• Written by John 30 Jul 2004, 10:59
  • Erotic

I have been married to Charlotte (Charlie) for 10
years now, we have 2 young children and a pretty good
sex life. Over the last couple of years we have
started to explore our fantasies a bit further.

A bit about Charlie - she is 30 years old, long
strawberry blonde hair, size 10 with 34B breasts,and
an arse to die for. Charlie has always been a bit
submissive when it comes to sex and it has always
relied on me to push our boundaries forward. Since
the children Charlie's sex drive seems to have
increased significantly and she has been much keener
to tell me what turns her on.

There are several regular themes that keep coming up:
1)she enjoys being told what to do, likes me to treat
her like a slut and be graphic in the language I use
in the bedroom.
2)gets really turned on at the thought of 2 dominant
males forcing her to be their plaything (spit roast,
DP, restraint).
3)gets excited by stories of BDSM. Whilst I don't think she would like much pain, she always tells me to pinch and squeeze her nipples hard when she comes and loves her arse being explored.

For the last few months I have been suggesting ruder
and more daring games for us to play. We have been out
for a night when she has worn no underware and part
way through the evening i have sent her to the toilets
to lube her arse and cunt and to play with herself.
She has then had to spend the rest of the evening
looking relatively classy on the outside but filthy
underneath. We are now using anal toys far more in our
sex life and Charlie loves me to tell her how naughty
and dirty she is as we use them.

To try and keep Charlie hot I have borrowed some new
porno movies form a friend and we have been working
our way through these over the last couple of weeks.
I have moved our video into the bedroom so we can
watch these when we have sex. Charlie has always been
quite receptive to porn and this is where a lot of our
ideas have come from.

Normally when we watch the films I play with Charlie
till she comes and then have sex with her. I also
really enjoy talking to her about which bits make her
horny, although I usually know due to her reaction.
She likes me to tell her how naughty she is for
watching the films and as we have sex she says things
like “I’m like the girl on the screen having to take
them all, aren’t I?”

Here comes the good bit……………..

This week I have been out every night with various
meetings and travelling, and we last had sex on Sunday
– both of us being too tired since. Last night
Charlie was expecting me home at about 11.30pm and as
usual she would probably be in bed, if not sleeping,
reading. Well I managed to get home at about 10.15
and was surprised that the downstairs lights were off
and the landing light was left on for me to go

Thinking that Charlie had probably just had an early
night I quietly made my way upstairs. As I approached
our bedroom I could hear moaning noises that I
recognised as being one of the porno movies. I was
instantly turned on, but rather than go into the room
I listened for a couple of minutes thinking how to
play this. To my knowledge Charlie has never watched
any films on her own and I have only been aware of her
masturbating when in front of me as a horny task. I
think Charlie would have been really embarrassed if I
had walked right in on her and completely caught her
in the act and I thought I could have a bit more fun
with her if I didn’t let on I knew.

I went to our second bathroom and brushed my teeth
quietly, then flushed the toilet, which she would have
heard and went straight into the bedroom. Between
flushing and entering there can only have been about
3-4 seconds and this allowed her enough time to turn
off the TV but not to compose herself. The lights were
off when I entered the room but one of the curtains
was open so I could see Charlie pretending to be
asleep. She pretended to disturb, looked at the clock
and said, “You’re back early”, I explained that my
meeting was over sooner than expected; she said that
she was so tired she decided to have an early night.

We chatted a bit; I turned on my sidelight, shut the
curtain and took off my clothes. Charlie asked wasn’t
I going to use the bathroom for a shower but I said
no, I would go straight to bed. She was behaving
really sheepishly and as I got under the duvet I could
see she just had her black hot-pant style knickers on
(these are quite shear and see through, and much
sexier than they sound). Because she was lying on her
side looking away from me, I also noticed that she had
a small lump protruding from the back. I knew exactly
what this was – a vibrating butt plug that we haven’t
used because I thought Charlie thought it was a bit too big.

I found it exceptionally horny that she had been
wanking, with her arse stretched by the plug and she
was now having too lie there with it in her so as not
to let on what she had been up to. I asked if she
fancied doing anything as it had been a while but she
said she was too tired (bloody cheek), so I read for a
while before tuning off the light.

I couldn’t go to sleep because I was dying to hear
Charlie remove the plug and subtly hide it without
disturbing me. After about half an hour, it was now
me pretending to be asleep, but rather than sort
herself out I could tell she was now wanking. Whilst
she didn’t turn the plug on she was obviously pushing
it in and out of herself as she wanked.

When she had finished she went to the bathroom, and I
checked her side of the bed, and under her pillow was
her vibrator and a tube of KY (not something we have
ever used – we use Vaseline). This morning when
Charlie was feeding the children I turned on the video
to see what she had been watching. It was a scene
were a girl was being held on a bench by 2 guys as she
was being fisted by another – the girl in the film
also had a dildo up her arse.

Now to my dilemma…………

The weekend is nearly here and this is when we have
our more kinky sex. I will want to play games where
she is submissive, but should I let on I know what she
did last night and punish her for it? Or should I
keep quiet and try to encourage her to tell me about
it herself?

I would really appreciate some more ideas of things to
try out with Charlie, she keeps saying to me as we
have sex “you like hurting me don’t you” but other
than pinching her nipples and lightly spanking her bum
I am completely devoid of the next stage to take this
and obviously don’t want to do anything too drastic.

I’d appreciate a reply ASAP so that I can use any
ideas this weekend.