• Written by playful_guy 16 Nov 2006, 16:01
  • Erotic

Not long ago I fancied spicing up our sex life so I persuaded my wife to invite two black studs into our bedroom. Not that she needed much persuading as, being the slut that she is, she has always had a weakness for a bit of cock on the side. I didn’t mind, seeing as I was let out on a long leash and have helped myself to a fair amount of cunt and cock in my time.

Anyway, on the evening in question, I don’t know who was more excited, her or me. She was dressed like a whore, with black net stockings, a skirt so short that it barely covered her ass, and a tight blouse which seemed to be screaming “rip me off”. I was nearly cumming in my pants at the thought of her fucking herself senseless in front of me.

The two guys arrived on time and were magnificent. They looked like two brothers or close cousins or something – very similar in appearance and physique.I poured them some drinks but needn’t have bothered because the action had already started. My slutty wife was on her back, her tights around her ankles and her skirt around her waste, exposed her freshly shaved pussy to one of the black guys, one was licking her pussy, while the other was having his huge cock sucked. Before long the first guy was naked and I found myself captivated by his smooth, well toned body. His thrust his massive organ into my wife’s waiting cunt, while she allowed herself to be mouth fucked by the other stud, who was now also naked. As they fucked her with increasing intensity I become more and more aroused and pulled my clothes off and began wanking furiously.

They fucked her in every position and every hole, as my slut of a wife moaned and groaned with pleasure. Then one of the guys took a break leaving my wife, legs open, cunt gaping and cum running down her leg. Without thinking I knelt there and began licking up every drop of juice. As I was working my tongue around her cum filled hole, I felt a pair of hands pull my ass cheeks apart and a thick hard cock slip into my asshole. The cock was still moist with my wife’s pussy juices, or perhaps he had lubed up. Whatever. Plus I know how to take a cock, and soon its full length was inside me like a rat up a drain.

Later the two black guys changed places, one transferred his cock from my ass to my wife’s mouth, while I was fucked in the ass by the other guy.

After that everything got a bit confused and I’m not sure who was fucking who and in what hole. Finally I got to fuck her as well, while at the same time getting my asshole filled by a gigantic cock. It was the perfect ending to a fantastic evening.

“What could be better than sharing two huge black cocks?” my wife said to me after they had gone.

“Sharing three huge black cocks?” I helpfully suggested.

But that’s another story!