• Written by gordon marie 7 May 2004, 22:38
  • Erotic

Me and my wife had arranged to go to mary and gordons party to celebrate gordons 40th. my wife marie had always had a soft spot for gordon and i think he felt the same.sometimes when we were making love we would pretend that each of us were making love to someone else and it would always excite her and me too.i have alway said to her that i would love to do it with another female and would love to see her be taken by another man while i watched but she always said i dont need another man ive got you but anytime i mentioned it her tits would go hard and she would get wet a lot quicker so i knew that it did excite her. Anyway off we went to the party the drink flowed and as per usual we were the last ones standing,Mary had a bellyfull and was carted off to bed i was working the next day and retired to the spare bed and left gordon and marie to tidy up. i was in the babys bed room but kept hearing voices.i had discovered the baby alarm was still on and could hear gordon and marie talking. Well what i was hearing was gordon trying big time to get marie to have a quick shag.i thought hes got no chance but as i got up to the bedroom door i could get a birds eye view of the two of them. i was totally shocked and might i add excited to see gordons hand under maries blouse and she was rubbing his crouch. He pulled her bra up over her tits revealing two rather large nipples and started licking and sucking them. Marie started to moan with pleasure has gordon started to move his hands inside her pants.By this time i had developed a hard on just watching them.In quick time the two of them were semi naked lying on the soffa,gordon was tuging at maries nickers and soon had them down at her ankles he had already had his pants off and boy he was big, he asked her if she liked what she had seen and was it as big as mine,Marie by this time had sunk to her knees and took gordons penis in her mouth sucking him while he played with her tits both were moaning with pleasure as marie stood up and said to gordon i want that big hard on inside me and within seconds gordon was fucking my wife and she was loving every minute of it.gordon started to push harder and harder up her pussy and both were at the point of no return, fuck me fuck me marie cried as gordon started to realy staft her do you want it hard he said and does your man fuck you like this...mmmmm moaned marie keep going harder harder she replied as gordon buy this time was at full throtte he said im going to cum and my god spunk everwhere all over her stomach as he wanked himself off as both of them lay exhausted on the soffa and may i add so was i wanking myself watching them.later that night marie came up to bed and i pretend to be asleep as both of us cuddled into each other.Next morning i had told her that i had seen her being fucked by gordon and said it had not only excited her but i was wanking myself off while watch them, we both were getting turned on talking about it and started to play with each other finishing off with me entering her pussy from behind and giving her a right good ride while she played with my balls and this time cuming inside her. I have suggested to her to tell gordon that i seen them and if he would like a threesum...ill keep you up to date..