• Written by David & Michelle 27 Jan 2004, 15:38
  • Erotic

Michelle & I had often discussed the idea of getting another man involved in our relationship & it was with this in mind that we decided to put an ad on a contact web site.

Basically all we were after was the normal threesome thing that you hear a lot of on this web site.

After placing the ad & searching through the dross we came up with a guy called Neil who seemed to be one of the more 'normal' people we came across on this web site!

After a couple of emails between us & Neil, we decided to arrange a meeting in a local hotel in Ripon.
At least that's what Michelle thought! I was also emailing Neil discreatly & asking him to make sure he didn't turn up alone, as I had always had an ultimate fantasy of seeing Michelle well & truly gangbanged
I thought if she can go ahead with the idea of a threesome then involving a couple more guys wouldn't really be that much more difficult.....would it?

Michelle is about 5-8, short brown hair & nice figure with a pretty face. Not a page 3 model, but an attractive woman & wife.

Neil promised me that when we met at the hotel he would have a friend with him who was also up for some serious fun.

The night arrived once we had booked into the hotel Michelle decided not to dress up in a tight skirt, but decided on a bit more sophistication & put on a buisness suit, stocking & suspenders, with just the right amount of cleverage showing from her blouse

Obviously, we were both getting nervous now as were not sure exactly how things were going to pan out & you could have cut the atmosphere with a knife at first. However we had made sure that we had taken a few bottles of bacardi breezers to the hotel room with us - that helped with the nerves!!
I was more nervous than her, because I knew that there was more than Neil waiting for us - & she didn't...yet!

We got ourselves into the hotel elevator & I made sure that it was Michelle that pressed the button to go down. Up until that point she might have decided she wouldn't want to got through with this, but once she pressed it, I knew there was no going back.

We went down to the bar & immediately spotted Neil.....on his own. I was a bit disappointed, but obviously couldn't show it & we made our way over for the polite - if awkward - introductions
As we got chatting & the booze flowed we all began to lighten up a bit.
Neil was about 28, so 10 years younger than me & Michelle & I could see almost straight away that she was taken with his younger looking body & well developed tan

I knew Michelle was impressed because she moved from my side to Neil's side & was now firmly between us stood at the bar.
I was still a bit pissed off that he had turned up on his own, but he was using all his charm on Michelle & it was working & she was casually rubbing her leg against his.
That's when the bombshell dropped.

We had been chatting for about 30 minutes, when he casually told Michelle that he hadn't travelled up on his own. Michelle asked what he meant & Neil just smiled & nodded in the direction of a table where 4 other lads were drinking. I had noticed them coming into the bar, but had thought nothing of it.
Michelle looked a bit bemused by it at first, then realising that that his 4 friends had also come up to Ripon to fuck her turned to look at me.
'Did you know anything about this' She demanded
I nodded & mentioned that I had asked Neil to bring a mate up, but not 4 of them!
She wasn't happy, & Neil stepped in & said he was sorry about it & he should have rang her to make sure it was OK instead of going through me.
Michelle told him that it wasn't his fault, but mine.
She told me to get out of her site & go back to the room & wait for her there.
So, what could I do, but do as I was told. So I left her in the hotel bar with Neil & his 4 friends

I went to the room & was left wondering what was going to happen.
About an hour & half passed when I heard voices on the corrider.
One of them was Michelle, & she sounded quite happy.

The door opened & Michelle walked in holding Neil's hand, closely followed by the 4 guys who had been sitting at the table.

Michelle told me sit in the chair & not to move & with that started to kiss Neil.
As she kissed him wandering hands from his 4 friends started to wander over Michelles body, slowly undressing her & grabbing a handfull of her tits & rubbing the inside of her legs.

She pulled away from Neil, & was by this time down to her underwear & stockings. She told everyone to strip, including me.
As the guys were undressing Michelle dropped to her knees in front of Neil & took out his cock from his trousers & started to suck him off in front of me.
Neil moaned & put his hands on the back of her head pushing her deeper onto him.
One of the others was now stood next to Neil with his erect cock so Michelle started taken turns sucking both of them until eventually she had all 4 cocks in front of her.
My own cock was almost bursting watching this as somebody reached down & undid Michelles bra & let her tits become free.

Immediately another pair of hands started to fondle & play with her tits as Michelle contined sucking at the various cocks in front of her.
I was watching in amazment at my lovely wife & mother of our kids suck these cocks like a true slut.

Michelle was lifted onto the bed & placed in the classic 'doggy' style while one of Neil's friends positioned himself to fuck my wife from behind.
Another, went to the head of the bed & I watched as he stuck his fat cock into my greedy wifes mouth.
Neil looked at me & grinned & we both watched as Michelle started to be fucked.

Michelle was now starting to moan & swear, she was obviously building up to cum on this cock that was pounding her from behind when the man - whom I later found out was called Steve - pulled out & moved over for Neil to have a go.

Neil however wasn't go to fuck her pussy, he started to stick his cock in her lovely tight arse.
This was something that I thought Michelle would stop as it's something we've never done at home. But no, I watched agasp as inch by inch Neil started to fuck my wife's arse.
Michelle was moaning out really loud now, but like a good slut kept sucking at the dicks in front of her.

One of the guys in front of her groaned & I watched as his spunk shot out onto my wife's face & into her hair. This was too much for Neil & he shot his load into my wife's arse.

The rest of the night was spent with Neil & his friends taking turns on my lovely Michelle in all positions. Nothing was left & Michelle was left covered in cum on her face tits & cunt.
There was no mention of protection, & during the night Michelle took 4 different mens spunk up her cunt.
She made me lick her out after every time somebody had fucked her.

We decided after that night to meet up again some time, but first of all we are going to try & get Michelle working in a massage parlour & be paid for having sex with strangers.
The idea turns us both on.
To meet her you would think she is just an ordinary working mum, but sometimes she turns into a proper cum-slut & we will write again soon when she has a job sorted at a Leeds massage parlour.
We would like to hear from any other couples that have done the gangbang thing, or wifes that also go on the game with the knowledge & approval of their husband