Written by Anonymous

6 Nov 2018

Being recently separated from my wife I was soon fucking any woman interested. The internet can be a wonderful thing and for the price of a meal or drinks I soon had some weird and wonderful sexual experiences.

Before long I craved more than almost guaranteed sex as the dating site I used was for those basically wanting sex. I had always fantasised about joining married couples and my ex wife being fucked by other guys (hence knowing about this site).

Therefore I started to move away from just meeting single women and joined a few couples and particularly loved pleasuring wives with husbands watching.

Anyway whilst doing this I became interested in a lovely Indian lady at work, who I will call Pri for short. She is early 40’s, pretty, long dark hair, about 5’2 with a slim size 10-12 curvy figure and medium to large tits. She worked very hard and just got on with her job and wasn’t really friends with anyone.

I must admit I saw her as a bit of a challenge and thought I’d get to know her better and see how it went. So I started to chat and we got to know each other fairly well. I had no idea if she had a man but soon found out that she has been single for nearly 10 years. Keen to get to know her better we arranged to meet out of work for a coffee.

With a few cultural differences etc I didn’t know where I stood with her but we got on well. Then in a chat in my car I confessed I liked her and she said she liked me too.

We held hands and when I went to kiss her it was weird as she kissed me back but didn’t want to open her mouth and I thought I’d overstepped the mark.

However she was the one who suggested we drive somewhere quieter and when there we kissed closed mouth again but started to cuddle and stroke each other.

I kissed her neck and she really liked that so my hand crept over her clothes to her tits, like we were both 16. Getting no objection I slipped my hand up her top and after a while undid her bra and caressed her breast and nipple. Pri started to moan and I was loving the experience, especially as it was so unexpected. She had very big highly sensitive hard nipples.

I just had to see her breasts and took a chance and lifted her whole top up with them soon on full display, again with no resistance. Soon I was sucking on her big nipples and she was letting out little moans of delight and pleasure.

It wasnt the quietest location and was a small chance of getting caught but she didn’t care and happy to sit with her breasts on full display as I went back to kissing her. Then I got a surprise as she grabbed my hand and put it up her skirt! She had a wrap around skirt which fell apart as she guided my hand up there, before moving hers away knowing I knew what she wanted.

I started rubbing her pussy over her lacy panties and they were already sopping wet. Knowing she wanted her pussy pleasured I soon had her panties pulled to one side and slipped my fingers into her sopping wet hole. She was incredibly wet and later I saw my front seat was soaked as well.

Using 2 and then 3 fingers I finger fucked her as well as caressing her very prominent clit. Her legs were soon wide apart and she was moaning louder and approaching orgasm rapidly.

This was far more than I’d ever hoped for, but it was short lived, as suddenly she pulled my hand away. Confused I asked her what was wrong and she just told me that she was too wet and wouldnt explain further.

Despite this we still kissed with closed mouths and cuddled but she wouldn’t let me touch her further. My cock we straining as she hadn’t touched it. As she had done to me, I guided her hand to my hard cock and she rubbed it over my clothes. She didn’t attempt to get it out so I undid my jeans and pulled them and my boxers down. Placing her hand back on my cock she wanked it but she wasn’t the best and showed no signs of wanting to suck it.

I am pretty well endowed and usually get a comment from a woman about my size but Pri didn’t say anything.

After a while she moved her hand away and suggested we go. It was awkward but we agreed to meet again. On reflection I realised she was very inexperienced, and in time admitted to not knowing what she was doing. The next time we were at mine and the experience was similar although in more relaxed surroundings she did wank me off and seemed really pleased when I cum.

She had stopped me fingering her before orgasm again. Afterwards we chatted and we talked for ages about her. It turned out that she had only had 2 previous relationships and that they had only gone as far as I had with her, and she was in fact a virgin.

She opened up completely and did say that she frequently played with herself in the shower and used the shower to pleasure her clit, almost daily. She said she wanted to go further with me but was embarrassed. After half guessing and asking her, she admitted she gushed during orgasm, and after all these years this is why she had been too embarrassed to allow a guy to make her cum.

Having been with 2 women in the past that gushed I told her I loved women that do that and most other guys did as well. After a lot of reassurance she was soon laying on towels on the bed and I finger fucked her to orgasm, and wow did she gush as she orgasmed hard. As well as being soaking wet she had a very accommodating hole and soon 4 fingers were in her and almost my whole had up her. The towel and duvet underneath was soaked.

After she came down from orgasm she was embarrassed but I reassured her and she was very happy, as was I. Soon I was fucking her taking her virginity, although she was the loosest and wetist virgin imaginable. She was willing to do anything now and being flexible I had her knees back over her shoulders as I pounded her sopping wet loose hairy pussy.

Not being on the pill at that time I didn’t cum up her and instead cum over her tits and some even reached her face.

She had never had her pussy licked and never sucked a cock but was soon a very willing student wanting to do everything.

We fucked for several weeks almost daily. She clearly wanted to make up for lost time knowing that she was not a freak for gushing and squirting.

She was willing to do everything, from swallowing my cum to letting me finger, lick and fuck her arse hole. We watched porn as part of her education as she had never done so, and being a bit of a devil took her into a seedy sex shop and made her buy a vibrator from the creepy guy behind the counter.

She had never used one before and I thought she would scream the house down in pleasure when I first used it in her. I made sure it was waterproof! She now has this at home and is regularly used in the shower instead of the shower head.

In addition to sex we both love massage and I would often massage her getting more intimate as the massage goes on with teasing and stroking near to her sexual areas before getting fully sexual.

As time went on my fantasies about us joining others for sex started to fill my head. Not knowing how Pri would react to suggesting this I took my time to consider how I would approach it. I used massage and suggested that she should also try massages from others.

She was happy with this. I said I would like to watch her be massaged and she was fine with that. I then asked her if she would prefer to be massaged by a man or woman and she said she wouldn’t mind and suggested having massages by both. Everything I suggested she was happy with.

I asked her if she would be comfortable stripping naked for a massage and she said she would. I asked her if she would be happy for her breasts to be massaged and she said she would. I then asked her if she would let them massage her pussy and she said she would, but added that she would only do it if i was there and they knew how wet she would get.

Checking with her, she confirmed that she would let a man or woman massage her everywhere! I asked her what sort of age/looks etc she would like the man or woman to be and she said she didn’t care and if I arranged it she would go. So I did.

I was in heaven and wanked over the thought about what may happen. I would love to see her massaged by a woman, but am yet to find a suitable woman. However I rang several guys and the nicest sounding and most reassuring was 65 years old. Telling Pri about him, she agreed to go ahead and we visited Ash.

I still wasnt certain how far Pri would go in reality and speaking to Ash beforehand he reassured me that he was qualified and would only take it one step at a time and ask before he did anything etc. I also warned him about Pri gushing if it went that far, as I didn’t want any shocks on his part that would knock her confidence.

On the day I was more nervous than Pri and Ash was a real gent and we all got on really well. I sat on a chair with a view at the end of the massage table looking right up between Pri’s legs when on the table.

He left us asking Pri to undress and without hesitation she stripped naked. I had shaved her so she now only had a thin Brazilian. Laying face down on the table, it was warm in there and neither of us even considered covering her with a towel.

Ash was clearly pleased to see my naked woman face down on his table and also didn’t offer a towel and went to work. He was good and Pri was soon murmuring saying how good it felt. After doing her back he was massaging up her legs just short of her pussy and she clearly enjoyed this, gradually parting her legs more and more and letting out moans of pleasure each time he was near her sex.

Being a gent Ash didn’t touch her pussy and asked before he massaged her bum. After giving it a good caress and massage he started to massage into her crack. I had told him before that she liked her arse pleasured. Soon he was pouring warm oil into her crack and I could see running down over her pussy which I could clearly see as I had a perfect view,

Pri loved that and told us that it felt soooo good. Ash taking this as a green light, started to become more and more sexual. As he massaged her bum he held her cheeks apart giving me and him a lovely view of her slightly hairy arse hole. Then his fingers were massaging right into her crack and rubbing the outer part of her bum hole. Whispering to her he asked if she would like her bum hole massaged more and she agreed.

He had done this before and soon had a pillow under her pelvis so her bum was sticking in the air. His fingers were sliding in her bum hole and he did this knowing I was watching and didn’t obstruct my view.

I was hard as anything and just wanted to jump on the table and fuck her from behind but I resisted temptation. Soon he got her on her back.

Pri was totally happy turning over and exposing everything to this 65 year old stranger and she soon had her legs slightly parted again. Ash again went into teasing mode and massaged each leg, millilitres from touching her pussy lips.

I could tell Pri was desperate for her pussy to be touched as she was clearly trying to push her pussy towards his hands each time he got near. He worked round her pussy and massaged her Brazilian covered mound. Soon he had her permission to masssge her breasts and he did so with skill and teased all around her nipples before massaging them as well. I thought he was going to make her cum just massaging her nipples. Pri was writhing around the massage table and moaning in pleasure.

She had brought her knees up and the let them flop apart so her pussy was completely exposed and on view. It was a gorgeous sight, and even though it hadn’t been touched it was clearly soaking.

Whilst Ash still had his hands on Pri’s breasts he asked her if she wanted anything else. She didn’t answer but looked in his eyes and took hold of one of his hands and guided it to her pussy.

I was in heaven as I then watched Ash expertly tease her pussy stroking her outside lips etc before moving on to her clit and fingering her hole. Pri had multiple orgasms and gushed everywhere. Ash was brilliant and better than me and kept her orgasming for ages. It took me a while to notice but I saw that Pri was rubbing Ash’s cock through his trousers and that was a lovely sight.

Pri was soon exhausted and moved Ash’s hand when she couldn’t take any more. She was spent and probably dehydrated due to sweating and gushing.

She just laid there legs apart totally satisfied. Poor Ash was clearly rock hard. I knew I’d be satisfied later but I felt sorry for Ash. Ash was about to leave the room for Pri to get dressed, so I told Pri it was mean of her to leave Ash unsatisfied.

She had come back to earth by this time and caught on. She reached out and started to rub him before climbing off the massage table and going to her knees. It was a beautiful sight as she pulled down his trousers and released his hard cock.

He had a good size cock, very thick but not that long. It was soon being sucked by Pri like a pro. You would have never known she hadn’t done that ever a few weeks before.

After a short time Ash announced he was about to cum. I guess that was due to him being a gent to warn Pri, but she just sucked harder keeping him in her mouth as he shot his load down her throat and she swallowed the lot.

Ash left saying we could take as long as we wanted before we went. I knew I had to fuck Pri there and then. Thinking back I should have offered to let Ash watch. As soon as he left I bent Pri over the table and fucked her from behind. I’ve never cum so quick and pumped loads up her.

We obviously chatted as we left and Pri had no regrets and loved it so much she asked when we could do it again!!!

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