Written by Anonymous

6 Nov 2018

Liz had a date with her lover organised a few weeks earlier and I was high on the anticipation from day one. She is a very attractive woman, just in the middle years but with a body and energy of someone years younger. given that she loves sex, I reckon that goes a long way in the clamour to remain youthful. A fun outlook and not childish attitude helps maintain an adult perspective but imaginative outlook. So with a figure well trimmed and worthy of scrutiny, she has enjoyed the fulfilment of other men with my total blessing and trust.

As her date night loomed closer i said she had to do a dare that i had for her after she had left her lover. She asked me what it was and I said I would tell her later, on the day of her meeting. I wondered if I should be so mean, but knew she would rise to the challenge if I made it daring enough. On the morning she woke me with a gentle tug on my stiff cock, I usually have an erection on waking and I love the feeling of a hand stealing across the hardness and tickling gently against my balls. She asked me if I was going to tell me her dare. We kissed and I said I wanted her to go to the car naked after they had completed their fun and drive home the thirty plus miles with his come leaking from her fucked cunt. She rolled on top of me and impaled herself on my cock saying I was a dirty sod and maybe it would be early in the morning and not many people would be about.

I reminded her she had three sizeable towns to go through and there was bound to be a stray male who might appreciate a chance sighting. I said she should take the route through well lit areas and maybe if she got the chance, to maybe ask directions or even get out of the car and flash her nudity then get back in the car. I suggested she kept the doors locked and only open the window no more than half way down. All this sexy talk had me excited and I shot my load. Liz slipped off me and said I was a dirty old sod making naughty suggestions when she was just going for a little drink and a cup of tea with her man. I watched her as she went to the bathroom, her sexy bum wiggling defiantly.

Over breakfast she said she would consider my dare and I cranked it up by saying I hoped she was brave enough to do it but I understood if she didn't. Now knowing I would be disappointed if she did not at least do some of the dare, she had the challenge to consider all day. I was certain she would do it because though it was my idea and I had admitted I would have no way of knowing if she was naked or not while she was away from the house, she is a very honest woman and if she says she is naked, then that is exactly how she is.

All day I was on tenterhooks wondering if I had gone too far, but secretly knowing it would also be gnawing on her mind and she would be getting a damp patch in her panties as she contemplated the evening. I made a meal and had the bath running when she got home, trying to be the good husband and remaining in the background as she prepared to meet her lover. I stayed downstairs while she dressed and pampered herself, unusually because I do love watching her dress to thrill her lovers. I thought it might give her ego a lift if I allowed her total control of her preparations. She came downstairs with a new dress on, split up the front with a zip running centrally and undone to within three or four inches of the waistband, her stockings and suspenders on total display and the view of her white lacy panties was dynamite to my boiling brain. I took a picture of her as she picked up the car keys and I said how fantastically sexy she looked and that her lover was in for a hell of a night.

She kissed me and said she would phone me later and that her lover would supply some pictures for me to wank over. Then she was gone. I had no concentration left in me. All day had been a torture mentally as I counted the hours and longed for her night to be as special as I wanted it to be for her. The fact that she now on her way to execute the deeds was no respite. I was lost in the sexy thoughts of what he would do to her and hoping her night would be packed with erotic and sensual highlights culminating in his cock going in her deep and bareback like they always did. It was after midnight when my phone buzzed and a cascade of pictures of him and Liz naked and sucking and licking from his viewpoint on his mobile. Her cunt looked quite puffy and wet, his cock looked nice in her mouth and he sent a message saying they had a great night and three hours of fun and thanks for the loan of a lovely girl. I looked at the pictures and then my phone went again and Liz had sent a picture of her sitting naked in the car, saying she was about to drive back home and she should be home within an hour.

I rang her and she answered. I asked if she had fun and she said it was wonderful and he was very good at making her come and also she was leaking on the seat. I asked if she was still naked and she said 'No I have my stockings and suspender belt on because I know you will have a hard cock if I am wearing them' I told her she was fantastic and she said she had gone a couple of miles and nobody was around. I asked her to stay on the line and then she could tell me if anybody got a look at her.

I was almost unable to speak as my excitement made my throat tighten. My cock was rock hard and I was imagining where she was. She said she was approaching the next town and was slowing for traffic lights. Then she said there was a man walking towards the town and he had seen her sitting at the lights. She said where he was heading and I suggested she might just give him another flash. She told me she would if she could and told me she was pulling into the market square. She informed me it was quiet and there was only the one guy around and he was about a hundred yards away but coming towards her. My heart was in my mouth as she said she had put the interior light on and he was coming closer. My breathing was erratic, my heart thumping and my cock aching. Then I heard her say he had gone past but looked in quite deliberately. I asked what he had seen and she said 'Everything and he has looked round again' She said he had gone down a passageway which led back towards the main road but stopped and looked again back towards her car, which was the only one in the empty square. 'He's turned round and is coming back' I swallowed and struggled to ask if he was close when I heard the window motor humming. 'Can you help me?'she said calmly 'I need to get back to Leeds, am I on the right road?' I only got part of what he said but knew he must be looking at my naked wife who was leaking her lover's come across the driver's seat.

The conversation was prolonged and he seemed to take an age over his explanation. I heard her say she had been out but had no idea what he was saying, then she thanked him and the conversation went on a bit longer when she said 'Thankyou I am glad you like it'. I wondered what that was in connection with, then he said something else and she said 'if you like, yes' Then I heard one window close and the other being opened. His voice was stronger now and I deduced he was standing at the driver's door. I heard Liz again say 'That's nice, shall I stroke it?' He said 'Yeah, great' and then she told him to come a bit closer so she could give him a bit of a suck. My whole self was in orbit by now, listening to my wife sucking a guy off twenty plus miles away and I was powerless to do anything even if I could. This was risky but hugely erotic and she was getting me wound up, basically turning the tables on me as I heard her bring him to a noisy climax. His grunt as he came was obvious and she also obviously swallowed his come as I heard her hoovering his spunk up and saying 'Lovely'.

With that I think the moment passed and she wound the window up and I heard the car move away. 'Fantastic' I said to her and she said she had not expected any of that but it was a great finish to the night. She told me she was hanging up and not going to stop until she got home. I said the outside light was on over the garage and I had opened the door so she could stay naked and come in through the back door so nobody would see her. I was ready when she pulled into the garage, the remotely controlled doors hid my naked wife as she emerged and she came in wearing the stockings and suspenders and shoes and a big smile. She reeked of spunk but she was ecstatic that she had held her nerve and got a sticky reward. I added my come to that of her lover after licking out a diminishing coating of come from her used cunt, but her kisses tasted of come from her unexpected bonus