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  • Robbi 17 Feb 2017 07:32
  • Gay

So there is was, alone in a gay bar in Leeds after a day/night out with my straight friends, I knew what I wanted to happen but didn't think it would. They rung me, and eventually turned up, " come on let's get out of here" said one friend, " ok, two mins" I said. With that he came out of nowhere, I was smoking and he cornered me." Your my type" I started to feel turned on, " I can't do anything, my mates are here and we're leaving soon", I wanted to stay now, I followed my friends outside and just came out with it, " I'm stopping for another drink, I don't have work tomorrow and I'm gonna make the most of it". They thought it strange that I stopped on my own, but I did it, I knew something was gonna happen.

Within seconds i approached the guy that showed an interest, he kissed me, I was a bit shocked, but my cock was rock hard just from a kiss, I put my tongue in his mouth and just went with it, I could feel his hard cock pressing against me. He bought me a drink, then with a wink said he was going to the toilet, I felt like a natural, I gave it two minutes and followed him in. I could see how turned on he was by this, before I knew it i had my cock out and he was on his knees, sucking and kissing driving me wild, " your turn" he said, I'd never sucked one before, I had to play it cool and just do as he said, I wanted him to tell me what to do, I went down to me knees and and took his hard throbbing cock in my hand, I pulled back his foreskin then put my lips around his tip, I was doing it, I was sucking dick and he was loving it, we should have used a cubicle as the next thing you know, we were thrown out.

By this time I was super horny, I told him I wanted him to fuck me, safe sex only though, he booked a taxi and we went to his.

As I walked into the kitchen he told me to get naked, he was already stripped and hard, I stripped off and once again dropped to my knees, this time I took it all in my mouth, it was rock hard and slippery from my mouth, spin around he said, " I don't want you to bareback me". He told me to be quiet, and with that, I bent over and pushed myself on to his cock, he was inside me, bareback, and although a little painful to start with, I was loving it, he pulled out and forced me to my knees again, I was sucking a cock that was just out of my hole, I was loving this.

We moved into the front room, he sat down and spread his legs while I deep throated his cock again, I told him I wanted him to cum in my mouth, he smiled and said not this time. He took my cock in hand and started to wank me off, I told him I wanted to cum on his cock and be made to clean up, this drove him wild and he laid there while I was wanking over his cock, I was ready, he put his cock under mine as I shot my cum all over him, his hard dick was covered in my cum, I was on my knees in seconds, sucking my cum from his cock, while he used his finger to get the cum from his stomach into my mouth. We had a coffee, and have promised to meet up again, just writing this has made my ready for more cock, I thought I'd feel guilty to my gf for what happened, but she never has to know, and it was too much fun.