• Written by Ross 4 Mar 2004, 10:44
  • Erotic

this started some time ago, my wife has always had a couple of fantasies of being gangbanged and being fucked by a black man,i just used to humour her and we'ed both go through different stories of what would happen when we had sex, which i thought was enough for her. We were looking at the adverts in swinging heaven, and we saw one that offered black gangbang groups, my wife couldn't take her eyes off it,and said that would satisfy her curiosity in one go, i thought she was joking but she kept on at me for days,saying just the once and it would be her fantasy satisfied,i finally agreed, but i was to be there and she could only have sex with two men which she agreed to.We got in contact with them,i spoke and said it was my wifes fantasy, but only two men would be involved, he said it wasn't worth arranging with only two, let me speak with your wife, they spoke for ages and she kept laughing nervously and said ok (i had no idea what she was talking about) and handed the phone back to me,he told me that my wife had ok'd a 4man gangbang this coming friday (20th feb),i just mumbled ok in shock and took the meeting place details.Come friday evening she was so nervous and i didn't feel so bad just very excited, she dressed in stockings & suspenders, small G string,no bra with a very clingy dress and drank nearly a bottle of wine to loosen herself up.We drove to the house arriving around 10pm,and was let in by the top man, we sat down and the other three guys introduced themselves,they asked my wife about her fantasies,and i could see she was getting turned on talking about them,the guy next to her lifted her dress up her legs so we could all see her stockings and told her to stand up and take her dress off,my mouth was so dry as i watched her slip out of it and stand in front of these 4 coloured guys, they all started to undress and my wife was staring at four large cocks,they told her to kneel down they were going to start her off gently by sucking all their cocks one at a time, this went on for 20 minutes and i've never heard my wife make so much noise sucking and wanking,then they told her to take her G string off and play with herself in front of them, there were hands all over her as she did as she was told, then come the hard part for me as i watched them get her on her hands & knees with a guy at each end, her cunt was pulled wide open and the guy said to me are you watching, have a good look as his cock slid into her wide open lips,i heard it enter and mywife moan out loudly,she also had a cock in her mouth,i didn't know where to look,she was gangbanged in front of me and done things i've never done with her, she was enjoying every moment of her fantasy,and so was i,i stripped off and joined in,thats when one of the guys got the camera out and took the picture . But it doesn't end there, they have a girls night once a month,where some of the women who they've entertained,get dropped off by their husbands ( usually about 4 or 5 girls)and have a night of extreme sex with up to 8 or 10 guys involved,then the husbands arrive to collect them a few hours later-- and guess what! my wifes going to the next one. I'll get her to post up what happens.