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It's amazing what a healthy fantasy life and a partner willing to share in those fantasies can do to not only improve your sex life with each other but also make so many more possibilities an option.

I guess it all started there really, an openness and willingness to share and indulge each other without judging and it ended in one of the most erotic adventures of both of our lives.

I have a friend whom I have known now for longer then twenty years who is married with kids, a wonderful wife and a willingness to explore and have fun without all the emotional ties that so often ruin what should be a fun thing. I know that now but only suspected it when this escapade took place.

My wife and I decided to take a trip to the west coast to go visit David and his wife Maggie for a week without kids and the restrictions that come with having your kids on vacation with you, doing things that we want to do and not what has to be done as a family.

The day after we arrived we decided to take a trip to Reno to spend one night gambling and being grownups. I had hoped that all of us would be able to go but due to prior commitments Maggie was unable and so the three of us headed out on the three hour drive from central California to Reno just over the Sierra Mountain range.

Now it must be said that David seems to use sexual innuendo in every situation and this was no different then any other time but my wife Sara was more then willing to participate in the casual flirting from my friend which has never been a problem with me.....I trust him like a brother.

So the ride up was laced with sexual references as well as the evening, which was spent gambling and of course drinking, which tends to let down inhibitions. This coupled with the excitement of being in the casinos on vacation with no kids added to the sexually charged evening that we all knew would end with the three of us sharing a room with two queen sized beds.

It's not really like we had expected anything to happen but in the back of our minds both Sara and I were secretly hoping that something would, and in fact had used this scenario on many occasions during our love making. You see, Sara has known for a long time of my few past experiences with guys and of my fantasies about being with my friend.

She has not only indulged me by listening to them but has found herself very turned on and excited about hearing of the times I have sucked other guys off and of my desire to suck off my best friend. In turn she had shared with me her own experiences of being with nine other women once in an all girl orgy that lasted all night and of her own desire to possibly try something like that again sometime if the right situation presented its self.

This was why we were hoping Maggie would attend as well but we were going to be there for a week and who knows what might happen once we got back. So the night was spent throwing away money at the tables and drinking and sexual innuendo, which ended with the three of us heading back to the room sometime around 2:00 am.

All of us were very buzzed and speaking for myself....very horny and very hopeful. Sara headed for the bathroom to get undressed while David and I being comfortable undressing in the same room proceeded to strip down to our underwear and climb in bed.

When Sara came out she was wearing nothing too sexy, just a nighty that covered her up but with her full breast and long flowing dark brown hair she look incredible and I could tell from David's expression that he felt so as well.

She climbed into bed with me an immediately placed her hand on my already growing erection knowing full well that I would be turned on by the fact that we were all alone together in one room just as we had discussed so many times before.

My mouth found hers and we embraced in a deep kiss full of passion as my own hand found it's way to her public mound and my fingers to her slit. To no surprise her lips were full and she was already very wet.

I could tell David was watching as we lay there fondling each other and I could detect a rise in the sheet that covered his mid section giving away his growing excitement.

I slipped down my underwear so Sara could have free access to my now very hard dick, which was slick with pre cum. She in turn pulled down her own panties and with the covers still over her lifted off the top of her nighty in able to press her full breast against the naked skin of my chest.

I could tell from her breathing that having David in the room had greatly increased her excitement as she rubbed my hardon and inched her crotch closer to mine guiding my fully engorged cock towards her moist center.

It was then that it happened. David spoke up wanting to know if we were planning on fucking in the bed right next to him and asking what the hell he was supposed to do while we were having our fun.

I whispered to Sara if she would be ok with it if I told him to feel free to pull it out and jack off while he watched to which she replied "go right ahead". God I love this woman.

So I looked over at David and said just that, to which he replied that we were going to have to pull down the covers if he was going to watch unless we expected him to use his imagination.

I looked into Sara's eye, searching them for a non-verbal answer just as she reached up with one leg and kicked off the covers exposing both of us laying there naked. Her hand was at the base of my dick caressing my balls my erection full and being held straight up in clear view for David to see, my pre cum freely flowing down from the tip.

She lay there next to me stroking me as David's eyes popped out of his head looking at Sara's full breast and trim figure and exclaimed "damn you are one lucky bastard" which brought a smile to both our faces.

This only encouraged Sara to stroke me even harder, leaning up on one elbow her wonderful chest fully exposed as I slipped my fingers inside her while David also on one elbow watched.

She looked over at him as he watched us and to my surprise asked him if he planned to keep the covers on or let us get a look at what he was stroking under those covers. Without hesitation David pulled down the covers exposing himself, his hard dick grabbed firmly in one hand as he stroked it up and down the entire length of his shaft, he too sporting a large amount of pre cum moistening the tip.

His cock was as long as mine and appeared slightly fuller with a thick tuft of hair at the base which put him in stark contrast to my own smoothly shaved balls and pubic area but it was a nice shape and I found myself staring at is as he stroked himself while he watched mine being stroked by Sara.

I lifted myself off the bed and pushed Sara onto her back and crawling on my knees across the bed, making sure David got a good look at my ass, cock and balls as they swung between my legs worked my way down between Sara's legs.

She spread them fully pulling her knees to her chest and inched her way sideways on the bed so that David could have a good view when I began to lick her pussy, starting at the top of her ass all the over her butt hole to her clit and back again.

I couldn't see David but I could hear him stroking himself behind me as he watched me lick Sara's pussy and asshole stabbing at her center with the full length on my tongue or making small circles around her asshole and sucking her clit deep into my mouth.

We lay there like that, me licking Sara and David stroking himself until the frustration of only being able to watch became too much for him and his voice broke the silence and the sounds of my mouth on Sara's delicious pussy.

"Ok, this is not fair, you get to lick pussy and all I get to do is watch and jack off? Not fair at all" Then to my surprise Sara spoke up and said "Kyle is the only one who gets this but if it's a blow job you want I have always wanted to watch a man suck a man and see if they could do it better then I, that is if Kyle is up to the challenge".

I was stunned and afraid of what he might say but also very excited that she had had the courage to say what I knew I never could and knowing she was the one to say it I knew I was off the hook if he felt that the offer was way out of line.

I looked back over my shoulder at David who was now sitting on the edge of the bed, his feet firmly on the floor his dick sticking straight out bouncing up and down with the beat of his heart as he contemplated the offer.

He looked at me as if to say, well, with raised eyebrows. I shrugged my shoulders and said if you're up for it, and as a joke I said, "I can see that you are while" looking at his hard cock, I said sure...what the hell.

I looked back at Sara and asked her just what she wanted to see and looking at me as if I were stupid she said, I want to see you suck his dick until he cums in your mouth

. I got off the bed and walked over to where David sat asking him to lay back as I placed both hands on his thighs and positioned myself between his legs, his cock inches from my mouth, throbbing with anticipation.

I told Sara she wasn't going to be able to see from over there and to come sit beside me so she could see what the hell I was doing. She came over and sat on the bed next to David her hand on mine as it rested on his thigh and grabbed his dick at the base. A moan escaped from David's lips at her touch as she pointed the head at my lips and told me to suck it.

She was fully in control now, I could hear it in her voice and with out hesitation I did as I was instructed feeling the swollen head of his cock enter my mouth, tasting his pre cum as I slipped his entire length into my mouth taking every last inch of it until I could feel the head of his cock at the back of my throat.

I kept it there, creating a vacuum by sucking hard, my hand massaging his balls until I could feel him pulsating in my mouth and then released my grip with my mouth and slid my lips back to the head of his cock, making a smacking noise and he popped out.

Sara looked at me and I at her and she said "very impressive, but can you keep that up till he cums "? I told that I felt pretty sure that I could but with a mischievous wink I said I might need a little help, possibly a little double team action if she were up to it.

She said nothing but proceeded to grab him by the base of his hard cock and once again said suck so she could watch.

I sat there between his legs on my knees sucking him, feeling the hardness of his shaft and the soft tip of the head of his dick slide in and out of my mouth while Sara caressed his balls, David moaning with delight as we pleasured him.

I took my mouth from his dick and asked Sara to lay back next to David, their legs one over the other so that I could go back and forth from her tasty pussy to his wonderful dick and once again began to suck but this time being able to lick pussy as well.

I did this for a while until my own desire began to get the best of me. Not wanting to make either cum until we had had the chance to play some more and I told them both as much.

I told Sara I wanted to feel myself inside her and David asked what the hell he was supposed to while we had fun and I told him not to worry, that I wasn't done with him yet but that I needed to feel my woman's tight cooch on my dick.

With her still laying there beside David I raised myself up and placed the head of my dick on her moist slit and slowly slipped inside her, feeling her tight wet walls close around me as I entered.

She gasped as I did and with one hand being used to balance myself I let the other one roam free to grab David and once again started stroking him while he lay there beside us watching closely as I slowly fucked Sara.

We lay there like that, me pumping Sara, kissing her deeply and fully while I stroked David listening to them both moan with pleasure until the need to feel his dick in my mouth once again caused me to yank hard on his cock forcing him to move further up on the bed until his crotch was at the same level as our faces while I still continued to pump away and her sweet pussy.

I took my lips from hers and moved my body over so that while I fucked Sara I could once again take David's cock back into my mouth and now with both of these pleasures fully mine I began to suck David for all I was worth while I pumped Sara. David tilted his body to make my access to his dick easier, close to both our mouths me moving back and forth between kissing Sara and sucking his dick deep into my mouth.

I could tell by Sara's breathing and increased moans that she was close to cumming and she arched her back to grind her clit against my pelvic bone. Knowing she was close greatly increased my own excitement and she could tell by my fevered pumping that I soon would cum as well.

She turned her head to get as close as she could to my sucking David, slipping her head in close to his balls and began to lick and suck them while I took every inch of him deep in my mouth.

As she began to cum she licked and sucked at his balls harder grabbing his cock from my mouth and taking it deeply into her own fully enjoying the feeling of being able to orgasm and suck at the same time, sucking for all she was worth while her orgasm made its way through her body.

I grabbed his cock away from her as my own orgasm began to peek holding it off as long as I could, waiting for David's to build as well which I knew from past experience was very close judging by the swelling and hardness of his dick.

Sara knew what was coming and she massaged David's dick while grinding my hard cock in her wet pussy and just like that all at once I began to feel his balls tighten.

The head of his cock swelled between my lips and I knew the second I began to shoot my load he too would unload his warm sticky cum down my throat at the same time.

Sara pulled herself from underneath me and in a flash her mouth was over my manhood taking all of it deep into her mouth just as I exploded the most amazing orgasm of my life made even more extraordinary because just at that moment David grabbed the back on my head forcing his cock deep in my mouth and unloaded a warm stream of cum that I could feel pulse against the back of my throat.

I sucked him for all I was worth as Sara continues to suck on me, milking every bit of cum from me that she could as I did the same to David. We lay there like that, her sucking me and me sucking him until there was nothing left to suck and we both began to get soft.... me in her mouth and him in mine.

Incredible is all I can say. When we were done there was nothing to clean up, every bit of cum had been swallowed. We rolled away from one another spent and Sara and I got back into our own bed and we lay there and talked about what a wonderful and fun experience that had been.

I told David that we had hoped that Maggie could have been there but that what happened might not of have had she been there and to my surprise David suggested that it would have been better.

It was then we all decided that when we got back we would make more grownup time possible when the four of us could be alone together and see just what would happen. I mentioned to David that I wanted to see Sara lick another woman to which he replied. " That sounds very possible" but that is another story.