• Written by Roger 2 Sep 2003, 19:06
  • Erotic

I am a 35 y.o. man who has always had an interest
in the spanking of young ladies and to this end i
have over the years collected many magazines on the subject.
Why is this relevant? I hear you ask,well let me
begin by telling you about my darling wife of 6 years Laura.
A beautiful and curvy young lady of 28 who looks a lot
like Lucy Benjamin (of eastenders).
I never shared my interest in spanking with her
and my collection of spanking mags where confined to
the loft,that is till we moved house!
I had previously playfully smacked Lauras bottom
but only in fun,and now she had discovered my secret
Shocked but not angry she looked at the pics of usually
older men spanking and caning the bending bottoms of
all manner of lovely young ladies.
'These men are all so much older than these girls the
old pervs' she said.
I was with a growing sense of exitement sensing her
unstated facination and arousal!
The advert read-
Gentlemen does your wife or girlfreind need a firm hand?
If so elderly disciplinarian will help cure her erring ways!
Laura did not want me to spank her bottom but the whole idea
of having it tanned by a strict older man did exite her i know.
That is how on a february afternoon my lovely wife and i came
to be drinking tea in the home of 66 y.o. Mr Murray.
The old lecher was clearly delighted with my shy young mrs
as we discussed her naughtiness.
He soon told me that it was his intention to spank and then
tawse Lauras bottom and that he believed she was naughty enough
to merit a bare bottom caning Laura squirmed and Mr Murray smiled
and asked her to join him in the study,i could watch at the door or just listen if i chose
he said.
My cock was rigid as Mr Murray fondled Lauras bottom as she stood in her
tight black trousers waiting to go over his Knees.
Soon she was recieving a sound spanking on the seat of her pink panties.
(Mr Murray had by now taken down her trousers)
My wife gasped and her bottom wobbled with every whack.
But oh my goodness!
When he ordered her over the back of the armchair and Laura complied
i could not help but to rub my aching cock thru my trousers.
The strap was fearsome as six times it cracked on her lovely tightly
knickered arse.
When he'd done he lowered Lauras panties and began massaging her pink cheeks
all the time comforting her and at the same time telling her he was going to cane her bum.
I could see thru the crack in the door that he enjoyed spreading my Lauras buttocks for
a view of her cunt and virgin anus ,what a dirty old man!
And so Laura gasped and protested when she saw the cane.
And so it made no difference as she touched her toes her full moons
took the punishment of Mr Murrays cane.
We left the house and Mr Murray on good terms
and Laura curiosity satisfied has no wish to repeat a
painful,humiliating but exiting adventure.
Me neither but my memories of the night my young wife
presented her bottom to an old lech for spanking
are among the most erotic i have.