• Written by love2licknsuck 18 Oct 2006, 21:32
  • Erotic

i am 37 years old and single, i have had many experiences on swinging sites in the last twelve months, but my ultimate fantasy became reality last night. I have a huge desire to fuck a dirty old man. i want someone dominant who is not afraid to talk really filthy with me and call me names while his cock is deep in my cunt.

i chatted to george for half an hour online, i found out he only lived about 8 miles away from me. He was married and the closest thing to sex he got these days was a few dogging experiences he had, watching other couples fuck. he sent me a photo of himself and one of his cock, he was about 63 but his cock was pretty impressive. i asked him if he wanted to fuck a dirty little slut with a tight pussy and he was only too keen to oblige me. we met in the car park in eastham i wore a very tiny denim skirt with a lace thong and a tiny cropped teeshirt and no bra. As i got out the car to greet him, he walked over to me wearing jogging bottoms and a loose scruffy sweater. you could see the bulge in his pants already and his hand went straight under my skirt, he could feel my cunt juices already flowing and my thong was already wet. he roughly gropped my tits through my teeshirt, his hands were huge. He lifted my top and pushed me against the car and started licking my nipples, i grabbed the back of his head and forced him lower down. he said "do you want your cunt licking you dirty bitch" oh yeah i shouted. he knelt down on the cold concrete and forced open my legs. He ripped my thong swiftly and threw it to one side. he lifted one of my legs onto his shoulder and forced his tongue deep inside my cunt. As i was writhing with the pleasure of his tongue, he slapped my arse and said, stay still you fucking slut. he lapped at my juices and drove me wild with his tongue but as i started to feel the beginnings of my first orgasm, he stopped licking and stood up, i was disappointed, but he replaced his tongue with his huge finger, quickly followed by another, then another, my orgasm took over me and i cum with such intensitity i found myself shouting out with sheer pleasure. my juices were gushing down my legs and he knelt again and lapped them up finishing with him sucking my cunt lips. God this filthy old bastard was blowing my mind.
he was rubbing the front of his joggers and i could see his rock hard cock just desperate to get out. he grabbed theback of my head and forced me down to kneel in front of him. i took his cock out of his trousers and pushed them down to his ankles so i could massage his saggy balls while i gave this old guy the sucking of his life. i deep throated his large cock while licking his piss hole, i could taste the urine and sweat but that just turned me on more. this really was a filthy dirty old man. he pulled his mobile phone out of his pocket and made a phone call while i sucked him, all i heard was "i am here with the filthy bitch now, she is sucking my cock really good. get down here if you want a piece of her"
i looked up at him and he said that he was bringing a mate to fuck me too, its not often he gets laid either, he is 67 and a right dirty bastard too. i was in for a real treat.

He pulled me by my hair back to standing position and took me round to the front of the car and sat me on the bonnet. he then opened the drivers door and put the car lights on, so anyone in the area could see me with my dripping cunt on show. He came back over to me and grabbed my hips and pressed his hard cock up against me, he took hold of it and forced it passed my lips and into my wet hole, he was very forceful and it took a while before he managed to get the full length deep inside me, but when it was there he rammed me hard so that his balls were slamming against me, he was fucking me good and hard, then suddenly there were car lights coming into the car park, i frose but the guy said don't worry its my mate who is coming to give you another fucking. he carried on pumping away at my pussy. he lifted my teeshirt to expose my tits and grabbed them with his massive hands until they were red.
"you dirty bitch, you like an old cock in your tight little cunt?" oh yes i love it. He pulled his cock out and forced it back into my mouth grabbing the back of my head so he could fuck my mouth instead. I was leaning over in full view of the car park with my exposed arse and pussy on show, as i sucked his wet cock. I felt a hand on my thigh and knew his mate had come over. he pushed a finger deep inside my pussy and said "she is gagging for this isn't she?" the other man laughed and said "yeah, she is a real filthy slut, she is a dirty little whore who loves dirty old men. give her a good hard fuck mate" and they both laughed as one finger fucked me and the other rammed his cock deep down my throat. I knew he was close to cumming as i felt his balls tighten. His mate pulled down his pants and forced his cock in my pussy. he slid in and out a few times then used the lubrication to wet my tight little arse and with one push he was in. it hurt at first but then the pain turned to pleasure as he fucked me slowly at first so my arse could accomodate him then he got faster and faster till his balls were banging my swollen clit. God this was the horniest experience of my life. Within minutes i had a mouth full of hot salty spunk, i struggled to swallow it all and some ran down my face. the next thing the mate fucking my arse tensed up and emptied his sac inside me. both guys stood up in front of me while i licked the remaining cum off his mates cock. I could taste my arse juice on him but i didn't care. "oh my god, suck that cock you filthy bitch, i can't believe you are sucking my cock after its been in your tight arse. bend over that car now i need to fuck your cunt!"
they pushed me face down on the car while they wanked each other back to full hardness (which was extremely horny for me to see) then he came over and rammed his cock into my soaking wet cunt and banged away calling me names and pulling my hair as he drove me wild. i could feel my orgasm rising and knew i was going to gush loads again over my second cock, i was screaming "fuck me fuck me" this old guy really had some stamina. i exploded with such a powerful orgasm, that my muscles clenched his cock and he came at the same time, moaning and groaning as he pummed his juice inside me.
he moved back and pulled up his underpants and composed himself, the guy i was initially with then came over to me, prised open my arse cheeks and stuck his tongue in my dripping pussy, lapping up his friends spunk from my cunt, wow what an experience that was, he carried on till i cum for the third time and his mate joined him and they both licked me clean.

i have georges number and he has mine and every now and again i have had really dirty text messages off him, but we have yet to meet again. He says he wants to bring more friends next time.... the more the merrier i say as long as they are over 55 and are filthy and will talk dirty to me. i would love to meet other guys of the same age and attitude, cum find me