• Written by Canise 26 Feb 2004, 15:15
  • Erotic

This is a true story of the first time myself and my husband had a threesome. This happened in the summer of 2002, and still gets us both going when we talk about it now.

I had a phone call from an old friend who I had grown up with, saying she was in the neighbourhood, so I went out with my husband to meet her.

We went to the pub to meet her, and we sat there for the majoity of the afternoon. As it was a beautiful day we decided to go back to our house and have a bbq. We sat drinking in the evening summer heat and had a really good night. Several of our friends came over too, and the party started looking like it was going to go on well into the night.

I went into the house to get another drink, and my friend followed. She sat on the stairs and began telling me that her marriage was in trouble and that she didn't know if she actually wanted to save it.

She confessed that she was gay and fed up of pretending that she was interested in men. We sat talking and she said that she had always felt like this, and even when we were kids she had often fantisised about kissing me.

She asked me directly if I had ever kissed another woman, and although I felt slightly uncomfortable with her directness, I can't deny that I felt turned on.

I said no, and she sat on the stairs and kissed me. It took me by suprise at first, but I realised I was enjoying it. I totally forgot about the housefull of people, and sat kissing her for a good 10 minutes.

A while later, my husband walked out into the hallway - at which point we stopped kissing, he gave us a perculiar look and said that most of the people were leaving. We said goodbye to most of the people, and went and sat on the sofa.

My husband sat with us and asked what we had been doing earlier. When she said we had been kissing he said he knew, and had been watching us through the crack in the door. He said that it was a shame we had stopped as he was enjoying watching, so we carried on kissing.

She sat on my lap kissing me, my husband came over and began undressing us both.

We sat kissing for a while longer, and then laid down on the floor. By this point we were both naked except for our g strings. My husband had removed most of his clothes and was stroking his cock, staring at us. I must admitt, I was thoughroughly enjoying kissing and being kissed by another woman, and being watched by someone.

Things progressed and she asked me to lick her pussy. I had never been with a woman, and was a little nervous, but i did what she said. I beleive she was sucking on my husbands cock at the time, whilst I had my tongue inside her. I spent the next half an hour or so exploring her body with my tongue. She then swapped places with me and I had my pussy licked whilst sucking my husbands cock.

My husband mainly watched that evening - mainly it was us two playing together, but we made sure that he had us both at some point in the evening. The truth was, we were both enjoying another womans touch so much we didn't want to stop!

We played together for the next few hours, using vibrators, tongues, cocks, fingers.... everything and anything we could get our hands on!!

She eventually left at about 5am, leaving me and my husband totally wiped out!!

For about the next fortnight my husband was hard the second I mentioned anything about that night, and we often were hardly through the front door before we were having sex.

This has happened once more since that night, but that is all the experience of a threesome we have. Both of us are longing to have another soon, as it was the horniest experience of both of our lives!