• Joanne 26 Apr 2004, 09:44
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This is a true story that happened in Chester last Friday night. My husband and I went out for dinner in Chester on Friday night. We walked into a resturant and were shown to a table which was up three or four steps and overlooking the street. I sat facing towards the steps. We ordered our meal and a bottle of wine. During the meal I became aware of our waiter staring at my legs as he came up the steps. He did this several times, and when I told my husband he said next time open your legs. I had on a black skirt and top. The skirt was knee length but not tight. Underneath I had holdup stockings and see through black knickers. As the waiter, who was about twenty, came up the steps the next time I gently pulled my skirt up a little, shifted position on my chair and opened my legs. The waiter stared straight at my fanny.
I was getting realy horny so I told my husband to go to the toilet and I would flash him on the way back. This he did. As he started on the steps I parted my legs again. My husband eyes nearly popped out of his head. He sat down and told me that he could see my pussy lips bulging through my knickers. I put my hand between my legs when he told me this and rubbed my clit through my knickers. I was now soaking wet. My husband told me to go to the bathroom and take my knickers off. On the way, I passed our waiter. We looked at each other and both smiled knowingly. I sat down at our table with my knickers in my handbag. My husband caught the waiters attension and asked for the bill. When he brought it I lifted my skirt again and opened my legs as wide as I could. The waiter eyes were wide open and his jaw dropped as he looked at my bald wet fanny. He put the bill on the table and looked into my eyes as my eyes fell on to the bulge in his trousers. I would have loved to have sucked his cock there and then.
We left the resturant, got in the car and drove to the river. We were both gagging for it and as soon as we parked my husband was all over me. He had my tits out which he was sucking and three fingers in my sopping fanny. I got his cock out and deep throated it. As I was sucking him, he said there were three lads a few yards away talking to each other and one of them was watching us. This nearly made me cum. After a few moments two of the lads got into a car and drove away leaving the other one still watching. He moved beside a tree, and my husband told me that he was wanking his cock. I stopped sucking my husbands cock so I could see for myself. I was sitting in the passenger seat with my tits out and my husband licking my gaping fanny and hard clit. I could see this young lad, who was in his early twenties by the light of the pub behind the car. I wound the window down and put my head out and smiled at him. He took a few steps towards the car with his cock in his hand. I told my husband who said he wanted to fuck me over the bonnet of the car. We both got out and he imeadiatly pushed me on the bonnet and fucked me from behind. I beconed to the young lad and as he came closer I wanked his cock with my right hand. My husband couldn`t hold it any longer and came inside me. I could feel his spunk spurting in me. I was on the verge of cumming when the young lads cock bucked in my hand and his spunk flew through the air.
After this we got back into the car and the young lad left.
Can`t wait till next Friday as we are going out again.
Joanne xxx