Written by Anonymous

6 Nov 2018

A few times during the day, Kelly said that she’s unsure now about this evening. She knows that she will be taking new cocks on Saturday, but that will be somewhere she feels safe and both myself, her husband and Michelle’s husband will be there to stop anything if it gets out of hand. I said that she didn’t have to go through with it; there will be another Thursday. Kelly decided to call Michelle instead and arrange to meet her in town after work, so they could shop for things they may need this weekend. We told them that the overtime had been cancelled for now.
I dropped Kelly off in town and went to Kelly’s. Her husband was still sat in the nude but confirmed that Ross has said he would be here Friday night. He hadn’t been dressed since Monday. He was sat on the settee in the living room, hard cock in hand, watching the video we made for him last week. I stripped and sat on the seat opposite. Watching the video, seeing close-ups of my cock entering every hole of the woman married to the man sat next to me, then entering the holes of his friend’s wife, while he sat there wanking would seem odd at any other time. But after these past couple of weeks, it was now ‘normal’. We were watching those same holes that by the end of this weekend would have been used in gangbangs and an orgy. Could life get any better for me?
This was how the girls found us when they returned from shopping. They dropped their bags, Michelle got onto her knees between my legs and Kelly between her husbands. Michelle used her tongue the full length of my cock, licking around the head before taking the head into her mouth and sucking, running her finger nail lightly up and down the underside of my cock to my balls and back up. She stood and dropped her jeans, stepping out of them, leaving her knickers on. She spread herself over my cock, pulled her knickers to one side and lowered herself down until my cock was fully inside her. Her arms were around my neck, pulling me closer. I managed to push her top over her head and unfasten her bra, freeing her gorgeous tits. I pushed my face in between them as Michelle fucked my cock. The girls told us that we weren't allowed to fuck them after we woke in the morning. They wanted us fully fit and fresh and no sign or taste of anyone’s cum inside of them. We had decided that Kelly could watch as Michelle had her gangbang, but she was to remain in her underwear. This would let the new ones see what they would be fucking the following night. She wasn't allowed to show her tits and if she wanted to finger fuck herself, she wasn't to pull her knickers to one side.
They spend the day getting themselves ready. It started with a shower, both together. This was followed by the girls helping each other to shave, making sure their pubic areas, legs and underarms were totally smooth. To tease us, we could watch this part as long as were fully dressed. The girls shaved each other. Kelly shaved Michelle first. Michelle was on the bed, legs spread wide so Kelly could gently apply the cream then very carefully shave her pubic mound and any stray hairs near her shining lips. Michelle held her lips apart while Kelly carefully shaved her. I know my cock was hard inside my jeans and no doubt Kelly’s husbands was too. To make sure that they were smooth enough when she had dried her, Kelly bent forward and used her tongue around Michelle’s swollen and glistening lips. Michelle pulled her lips wider and moaned. Kelly put her tongue inside Michelle’s as far as it would go, using her tongue to fuck her. With her other hand, she rubbed Michelle’s clit until Michelle arched her back, pushing her lips into Kelly’s face, moaning loudly as she orgasmed.
When Michelle recovered, it was her turn to shave Kelly. Michelle repeated the compliment with Kelly, until she also had an orgasm. At this point, we were told to go downstairs and that we wouldn’t see them again today until the others arrived.
It didn’t even feel odd that for the next few hours, Kelly’s husband and myself sat in a room and slowly wanked while discussing 6 different cocks fucking Michelle and his own wife!
Kelly answered the door about an hour before the arranged time to start. Michelle’s husband came into the room with one of his friends, Greg. He said that Sean had given back-word on tonight because his wife had already planned something and he daren’t make an excuse but will be here for the next couple of nights. It didn’t take any encouragement for them both to strip and slowly wank their cocks too. There were now 4 hard cocks wanking and waiting for Michelle.
Half an hour later, Ross joined us; so now, 5 cocks waited to fill Michelle’s holes. While we waited, Michelle’s husband said that she wanted us to make sure that when each of us cum that it was inside of her. When she felt she could take no more cock this evening, she wanted each of us to cum on her.
Kelly’s husband had also brought in the video camera and a digital camera. He explained to the others that Kelly would be using these today and Michelle tomorrow. Also, he and Michelle’s husband had agreed that if either of the girls were feeling abused or didn’t like what one of them were doing to the girl’s, they would be told to leave and if any of them mentioned to their mates what we were doing, photos would be sent to their wives. If they didn’t agree, then they could leave now. No-one left.
Kelly was the first to come in. I had expected her to be in her underclothes, but she was dressed in a jogging suit which didn’t do much to show the others what they will be fucking tomorrow. The first thing she did was to take a photograph of the five of us, wanking together in the living room. Kelly caught me looking and smiled at me. She went to the armchair in the corner and once she was sat down, she placed a leg on each arm and reached inside her bottoms and smiled across at us all. We saw her hand moving in between her legs and it was obvious that she was wanking herself. It must have been seeing 5 hard cocks in front of her. I could swear that I saw all the cocks get harder watching her; I know mine did.
When Michelle came through the door, I witnessed 4 cocks and my own instantly go hard. She had chosen white lingerie for tonight. Michelle was wearing a white Basque that stopped just before her navel, matching knickers and white hold-up stockings. One by one, she walked over to us, kissed each of us and at the same time, held and wanked each cock in turn. When she reached Greg, she sank to her knees and took his cock into her mouth. Greg put his hand behind Michelle’s head and as she moved it forward, he pushed deeper into her mouth. By now, 4 more cocks were around her. Kelly’s husband reached down between her legs from behind, rubbing her cunt through the flimsy material of her knickers. Michelle now had Ross’s cock in her mouth and gently wanking her husbands with one hand and wanking Greg’s cock with the other. I had unfastened her Basque and had one nipple in my mouth while pinching the other between my fingers. Michelle let out a soft moan of pleasure as her Kelly’s husbands’ fingers found their way inside her. I glanced down to see him pushing them in and out between those moist lips. She now had her husband’s cock inside her mouth. I watched as he was the first to shoot into her. He must have been saving it as some dripped from between her lips and his cock, but most she managed to swallow. He moved away so that there was now four of us for a while.
We moved Michelle onto the settee. Ross pushed her legs up to her chest with one hand. With the other, he pulled her knickers to one side. I took hold of one leg and Kelly’s husband the other. Opening her legs allowed Ross to use his tongue and mouth on her swollen lips. He was a bit more forceful than any of us had been, but Michelle didn’t complain as she took Sean’s cock into her mouth again. Ross had his hands either side of Michelle’s swollen lips and was licking from her arse to her clit in long strokes. He took hold of his hard cock and rubbed the head in between those now soaked lips, making sure he was wet enough to enter her. Ross then slowly pushed until I saw his swollen head disappear inside Michelle. There was no resistance as his cock entered her fully all the way. Immediately, he hammered into her, Michelle taking Kelly’s husbands cock from her mouth and screaming as she came, then placing Greg’s cock into her mouth. The speed Ross was going, he didn’t last long as he too moaned as he filled her with his cum. As he removed his still hard cock from inside Michelle, I could see both their juices mixed together on his cock.
Ross now moved over to Kelly and I glanced over to see her trying to suck Michelle’s husband back into action. With his cock in her mouth, he was using the video camera to record some of his wife’s gangbang. She now took Ross’s cock into her mouth, cleaning it as she held and wanked Michelle’s husband. His cock already looked hard, so it wouldn’t be long before he was back enjoying his wife with the rest of us.
When Greg noticed that Ross had moved, he took his place and Michell was filed with his cock. I moved so that she now had my cock in her mouth. Michelle’s eyes were closed, and it was obvious she was in a constant state of orgasms. Over the past few weeks, myself, her own and Kelly’s husband had fucked her many times but this was the first time I had seen her like this. She probably didn’t know whose cock was fucking her or who’s was in her mouth. I felt the first stirrings of my liquid start to rise and knew that at any second, I was going to empty into her mouth. I also knew that Greg was about to empty into her also. We both came together, so Michelle had 2 loads, but it didn’t seem to bother her as she swallowed every drop from me with just a bit dribbling from her mouth. She had now received 4 loads of cum within just half hour. As Greg pulled out of her, the first sign’s of cum started to dribble from between her lips, making its way down to her arse.
Kelly’s husband took Greg’s place, his cock already deep inside Michelle. I stayed where I was, Michelle continuing to clean me as her husband came over. He put his cock into her free hand. Kelly was now busy with Ross and Greg. I left the other two and took the video from Greg. Watching Michelle taking those cocks in different holes would get me hard quick. I recorded as Kelly’s husband lifted Michelle’s knees, putting her legs either side of his head, widening her lips for his cock. He leaned onto her legs, so his cock could hammer into her harder. Again, after a couple of minutes, he emptied into her.
All 5 cocks had now emptied into her. This was Michelle’s opportunity to rest as only her husband had recovered, but Ross wouldn’t be too far behind. And watching through the video recorder, neither would I. I could already feel the stirrings in my cock.
As Kelly’s husband moved from inside her, her own husband sat on the settee. Finally removing her wet knickers, Michelle spread herself over his cock, facing him. There was that much cum inside her, his hard cock entered without resistance. As Michelle rose and fell onto his cock, he would place her nipples in his mouth, sucking each one, his hands either side of her arse.
Ross now moved to the other side of the settee, in front of Michelle. He pointed his now hard cock towards her and she didn’t hesitate to take it into her mouth. My cock was ready now. I passed the camera to Kelly’s husband and moved behind Michelle.
Reaching between her arse, I made sure that she was well lubricated with all the cum that had dribbled down. When she felt my hand gently probing her arse, she stopped moving and arched her back inwards, giving me access to her. I used some of the cum on my cock and gently pressed into her. Her arse resisted a little, but with the pressure, it relaxed and let my cock inside her. She stopped sucking Ross’s cock and just held it until I started to fuck her. My cock could feel her husbands inside her cunt as I began to fuck her arse. He was trying to pump into her too but was finding it difficult. When Michelle was comfortable, she took Ross’s cock back into her mouth. Kelly must have been doing a good job as Kelly’s husband appeared and offered Michelle his cock.
For the next hour, Michelle was filled and fucked in every hole and in every position. It wasn’t often that she didn’t have 3 cocks in her holes at the same time. All of us came again inside her. We were all fucking her together for the third time and as Ross was about to cum in her mouth, Michelle pulled his cock out and wanked him until he came on her tits.
We were all now on the floor, Kelly’s husband on his back, cock inside Michelle’s arse. My cock was inside her cunt; her hands wanking her husband and Ross. Michelle wanked them both faster until they’re cum joined Ross’s over her tits. Seeing all this, I pulled out and wanked myself until I unloaded onto her stomach. Kelly’s husband was fucking her arse faster and Michelle must have known he was close. She lifted herself from his cock and finished him by hand until he shot high into the air, his cum landing and covering her swollen lips.
Exhausted, Michelle lay on the settee. Kelly brought everyone a drink and them cleaned Michelle of all the cum, Michelle having her final orgasm as Kelly licked between her swollen lips. She looked at each of us and smiled, knowing it was her turn tomorrow.
With Michelle recovering, we all chatted about what had just happened. Talking about this gangbang made all of us hard again, but Michelle was too worn out for anymore. She told Ross and Greg that at least they should still be able to fuck their wives tonight. They both dressed and left, saying they would be back tomorrow, having a quick feel of Michelle before they left.
Us three men knew that the night wasn’t over for us yet. There was no way that Kelly was going to watch five cocks fucking Michelle and then just let us go to bed. Michelle just wanted to watch and video record from the arm chair as Kelly took each cock in turn until the three of us were empty again.
Both the girls left us to shower then Kelly joined me and Michelle’s husband for the night in the spare room and Michelle with Kelly’s husband in the other. We slept, but at some point, I was woken with the now familiar feeling of Kelly’s lips around my cock. When she realised I was awake, she climbed up my body until she could sink herself onto my hard cock. Kelly fucked me slowly, moving herself up and down on my cock, getting faster and faster until she came, just as I unloaded my cum for the fifth time tonight. Kelly collapsed onto me and we both slept.