8 Nov 2018

Earlier today i had a totally chance encounter.

I live on Crete, the tourist season has just ended and so far the weather is holding up, it gets to mid c20's most afternoons but evenings are getting cool. About lunch time i was driving along the main road and saw on the other side a car pull off to what i know is a lovely small quiet beach. I could make out a woman with long fair hair in the passenger seat but very little else.

My mind went into overdrive...............maybe just maybe they were going to get up to a bit of naughty fun.

I did the errand i had to do and on the return took the turn off. Sure enough the car was there, an old blue Opel Corsa I stayed put. sitting alone in the car park. The beach is about 100m across so i slid out of the car and positioned myself on the other side. From my vantage point i guessed they were about 40's, she was tall, slim with long fair hair. He was a similar age, slim with grey hair. But my heart sank when I noticed he was wearing swimming shorts and she a bikini, although it was a fairly skimpy one.

A deserted beach, a warm day and clothed. Nothing going to happen here!

I stuck around for a while and they decoded to go for a swim in the sea. Do I join them or stay here?

They were quite close together in the sea, cuddling with the occasional kiss. maybe he was having a good feel of her under water but i couldn't see. After about 15 mins or so they came out of the water over to the other sude where they had left their things. He dropped hisnshorts to dry himself and she removed her bikini to do the same.

Next thing i saw they cuddled together kissing passionatly. His hands were roaming all over her body as they lay on their towels. They did loom over towards me so I took the plunge and walked across the stones. As i got nearer thy carried on but did look up at me so they knew i was there.

I dropped my jeans and took my cock out wanking as i looked at them. I got very close to them and the guy signaled that was close enough and carried on feeling her body. They did oral on each other before he entered here missionary style; I was wanking my cock as they went doggie then to finish off she rode him to orgasm as i shot my load.

I thanked them and sensing it was time to go made my exit.

It pays to keep your eyes open!