• Written by DERECK 29 Jan 2004, 16:44
  • Erotic

well as promised i said i would keep you informed of my wife and our next door neighbours and this is what happened yesterday....... when im at work me and my wife usually send each other a few txt messages,yesterday alison (my wife) sent me a txt saying ray had just called around to ask her if she fancied popping around to their house that night? what did you say i asked her? well darling youre in work until 2am and im feeling really horny would you mind if i popped round?(knowing full well what my answer would be) before i gave her an answer i asked her did ray do anything to you to make you horny when he came around earlier? no she said but he did tell me that he had a nice suprise for me in about an hours time........... my cock instanly sprang to life thinking of ray my much older neighbour with my wife again!!!!
he was starting to dominate my wife and she loved every second of it and really played up to him and carol his wife.

i gave her my approval and she told me she couldnt wait for the evening to arrive.

within an hour i had a txt from alison telling me carol had just brought a present from ray around for her.....

my mind raced with excitment what is it i asked? its a brand new pair of silk knickers came her reply......thats nice i replied

but they are absolutly full with rays spunk she replied and he has asked carol to put them on me.....

my mouth went dry but i almost came in my pants when i read that last txt

are you gonna put them on i asked? im already wearing them she said and they feel very slimy and wet and quite cold but im loving the feeling....ray has told me i must keep them on until he removes them.

here i was in the middle of my shift at work and my wife was being made to wear a pair of knickers full of my neighbours fresh cum.........i rushed to the toilet and had a quick wank thinking of the whole situation.

she then txt me saying she could feel rays spunk seeping up into her cunt and was beggining to smell it.

soon the time had come for her to go around to their house still wearing those spunk filled knickers a short skirt high heels and a tight t shirt.
she said the first thing ray did was to check her knickers,he then told her to remove them and to put on a fresh pair which he had just filled with more of his spunk.
as she slid them on she gasped and some spunk dropped onto the carpet she said the knickers were overflowing with spunk and ray made carol fit them onto my wife.

then they both got there coats and said lets go.........my wife asked them where are we going? to this ray just said dont worry slut youll be well catered for and they set off in the car.

my wife was sat in the back and was consious of the spunk oozing from her onto ray and carols leather seats. carol then made my wife open her legs as far as she could so that she could feel the fresh cum seeping into her. my wife said the smell of the spunk filled the car

with that they stopped the car at a well known dogging place and told alison to get out and show every one what a fucking dirty little whore she was.........

my wife said she was a little nervous but opened the back door it was dark and she was very aware of the wind blowing up her short skirt onto her very wet pussy. her nipples were poking out of her skimpy t shirt. she just leaned against the back of the car waiting........

soon a dirty works type van pulled up and asked her was she looking for fun? before she could answer ray had wound down the window and told them what a dirty slut she was and was up for anything.
with that the back doors opened and a younger male told her to get in. as she got in the doors were shut and she noticed there were 4 men inside.all wearing dirty working clothes while a stale smell of sweat filled the van.

lets see what a dirty slut you really are said one of the men as he started to roughly grope my wifes tits almost immediatly a hard smelly cock was pushed against her lips and she took it into her mouth and started to suck it. she felt 2 thick fingers penatrate her hole at the same time as she began wanking the other 2 men.

she told me she loved the thought of being made to do this by ray and would do almost anything for him if he told her to.

here she was being gang banged by a bunch of dirty smelly work men and she was telling me how wonderful it felt to be made to do it by ray.

soon she felt the first prick enter her she panicked and pulled away telling them they needed condoms to fuck her.if they didnt have any she would only suck them off.

again fingers entered her soaking pussy and brought her to a mind blowing orgasm as she swallowed the first mans cum.
go on jim push it up her she dying for some cock inside her she haerd one of the men shouting this to his mate and as she sucked her second cock she again felt a cock entering up inside her, she tryed to pull away but the force of the man fucking her mouth only pushed her back and made the thick hard cock slide even deeper inside her,she admitted it felt nice and decided to leave it inside her now streteched pussy as he began fucking her hard and fast until he errupted filling my wifes cunt with his spunk.

after about an hour of being fucked and spunked on and drinking spunk my wife emmerged from the back of the dirty works van,and got back into ray and carols car. well you filthy little slut did you enjoy that? ray asked her .

before she could answer ray told carol to inspect her....

with that carol lifted my wifes skirt and pulled her soaking knickers to one side and began slowly licking my wife out. alison said she came almost instanly on carols tounge.

when they got back it was approx 12 oclock ray told my wife to come in to their house for a few moments. while alison and carol sat down in the living room ray instructed my wife to remove her soaking knickers. and proceeded to wank into another brand new pair of red silk ones.he instructed my wife to put them on and leave them on until he comes around tommorow afternoon. that night when i got to bed the above story is what my wife alison told me i was stunned excited and massivly turned on.
she then showed me the knickers she was wearing they were soaking and smelt of spunk as i slipped my fingers inside her knickers and into my wifes cunt i could feel the cum inside her......i slide my solid cock into her and spurted my juices into her slippery hole.
my wife has become a plaything and a slut for my next door neighbours and she is openly loving every second of it.
i just wonder what will be next.................
but my wife says she is up for anything and as long as i dont mind will continue to be rays dirty little slut.

untill next time.............