Written by Anonymous

6 Nov 2018

My name is Robbie and my wife is Sandra, we are both in our 60's , I'm 68 and Sandra is 64, quite fit and shapely for her age, with long legs, short fair hair, and 38C tits, she tends to shave during the summer period. She's never been shared or had another man since we got married.

This incident I am talking about in volves to long time friends of ours Graham and his wife Lynda, both round our age, known them for going on 30 years, Lynda is very similiar to Sandra, in height but with Auburn hair in a pony tail and bigger tits than Sandra's, my guess 40C/D, something like that. They had moved to a rather " posh " detached house out of town and invited over for a meal, not unusual as we had frequently had meals at each others houses. We duly arrived and went into the lounge Sandra was wearing a nice mid thigh light weight summer frock, heels and no tights or nylons, Lynda had on a pair of skin tight white trousers that came to mid calf and a shirt tied at the waist, she looked really sexy, anyway, we sat and chatted and the drinks began to flow and then we had the meal.

After the meal, we all adjourned into the rear lounge, ( I said the house was posh !!) which had double windows opening out onto a large patio and massive garden. The wine continued to flow, we wern't drunk, just merry with our inhibitions quickly going out through the window, due to thw drinks. Sudenly Lynda said, " We've got a surprise to show you, come on " getting up a little unsteadly to her feet, she opened the double doors and stumled out on to the patio follwed by Sandra, laughing and giggling and me and Graham. " There you are, what about that " she said, pointing towards the corner of the pation, " what you think " I said, " What is it ", " It's a hot tub " kind of clearing vision I saw that it was indeed a rather large wooden hot tub full of hot water with steam rising from, " Yeah very nice " I said, Sandra just said, " Wow lovely ". Lynda then said, " You up for trying it ? " I looked at Sandra and said, " Well ? " she said, " We've no swimming cossies to wear " at this point Graham said, " Well you've got panties and bras on, pretend they're bikinis. Sandra looked at me, shrugged her shoulders and said " I suppose so " and with that started to remove her dress, standing there in white bra and matching panties, " I look fat like this " she said, at this point Graham had stripped down to his boxers and was displaying a rather large stiff cock, that the couldn't hide, laughingly I said, " Well one person certainly appreciates what he can see " and pointed to Grahams cock, " Ohh god " said Sandra and turned away from him. Lynda grabbed my arm and said, " Well what about these, like them " I turned and saw her standing wearing just a pair of plum coloured panties and matching push up bra. I said, " wow, you look fucking gogeous, just right for fucking " and laughed, she said, " I hope so " which completely dumbfounded me and left me standing there open mouthed. She said, " Come on get them trousers off " I think I should state at this point for my sins I have a rather large cock, some 9 inches in length when fully aroused and ver thick in girth and it was nearly at it's full potential, looking at Lynda. Quickly dropping my trosers, I stood at the side of her with my cock doing its best to rip my boxers apart. Lynda stood there with one had covering her mouth and pointed at my cock and said "Ohh my god, Robbie, what's that " Before I could reply, Sandra said, " Come on then lets get in the tub " and climbed in, closely followed by Graham, I climbed in and then Lynda climbed.

We sat opposite each other with Sandra next to Graham and Lynda next to me. we hadn't been in the tub for a minute, when I heard Sandra gasp, and say, " ohh, yes " looking at her I could see that Graham had pulled her panties to one side and was fingering her.I turned to Lynda, but before I could start to get my hand inside her panties, she pulled my boxers down and started to stroke my cock, Looking at me she said, " God Robbie, that's massive, I want it, I've got to have it inside me " and kissing me fully on the mouth inserted her tongue down my throat. I couldn'tanswer, so I quickly slid my hand inside her panties and up her shaven pussy, fingering her nice and quick. Breaking the kiss Isaid, " What about Graham " she laughed and said, " Don't worry about him, Sandra will be keeping him happy, look " and looking across the tub I sathat he had Sandra sat on the edhe with her legs spread and was burying his face in her pussy.

Quickly pulling my boxers off, Lynda said, " Come on out of the tub " and climbed out and walked acroos the pation to a rather large padded sunlounger. Quickly throwing off her bra, she released the most gorgeous pair of tits I had ever seen, soft, firm and round, lying backmon the sunlounger, she spread her legs, and quite openly said, " Fuck me Robbie, with that beast, please " I couldn't refuse her, and slowly climbing between her legs, I gradually introduced my cock to her shaven pussy, slowly but surely slipping yhe full length of it up her, until she had the full nine inches inserted,. Then slowly withdrawing and reinserting it, going faster and faster, until she locked her legs around me and raising to my thrusts she thrust up with her hips, shouting " Ohh, yes, fuck me deeper," Entually I could feel my sperm building up through my balls and starting to travel up my cock, I couldn't hold it back any longer, and shouted " I'm cumming, yes, yes, ohh god , yes, " at thius point Lynda locked me in a vice like grip and said, " I'm there Robbie, I'm there " and started to shake and collsasped back onto the lounger gasping for breath, by this time I had exploded deep inside her and filled her with my cumm.

Lying there getting our breath back we looked over at Graham and Sandra, to see Sandra kneeling down with her backside up in the air and Graham fucking her doggy style. Suddenly I heard Sandra call out, " Yes, there, that's it, fuck me harder, pleae Graham fuck me harder, faster, faster" At which Graham duly obliged her, vey quickly I saw him tense and give one massive thrust up Sandra's pussy, throwing his head back he shouted " I'm cumming, I'm cummingI can't stop " at the same time Sandra cried out, " Yes, yes, don't stop, fill me, ohh god fill me Graham "

Since that time in July, we have stayed over at Graham and Lynda's for a very sexy and lovely weekend.