• Written by Roger 8 Feb 2004, 12:50
  • Erotic

I had to write to tell of the wonderful treat my
lovely wife Anne gave me last night-her tight
little arsehole.
Anne is 10 years my junior at 36 and she is lovely
with brown hair and eyes and a womanly figure that
has become all the more astonishing since becoming
At 6 months now her breasts have swollen from a 34d
to a g cup they are like 2 ripe melons and i love
to caress them.
Anne and i have always enjoyed an active sex life
and even in pregnancy Anne still offers me relief
whilst normal lovemaking is less on the cards.
I don't mind at all-Anne will sit up in bed and
take her nightie from her shoulders reveaing her
fantastic big big tits whilst she wanks my engorged
cock causing great spurts of hot come-bliss.
However i had a really nice surprise last night-
as we snuggled Anne with her back to me she began
pushing her bottom against my erection and said-
'Darling would you like to put your cock inside
my bum? I know you would'.
I was shocked-Anne had always refused to do this
before saying that my cock was too big or it would
hurt or it was a dirty/dangerous thing to do now
it seems her hormones had produced a new and very
welcome craving.
'But dearest are you sure you always seemed so against
it' i said.
I have fucked my ex wifes arse many times and i
must say i had yearned to take the same liberty
with Annes virgin backside.
'Yes darling i wan't to feel your big cock up my
bottom' Anne replied.
Within minutes i was lifting her nightie as she
lay on her side as i caressed her buttocks i told
Anne i was going to give her a big thrill but it
would probally hurt a little-Anne replied that she
wanted it to and that she wanted me to use her for
my pleasure!
I wasted no time in lubing her arse and ordering
her onto her back.
Her legs raised to her chest Anne looked apprehensive
as i placed my cockhead at her little pink pucker.
'Oh darling please be gentle your cock is so big.'
pleaded Anne.
'I am going to fuck your arsehole my dear and it
will be deep and it will hurt and you will love it'
i said getting into my role.
'AAAAAhhhhh! OOOOOOhhh!'cried Anne as i put my
big cock head and about 2 inches of cock into her
incredibly tight anal passage- slowly but surely
i treated her to all 7 inches in her bum and boy
did she love it.
'Oh darling it feels sooo big it really hurts so
good ooohhh ooohhh '.
I was in seventh heaven as i told my darling wife
about how much pleasure her tight rectum was causing
my engorged cock.
By now Annes nightie had been lifted clear so i
could view her big milky tits-hairy pussy-and
cock filled little arsehole.
I told Anne i was going to spunk right up her bum
and this precedented her own orgasm.
I have never heard Anne make as much noise as she
did as i emptied my aching balls in that fucking
hot tight anal passage of hers.
Anne and i showered afterwards and later in bed
told me she had conquered her fear of arsefucking
and that she'd do it again sometime but not now
as her poor bottom was much too sore after it's