• Written by Brad Hummle 2 Jan 2007, 04:08
  • Erotic

I wrote about one of my experiences with one of my ex's awhile back (the title was First Time) but since them I've been saving them up, so enjoy!

A few weeks ago I had one of my many fantasies come true. I never thought it would actually happen, but I've always wanted to see my girlfriend in a gangbang. So I will make a long story very short and get to the details. My girlfriend is 27, blonde, skinny, and quite sexy. I know people always say that but she really is. She has perky tiny titties, fair skin, and long legs. I have asked her many times (through hints) to think about doing other men but she always acted like that was a major turnoff so I usually dropped it.

So a few months ago, I made a bet with her and won. What I won was one night of her being my "sex slave" and she would do whatever I wanted. I seriously doubt she realized what I had in mind but I figured I could at least try it. So a few weeks ago, I cashed in on the bet. We took a weekend vacation to Vegas and I knew it would be the perfect time. Though we had a hotel room on the strip, I got us an extra room off the strip without her knowing. Then I had her dress up extra sexy and we went out dancing. here is when I started the fun. I told her that she was my sex slave and had to do what I asked for the night. She agreed (as long as I would promise not to hurt her and be sure she had a few drink). So I got her a few drinks and we were dancing. I told her that I wanted her to find a guy that she would like to give a blowjob to. I told her she could get any guy she wanted. She hesitated and didn't really want to do it but I reminded her of our deal. She finally picked out a good looking college-age kid. I told her she had to go up t him and flirt with him for a while and try to offer him a blowjob. She eventually got there, flirted, and made the offer. He took it! So now she was stuck because he asked her when and where and she didn't know what to say. I was a few people away and mouthed "tell him you'll come back to him in a minute" and she told him and made her way back to me. She was kinda pissed at me because I made her look slutty and stupid. So I told her that I wanted her to give him this card (I had premade several cards with our hotel, room number, and "midnight" written on them. She looked at the card, shook her head, and smiled at me. She smiled! This was the moment I was dreading and she smiled. This might actually happen! I was stoked! She went back, handed him the card, whispered something in his ear and rubbed his crotch. What? This was not like my girlfriend but I guess she started to get into the game too. I asked her what she told him but she wouldn't tell me. So I told her that she had to do that now with two more guys, and one of them had to be black. She said I was perverted (and she was right) but she did it.

So we headed out of the bar by 10:30 and went to the hotel. She took a shower and shaved (at my command) and put on a sexy outfit I bought her. By 11:30, she was ready to go but nobody was there. So I told her that I had to warm her up. We started to get pretty hot when there was a knock on the door. My girlfriend nearly stopped breathing. I told her not to worry - but that tonight she would have her first gangbang. I opened the door and it was the black guy and he brought two friends (one white, one black). I invited them in and they immediately noticed my girlfriend. I introduced myself and told them the deal:

"Tonight is my girlfriend's first gangbang. Please do not abuse her. If she says no or stop, you listen (unless I overrule). No playing with her asshole. No fucking her pussy without a condom. Try to put all the cum in her face or her mouth. Have fun!"

It didn't' take long before my girlfriend had all three guys stripped down was giving head. I had never seen her suck a cock besides mine and man she looked so awesome. Also, the black cocks were sliding in and out so smooth. Black #1 was pretty big, maybe 8 inches, and pretty thick.
Black #2 was a little smaller. White #1 was uncircumcised which looked pretty cool and was about 6 to seven inches. My girlfriend looked hungry! I had never seen her get like this (and I hoped it would happen). So finally, Black#2 rolls on a condom and they lay my girlfriend on her back.
He gets up close and starts licking her clit. She was going crazy with 2 cocks on both sides of her mouth taking turns and Black#2 licking away. Her breathing got heavier and heavier and finally she came. Her whole body shuddered and she got this awesome horny look on her face.
She looked down and said "I want you in me!"

Black#2 stuck his dick all the way in her pussy. She was loving it as he stroked away. After a few minutes, all the guys took turns and Black#1 was in her now. He looked huge going in and my girlfriend was moaning very loud (she can easily get too loud). He opened her up as he slid that thing in and out and then they switched again. White guy was in her now and was sliding in and out with ease. They all asked me if they could hit the "other hole" and I had to say "no" even though I would love to see it (my girlfriend is very leery of anal anything). So they decided to do two in the pussy. I never really thought something like that would happen but it makes sense. Black#2 laid down and let my girlfriend ride him while White moved in from behind. I thought they might be trying to go anal at first but then I got right behind to see the action and realized what was going on. They slid the second cock in her pussy and my girlfriend let out a scream. She had never had anything like this before. But I could tell she loved it because she went straight back to sucking off Black#1. Finally, White yells "I'm going to cum" and I try to get him to take off his condom to shoot it in her mouth but he cums to fast and filled his condom. I told him feed it to her form the condom. So he traded with Black#1 and started feeding her cum from the condom. I nearly came in my pants seeing my girlfriend lick up that cum. Meanwhile, Black#1 moved behind her and pried his big dick into her pussy. Again, she screamed and grunted for the first few strokes but then looked very content. White stuck his semi-hard cock into her mouth and let her clean it off. I realized she tasted the condom because she had a very sour look on her face. I went and grabbed some water for her but she didn't want it.

Anyway, Black#2 (underneath) eventually yelled that he was going to cum and pulled out. Black#1 pulled out too so that my girlfriend could turn around to take the cum in her mouth. She ripped off the condom and sucked as hard as she could. He groaned as he shot his load in her mouth. My girlfriend mumbled something and swallowed as fast as she could. My girlfriend has always been awesome at giving head and swallowing cum. She kept licking his dick for a minute or so, completely cleaning it off and then looked at Black#1 and said "gimme your cum!".

He was slowly stroking his cock when she grabbed it and put as much as she could in her mouth. She was licking it and stroking it and everything she could do milk it when finally, he yelled "I'm cumming" and my girlfriend wrapped her lips around it. He came in her mouth and some dripped out the sides. She was trying her best to keep it all in though. It was then that i realized her had been fucking her without a condom. What an asshole! Oh well, at least he didn't cum in her. So here she was stroking his cock and licking it clean of her own juices. She had taken two full loads of cum in her mouth and cleaned a third load from a condom. I had pre-cum stained shorts from watching the whole thing and it was all I could do to not cum yet. She finally let the guys cock slide out of her mouth and laid back on the bed and looked at me. The guys were putting on their clothes and she said "so was that what you wanted?"

"Almost" I said. "But you still have two more guests coming over tonight and I bet they will bring friends."

"Are you sure you can wait till later?" she asked me.

"No, but I can't wait to try" I said. The guys left after giving me a hi-five and my girlfriend a slap on the butt. After they left, I went over and gave my girlfriend a huge kiss . I could taste the residue of cum on her looked so swollen already. After about 10 minutes, the door knocked again. It was time for round 2! I looked at my girlfriend and smiled. "I love you - you are soo sexy" I said.

"I love you too baby - now answer the door so I can get some more cum!" she replied.

And with that, I realized my fantasies were coming true again and opened the door. But that's the next story.