prick fuck it up my pussy. Tim shoved his cock inside Michelle and began to thrust hard. He fucked her harder and harder and Michelle shouted she was going to come against his cock. Michelle began to come on his prick as Tim fucked it up her pussy. He began to finger her clit and Michelle began to shout she was gushing against his hard prick and for him to shoot his spunk inside her. Tim fucked Michelle harder and I saw his are cheeks began to clench as he began to shoot his sperm into my wife. He fucked his cock up her and groaned he was coming as his cock erupted spunk up her pussy. He kept fucking his prick up Chelle and a filmy white residue began to coat his prick. He fell on top of Michelle as he finished shooting his sperm inside her.
Michelle reached beneath her and massaged his dick so she could get all his sperm up her pussy. When Tim had finished she told me to replace his prick with mine and to fuck her cunt hard and fast. Tim backed out of the car and I opened the front door and passed him as he was pulling up his jeans and dropped my pants grabbing hold of Michelle's legs and pulling her to the edge of the back seat and positioning my rock hard prick at the entrance to her very cum filled pussy. The spunk was dribbling out of her open pussy lips down her are and onto the seats. As I shoved my cock up her more sperm ran out over my prick and her cunt felt hot and very sloppy. I just fucked her cunt very hard and very fast and rubbed her clit at the same time. Michelle removed my fingers and pushed a couple of fingers inside herself getting em wet with spunk and began to frig her clit very hard as I fucked her cum filled pussy. I began to shout I was coming and Michelle shouted for me to hold on and not to come as she wanted to come again but I could not hold out and began to shoot my hot spunk up her already cum filled cunt.
I added my sperm to Tims and kept shooting inside Michelle. Michelle's fingers frigged faster and faster at her clit and she came again screaming she was gushing against my cock. I kept fucking my softening dick up her as she came and as I pulled out my prick which was covered in a thick film of mixed spunk and girls cum I looked at Michelle's sodden dripping cum filled cunt as it drizzled her juices and my cum out of her dirty wet well fucked cunt.
Get your tongue up my pussy now you dirty bastard she told me then kiss me and frig my pussy.
Well what can a cuck do but obey, I opened her fleshy cunt lips shoved my tongue up deep inside her and began to suck out the spunk inside. Once I had a good mouthful I went to her mouth and kissed her as she played with her pussy. We swapped the cum between us for a few seconds until she swallowed it all.
Michelle sat up and told Tim to get in the back and told me to drive off. We set off with Michelle kissing Tim in the back of the car, she opened her legs and told him to play with her pussy as they kissed. I adjusted my mirror and enjoyed the show as we drove off until we got to Tims house where Michelle dropped her mouth around Tims cock and sucked him off until he managed to shoot a small amount of cum which Michelle let drizzle out of her mouth down her chin into her hand where she caught it and licked it off.
Tim got out and Michelle opened her pussy and asked him to lick her cunt again. Tim declined saying he was not into tasting another's guys cum, so he went and Michelle got in the front of the car and we set off.
We had to go down a dual carriageway on the way home and we passed a truck and Michelle said come on let's give him a show, so I slowed and drove at the same speed next to him as Michelle turned on the internal light put her feet up on the dashboard, opened her legs, pulled her tits out of her top and began to play with get clit and Frigg her pussy and play with her tits. I pushed my left hand between her legs as she looked up at the cab and the driver was looking into the car as I played with her cunt and she played with her nipples.
Michelle began to come again as she looked at the driver and as she came and we began to speed up he gave a couple of beeps on his horn.
We got home and went straight upstairs where we talked about the truck driver fucking Michelle and I managed a small cum up inside her again but Michelle could not get off again. She fancies doing something with a truck driver so we will see what happens in the near future.
Maybe we can do something this weekend if I can get enough drink inside her!