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About a year ago we had to move in with my mother in-law because our new house was not ready . It was a saturday and i was ment to be working, so my wife decided to go to ikea and visit and old freind which would mean she would be away all night great i though a good night out with the lads after work ,but by 11;30 the computers crashed and we were told to go home because they would not be back on until the sunday. I got home (mother in-laws) and went straight for a shower thinking i was all alone ,but the door i had not lock swung open as i in the shower andthere stood my mother in-law just staring at me dripping wet in the shower ,i did not know what to do but just stood and wait to see her reaction,she then said that she always wondered how well packed i was isaid i thought i was a lone,to which she said no but we are i felt my cock harden and she moved towards me and grabed hold of say she had not had a cock for some 8 years since her marrage broke down ,well youhave one now a whole 9 ", and real thick to she said as she droped to her knee's and took me in her mouth and begann suck and licking me until i felt my body begin to tence up she llooked up grined and finished me off trying not to lose a drop my hot cum , a drop ran down her chin which she caught and licked up greedly, i then pulled up her now soaking wet nightie to reveal her36 c tits and bushy blond pussy,we moved to the bedroom , i pushed her on to the bed parted her legs which for a lady of 54 were great wasting no time i began to give her 3 orgasims with my mouth thenshe was no gagging for me in her. I entered her slowly abecase se had not been used to cock for a while and she said her ex was quite small, she gasp as i began to pound away untill she came a few more time then as she felt me she move down for anothr mouth full . iwent out with the lads later and when i got home she was waiting for me ,i never got much sleep that night, and now am always looking to help her out with jobs about the house so she can fuck my brains out