• Written by Stan 28 Feb 2004, 14:28
  • Erotic

A couple of years ago there used to be some public toilets by Baitings Dam, near the M62. They were well hidden, just off the main road, so weren’t used by the general public, and they became a popular spot for both gays and your ‘normal’ bloke fancying a wank on the way home. It used to be a fairly hot spot, and very often had six or seven blokes in there at once.

The toilets were quite close to a local dogging spot, and I used to go there with my wife, usually on a Sunday night, and we would put on a bit of a show, once we had selected one or two suitable watchers. However, we always kept the car doors locked and the guys only watched and usually had a wank. Well, always until we discovered the toilets and George. We called him that, though we never knew his real name.

For a few weeks it had got a bit quiet at the normal car park so we had started to park near to the toilets, as it turned me on to be having sex with my wife – June – with all the furtive carryings-on so near to us. It also increased the number of our potential voyeurs! Well, gradually, we became aware of a regular at the toilets (George). We had seen him with other blokes before so assumed he was gay. However, one Sunday night we were parked up and having quite a good session. June would normally wear a long coat under which she had a black basque and stockings. Oh and obviously black high heels. When we spotted a likely voyeur, she would lean over towards me and start sucking me off. The guy would then walk over, and seeing we were carrying on, would stand by the car window. Then I would start fingering June’s cunt, letting her coat fall open to expose her stocking tops. At this stage he would have his cock out and be wanking. It would often be a bit frustrating, because every time a car pulled into the lane our watcher would have to move quickly away.

This particular Sunday we had spent a good half hour entertaining quite a young lad, who June said was good looking, and we had got to the stage where June had wound her window down a bit and the lad was talking to us. June put on a good show and was wanking herself off with a vibrator. The lad kept saying how he loved June’s tits and he really wanted to fuck her. He had his pants down and was wanking furiously. She pulled the vibrator out and poked the tip through the open window. It was covered in her cum juice. The lad bent forward and licked the end of the vibrator and with a loud groan came all over the passenger window with what seemed like an endless stream of cum. He disappeared into his car, and I told June I needed to fuck her. It was quiet now, there had been no cars for about half an hour, and so we pushed the car seat back and I lifted her legs up and got down between her on the car floor and started to lick her out.

There’s a car coming she said. I was about to move but she said it was ok it was George. Now we had seen George a few times before. What made him memorable was that he had very long hair but also a very long cock. He also liked to show off and his speciality was to stand in the doorway of the toilets and wank his very long cock. At first we had thought he was a dogger, but one night he put on a show with another bloke and he sucked the other chap off, just inside the toilet doorway. We had been parked right opposite and could see as his friend spunked up onto the steps.

The car parked up and June said he was walking over to us. I glanced up and George proceeded to unzip himself and pull out his rapidly hardening cock. Close up it was amazing. June gasped, and I proceeded to finger fuck her as he slowly started to wank. Suddenly more headlights appeared. There’s another car, said June, but George said it was ok. I know them. The other car stopped and two blokes got out and went into the toilet. They both looked to be fairly old. George said come and watch.

June was really sexed up by now and didn’t need much persuading. We got out of the car and followed them into the public toilets. There were no lights in the toilet and the only light came from a nearby street lamp. As June followed me in, her high heels clattered on the tiling and echoed loudly. It was fairly small place with a urinal on the left near the window, which hadn’t got any glass in. Then there was a washbasin and then two cubicles. It was smelly and damp. Against the far wall, by the furthest cubicle, stood George, his long white cock clearly visible in the gloom. He walked over, past us, to stand near the urinals, which were slightly raised from the floor. He was wanking slowly. He asked June if she had ever been in a gent’s toilet before and motioned her over to the stalls. She stepped up onto the tiling, just a few feet from him. I followed her and took off her coat and placed it over the handbasin. June was now standing facing the white porcelain and looked so sexy in her basque and stockings. The heels thrust her whole body forward and as I put my hand between her legs and started to finger her cunt from behind, she fell forward and had to put her arms out against the window ledge.

As I slowly fingered her she was staring down to the right at George’s cock. As he pulled the foreskin forward the end was touching the urinal. God, it’s fucking enormous she whispered. We carried on like this for some time, until I heard a cubicle door opening, and the two older guys came out and stood behind us. They were both quite similar (we found out later they were brothers), small, balding, wearing old men’s clothes. They both had their cocks out, but they were quite stubby. One had really big balls. They smelled as if they needed a good wash. When they had seen June they had started to make some really filthy remarks, but George had said Hold on lads you didn’t come for that.

He turned around to face them and they both knelt down and started to suck George’s cock and balls. June was fascinated by this and urged me to fuck her. I entered her from behind as she was braced against the window and proceeded to fuck her slowly. One of the old blokes, Jack, now came round to the stall. He produced a well used tube of KY jelly from his jacket pocket and smeared it on his fingers and proceeded to finger George’s arse. June was really into it now and started moaning and shouting. Jack took his finger out and replaced it with his short, but quite fat, knob end. He pushed in with a steady rhythm, keeping in time with his cock sucking friend - Peter. He then put his right hand out to touch June’s stockinged leg. He stroked higher and then pushed two fingers into her cunt either side of my cock. This pushed June over the top. Fuck me. Fuck me with that big cock. I want to smell the old man’s spunk.

June bucked and moaned and I felt that familiar rush of cum, which dripped out on to the tiles. Our friend had also come and I watched as the old guy pulled his sloppy, spermy cock out of George’s arse. I was struggling to hold back but I felt there would be more action yet. I had never seen June so worked up. George told us that he wasn’t far from coming and we ought not to be too long. The two old blokes were really talking dirty now, which has always been a turn on for June. I was surprised that she was going along with them. They were both mauling at her but she was loving it. I want to see the messages she then said. So we went into the far cubicle which had no door on. George said he would keep a look out. June sat down on the toilet pan – there was no seat – and started to read the graffiti by the light of her car pencil torch. I was stood facing her with my legs astride hers. Jack and Peter were behind us. The smell of sex was amazing. Spunk and cunt juice. June had her hand between her legs and was making loud sloppy sounds as she fingered herself. She read some of the messages out loud.

Jim 40. Nice cock wants wank pal. Have mags and films.

As she read the messages Jack and Peter were encouraging her, saying the words Cock and Wank.

I came in here last week in my stockings and stilettos. I want to be fucked up my tight virgin arse by two dirty old men. Leave a message. Sylvia.

Do you like her stockings Jack? I love the way the suspenders stretch out tight. Would you like two old men to fuck you, love?

June was lost in several noisy orgasms. Jack and Peter had pushed past me. Peter was rubbing his cock against June’s face. Jack had knelt down and was trying to push his fingers into her cunt.

I want fucking now, she shouted, and they lifted her off the seat and we all went out into the open by the stalls. George came away from the door, his hard on still waving in front of him. June fell to her knees in front of him and started to wank him off. It was Peter’s turn now and he went behind George, standing on the raised ledge to reach him. His cock slipped in easily. His movements were quick and he came in a few seconds. George motioned to June to stop. He lifted her off the floor and took her over to the basin.

He then told Peter and Jack to come over. They stood at each side of her and George lifted her onto the basin. Her coat made a cushion to sit on. By this time I was ready for anything. I wondered if they were all going to fuck her. I was wanking steadily. George then told them to lift up her legs. They took a stockinged leg each and June sat back against the wall as her legs were lifted up. In this position she could be easily manipulated. George beckoned me over and then stood between her legs. Peter and Jack were mouthing the dirtiest of comments and June was wanking herself again. George’s cock was touching her now and she smeared cum juice around the bell end. I wanted to see that cock going in and I wanted the old men to fuck her.

George told June to stop playing with herself and to start playing with Peter and Jack’s arses. She duly complied and from their faces I could see they were loving it as she pushed one finger into each of their holes. Now Peter, I want you to finger fuck her. Peter’s right hand came round and all four fingers slipped easily into her cunt. She moaned and rocked backwards and forwards. Please fuck me.

Now stop Peter. It’s your turn Jack. His left hand went to her basque and squeezed each breast gently. He slowly let his hand drop down to her pussy lips which were now big and puffy. He ever so gently circled her clit with one finger. June squirmed around trying to push herself onto him. She increased the movement of her left finger in his anus to try and encourage him. George pulled me forward and told me to have a closer look. He passed me the torch and I knelt down by the basin and watched intently as Jack frigged her to another orgasm. George pushed forward again so that his cock was next to my face and pulling Jack’s hand away nudged his cock up against her. Fuck me June shouted. He signalled to the old men and they both took hold of his cock and gently rubbed it up and down June’s cunt. First on her clit and then teasingly just between her lips. All the time there was a constant mouthing of comments.

George then asked Peter what he wanted to do with June.

I want you to bend her over the toilet and fuck her. Then I want to see her lick her fingers clean.

June was moaning like someone in pain. I need a cock. Please somebody fuck me.

What about you Jack?

I want see your spunk running down her stockings. Then we could take her back home and treat her like the tart she is, while hubby watches.

June was now uncontrollable. Her head was rocking from side to side. Peter and Jack had ignored George and were touching her again, both hands disappearing into her cunt.

Ok let’s give what she wants. You two – lift her off the sink. This is it I thought. I wondered how much of that monster cock she could take. George suddenly moved to one side and pushed me between her legs. He went behind her to help them support her and then they lowered by wife onto me. My cock slipped in easily. As I stood there they lifted June up and down. George was in control and it was like he was wanking me off but using June as a glove. The hands of the old men were everywhere. One of was holding the base of my cock and then pushing his fingers up into June. One was forcing into my wife’s tight anus. She came again and again. There was cum juice all over the toilet floor. George then moved us all back to the basin and then came round by my side. She was resting on the basin again and Peter and Jack were still keeping her legs in the air whilst I was fucking her, but now at a gentler pace.

He then turned to me. What’s your wife’s name. I told him. June, he said, look at me. She opened her half closed eyes and gazed longingly at the massive cock that he was stroking. By his voice I could tell he was close to coming, and so was I. This is for you he said, and stepping forward till our cocks were almost touching he started to wank faster and faster. The old men were urging him on. His first spurt hit June full in the face, which caused both me and her to come together. The second went onto her neck and the rest splattered over her basque and stockings. He pulled the foreskin up and forced another thick blob onto her left shoe.

I thought for a moment that June had passed out. I could hardly get her to walk. As she stood up the sperm ran down her legs and onto her shoes. She was shaking. George had gone, but the old men were still there. I was in a daze myself and was only vaguely aware that they had not enough. I had put her coat around her and she was leaning against the toilet door. Jack was behind her, fingering her arse. I was amazed to see he had another erection. Peter was on the floor licking June’s shoes. I wanted to see them both fuck her but it would have to wait for another day.