• Written by Samantha 17 Feb 2017, 13:48
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I got married at the beginning of September last year and was a virgin on my wedding night. But things were almost very different on my Hen Weekend in Benidorm in June. I arrived with my 7 friends and went out for a few drinks after arriving at 11.30pm on Friday night. I was very nieve as far as anything sexual with the opposite sex went . I am 5'92 tall sixe 6 with a bust of 32 A and have natural blonde hair. with a lot of help from a wonder bra I would walk down the aisle with a cleavage on view. All the rest of the girls were sunbathing topless on the Saturday afternoon but I wore my bikini top. and plenty of protective cream I had for the first time had a bikini wax before going to Benidorm so that I would be ready for another before my wedding when I was also booked to have a full body spray tan.
On the Saturday night we all went for a meal and then went clubbing O had been persuaded to go without my bra but thought nothing of it as all the girls had done the same. We were well refreshed by midnight when 6 men came on stage and commenced stripping the were all down to their g strings when I was called to the stage along with 4 other girls who where also on their Hen Party. I was soon caught up in the moment and as we all sat on the stage facing the audience one stripper stood in front of each of us and poured baby oil on their chests and we were encouraged to rub it in they then took hold of our hands and poured more baby oil on them before directing our hands down the front of their g strings and for the first time in my life I felt a male cock and was shocked at how it started to grow as I rubbed the oil on it.
The audience then started chanting OFF OFF, OFF and I thought that the G string was about to disappear but the felt my blouse being lifted and saw that all the girls were having their tops removed I froze as I was topless with my very small tits on view to the audience and then the stripper was rubbing baby oil into my tits and rubbing my nipples which due to the size of my tits my nipples really stuck out we were then asked to stand and sit on the strippers knee and with very oily hands they put their right hands down our skirts and into my knickers this was only the second time a man had done this to me and was rubbing up and down my slit and rubbing against my clit and I could feel an orgasm starting before they stopped and removed their hands but I could feel his erection on my bottom and as I stood all the other girls did the same and their were six strippers with partial erections all sat down as the curtains closed . we were then handed a towel each to rub the oil off and get dressed Myself and three other girls left the stage but the remaining two reappeared after about 15 mins .
Al the girls were astounded that I did what I did but I said you only have one Hen Party and at least He only rubbed oil on me . The rest of the holiday went well and I had a weekend to remember. I told my Fiance Glen everything that had happened and he was pleased that I had told him and as long as I was happy so was he.
On our Wedding night I lost my virginity and had sex with Glen but could not call it making love as there was no fore play as he saw me nude for the first time and we kissed he was rock hard so pulled me onto the bed opened my legs the knelt between them before pushing his 5" into me causing me pain before he pushed in and out several times before he tensed and I could feel his sperm spurting into me. He then stopped rolled off me and went to sleep. It has been the same every night since apart form when I was on my periods and I still get no enjoyment.
Last week our boss Jeff and his wife had their first child and we went out on Friday to celebrate. I was sat with Meg and Claire and also Jeff and Russell and were having a great time Russell was a non drinker so had agreed to take us all home .
After dropping all the others off I sat in the front with Russ and we were having a good chat which was something I had never really done before as we never really mixed at work. We stopped near a toilet as he had to go so I was at thinking what a great day we had when he returned started the engine and without warning put his hand on my knee and smiled at me I smiled back and before setting off he leaned over and kissed me and for some reason I responded as I felt his hand go under my skirt and he was soon rubbing me through my knickers. He then stopped and started to drive off and I could feel the pleasure in my stomach. After a couple of minutes he turned off the road and down a dirt track at the end there was a small clearing and he got out the car came round to my door opened it before opening the back door and I lay down on the back seat opening my legs he lay between them as he started to fondle my breasts and kissed me then on of his hands went up my skirt and was soon inside my briefs and was rubbing my clit before 2 fingers entered my tight cunt and then a third as his thumb rubbed my clit and I was soon screaming in pleasure as my orgasm came I opened his trousers and pulled them down slightly and grabbed hold of his prick and was shocked as it was about 7" long and quite thick. H slowly took hold of it and gradually started to enter me I was so wet but he went in without problem and he slowly fucked me as I had never been fucked before this was being made love to. I had two more orgasms before he tensed and started to pump spurt after spurt of his spunk deep inside me. as he softened afterwards he pulled out and I lifted it to my lips and for the first time took a man in mouth as I sucked his spunk and my juices off his cock.
He drove me home and as I knew it would be the house was in Darkness as Glen always went for a drink on Friday nights. I kissed Russ goodnight and went in as I shut the door I leaned against it thrilled at what I had just experienced and went upstairs for a shower I got undressed and my pink briefs were soaked in Russ's spunk so pushed the down the laundry basket I had just got out the shower as Glen arrived home. I put a robe on and went downstairs gave him a kiss and he asked if I had a good night and I said I had. He appeared to have had several too many drinks as I walked past him to put the kettle on He grabbed hold of me and pushed me on to the table spread my legs and then opened his zip before shoving it inside me and fucked me on the kitchen table he soon sent more spunk inside me before coming out and leaving me there as he went upstairs I made a drink for us both and took them up and he was snoring away in bed.
On Saturday morning I was in the kitchen when Glen shouted down asking where his REd Fleece was and I told him it was in the wash basket he came down five mins later in his fleece but carrying my pink nylon briefs in his hand and asked why where they covered in spunk as I had none on when he fucked me last night. I burst into tears as it all came out that I had been fucked by somebody else last night. He stormed out and I have not seen him since as on Sunday his brother came around and collected all his clothes and called me a whore and slut. I tried to explain that I just needed loving and not just used as a fuck hole