• Written by gemma69 9 Feb 2007, 12:59
  • Fact

I'm Gemma and I'm 33. I live next door to a lovely old man whose in his 70's called Arthur, he's always popping round with veg from his garden for me.

He has often made comment of the things he would like to do to me and i've just laughed it off and told him he was a dirty old man (secretly I have fantasised about being had by an old man).

One day last week I took in a parcel for him while he was out and when I saw him return I popped round to give it to him. He invited me in and asked if I'd like to stay for a cuppa to which I agreed. He then set about putting the kettle on and making the tea. When it was made he invited me to his lounge where we could sit in comfort. I chose the sofa and he sat down next to me and we swapped the usual pleasantries about the weather, etc.

Somehow he turned the conversation onto how lonely he was and how sexy he thought I was and how he'd love to fuck me, I was rather shocked and just joked he would run a mile if I started coming on to him to which he replied he definetly would not and with that put his hand on my leg and started slowly moving it up my leg. I was starting to get rather excited at the thought of being fucked by him but also a bit nervous too but I made the decision to see how far he was willing to go, not really thinking it would lead to anything ater he'd perhaps had a good feel.

I stood up and said I'd bet he would love it if I got my tits out to which he excitedly replied yes please. I stood up and took off my top to reveal my bra, I then slowly unhooked my bra and took it off. He stood up and started touching my tits, he said wow and would I take the rest of my clothes off so I undid my skirt and let it drop to the floor followed by my knickers. I told him to get his clothes off and he undressed then came over and started feeling my tits and put one finger into my pussy pumping it in and out, I was so wet and excited and I could feel his cock throbing up against me.

He then sat me on the edge of the sofa, spread my legs and stuck his tongue into my throbbing wet pussy, boy he's good I thought as his tongue played with my clit and I could feel myself about to cum, wow rhat was good!!. He then bent me over the sofa and told me he was gonna fuck me. His hard cock was near my pussy and he slowly pushed it in and was pumping back and forward, his cock was nice and wide and I just couldn't hold back and I came again and again. He told me I was hot and didn't realise what a dirty bitch I was. I told him I loved dirty old men fucking me

At that moment there was a voice as I could hear someone entering the house. I couldn't move as he was holding me over the sofa pumping away. He didn't seem to care as a man in his 50's entered the room. He just stood there gobsmacked at first then Arthur said Hi Bill to his mate and told him to get undressed as I loved being fucked by dirty old men. I've never seen a guy undress so quick!. I started to protest but the thought of two of them was making me cum more and more and Arthur knew this. I could feel Arthur's cock was about to explode and he pumped harder and harder then he came inside me and pulled out. I didn't even see the other guy coming, he came behind me grabbed my tits, bent me over and forced his cock straight into my soaking wet pussy which made me squeal as he was very well endowed he pumped away for a few mins then pulled out, turned me round pulled me to the floor and entered me again, Arthur came over and started playing with my nipples with his tongue.

He withdrew again, pulled me up thrust me back over the sofa and started fingering my arse, before I even had time to protest his cock was pushing in to my arse and within minutes he came in my arse, I'd never done anal before and although it hurt at first it felt great!

I had cum dripping out of my arse and pussy and I felt like a right slut. They both came over and demanded I clean their cocks with my mouth which I did they then both took it in turns to lick each others spunk out of me which felt amazing!!.

We're gonna do it all again soon and I've told them I'd like to have a gangbang so they're trying to get some more guys to come.