• Written by CJ 5 Aug 2004, 14:55
  • Erotic

I have blonde hair, 5'4", 38D breasts, I have never worn a bra. And my boyfriend Bob even admits that the one thing that made him want me was my firm breasts. All I wore then was white tee shirts and Bob loved guys walking by looking at me. We had been living together for three years when I became pregnant, I did not want to listen to my Mother rant and rave, so Bob took me to Miami, FL. and I meant his brother Dick for the very first time.

I was 20 and Dick was 30, blonde hair, 5'6", muscular build, a real handsome guy who was married, 2 children, nice home and job, and I knew he liked to fuck around with other women, he always had one or more girlfriends on the side! And after one look at him I understood why, he just looked like he would be a dream in bed. I wanted him the very first time I seen him. Bob would tell me about all the women he had or was fucking at that time he was fucking his wife, another women he meant at work, and the baby sitter.

I would ask Bob about his brother having other women and this is when I found out Dick was uncircumsized. I had never been fucked by a uncircumsized man before this only made me want Dick even more. When we would go to Dick's I'd catch him looking at my breasts, when he did he'd look with hungry eyes. Bob was fantastic in bed, I could only wonder how his brother was.

Then Bob got in trouble with the law and was given 90 days in jail. So I went to his brother and asked if I could stay there? Dick said certainly and his wife was okay with it too. I had only been there 3 days, Dick would stay up and watch TV, while Carol would go to bed. On the 3rd night I left the door to the room I had open about 2-3 inches and left the light on. As Dick walked by he opened the door to turn off the light, and as he looked I sat there naked on the bed! He stopped right there in the doorway and looked me over real good, then he stepped inside as he kept his eyes on my body and said just loud enough for me to hear, " Em, em, em, em, em, em!" He stood there for at least two minutes, I made sure he could not see my pussy, if he wanted to see more he was going to have to open my legs himself. He just stood there looking with soft eyes, then he quickly turned and shut off the light closed the door and went to bed!!!

That made me even want him more. A couple of nights later Dick, his wife, and I were all sitting on the couch watching TV. Dick got up and took a shower, came back out in nothing but a robe on and sat right in front of us on the rug. His wife got up a few minutes later and took herself a shower, came back out and continued watching TV, then said she was tired and went to bed. I waited about 20 minutes and then I took a shower. When I came out I had on a red negligee that you could almost see thru.

Once again Dick's eyes were glued to my body, as I sat back down on the couch just behind him. As he looked back he'd look right between my legs, then up at me, then turn back to the TV. He kept looking back, then finally said, "Cathy, if you think I am just going to sit here and only look at your fine ass, and I won't try anything just because my wife is just in the bedroom asleep, you had better think again, please close your legs or get a blanket to cover yourself that looks to good to just look at. If you sit there like that I am going to have to come up there and eat you out, it's your choice!"

I did not move, he repeated how he'd have to eat me out. I lefted my legs up placing my heels into the couch and parted them enough so he could see the lips of my pussy. He once again said, "Cathy I am going to eat you out if you do not put your legs down and close them." I did not move. He kept looking every few minutes as he left me sitting there thinking about what was about to happen. After sitting there for 10-15 minutes I was so wet he could see it, he came up between my legs and began kissing around my thieghs, then pulled my panties over and began to eat me out like I had never been ate before. He sucked each one of my cunt lips into his mouth and chewed tenderly on them, then opened my pussy up and ate me from the inside out, he did this for all of 45 minutes, then pulled my legs up opening me spreading me as he untied his robe placed himself just into my pussy lips and as I watched he slowly sank his cock into my body, I had never felt anything like this before! the foreskin only added to the pleasure of being fucked by him.

I knew he was going to be good but this was a dream, he fucked me til I could feel him getting ready to cum in me, and as I laid there climaxing ready to be filled with his seiman, he pulled himself out and ate me through my climaxes. He did this all night, I wanted to scream and tell him how good he was, but if I wanted him to keep on fucking me I had to be as quite as a mouse. And he watched as I turned red in the face trying to keep quite, he fucked me slow and just as deep as he could, all I could do is watch as his cock took me apart, then just before his wife was to wake up he started really fucking me as hard as he could, I was climaxing when he finally filled me completely with his cum. After he had filled my pussy as he laid there looking at the satisfaction on my face I asked softly, " Dick give me a hickie on my tits so I can look and see that this was not a dream. He did just as I asked and then said, "Cathy, I loved being inside of you I hope you enjoyed me and this won't be the only time I get to fuck you, I would love to fuck you lots." And he did, every chance he got he'd fuck me.